Jimmy Kimmel Flatters O’Reilly: Only You Could Beat Donald Trump

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.51.45 AM Before Donald Trump started openly trashing Bill O’Reilly on Twitter last night, the Fox News host taped an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, during which he actually had some pretty nice things to say about the GOP frontrunner. But once Kimmel brought up the idea of O’Reilly challenging Trump for the Republican nomination, he couldn’t help but do some boasting of his own. “He’s an interesting phenomenon and is both good and bad in what he’s doing,” O’Reilly said of Trump, who is scheduled to appear on The O’Reilly Factor this Thursday night. “What Trump has done well is that he has articulated the anger of a lot of Americans, not just Republicans, by the way.” “However, along with that message comes responsibility,” O’Reilly added. “And that’s where Trump has to up his game if he wants to be in for the long run.” He predicted that “once Continue reading "Jimmy Kimmel Flatters O’Reilly: Only You Could Beat Donald Trump"

Fiorina: Trump and Putin ‘Have a Lot in Common’

Carly Fiorina told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon about the time she met Russian President Vladmir Putin at an economic conference in Beijing. Of course, the GOP presidential candidate couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take another swipe at fellow candidate Donald Trump. When Fallon brought up Trump’s recent comments about Putin wanting to travel to the United States to meet the New York real estate mogul, Fiorina immediately took the bait: “The two of them have a lot in common, actually. But we’ll just leave it at that.” She then proceeded to review the talk show host’s Putin impersonation, before telling the audience about the time she met him at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in China. Both the then-Hewlett-Packard CEO and Putin were delivering speeches at the annual gathering. “I would describe him as a formidable adversary. He’s very confident. He can actually be quite funny and charming,” said Continue reading "Fiorina: Trump and Putin ‘Have a Lot in Common’"

Bill O’Reilly: Donald Trump Is ‘Good For Politics in America’

Bill OReillyIn an interview with NBC’s Today, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly criticized Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his theatrics, but said he still believed he was good for American politics. Host Matt Lauer read for O’Reilly some of Trump’s tweets bashing him show, but O’Reilly dismissed them. “When people criticize him, he takes it personally. And then, you know, this machine, the tweeting thing, that’s like the worst thing you can give Donald Trump is this tweeting thing.” “So I just think this is an extension of his reality show, The Apprentice,” he continued. “This is just theater right now. He gets a lot of attention from the theater.” But after saying all that, O’Reilly defended Trump. “There are a lot of people who like him because he is the non-politician in a country that’s really in trouble, and where the other politicians are frightened, he’s Continue reading "Bill O’Reilly: Donald Trump Is ‘Good For Politics in America’"

Trump Goes After ‘Negative’ O’Reilly on Twitter: Stop Having ‘Trump Haters’ On

Donald Trump sent out a few critical tweets aimed at Bill O’Reilly tonight for being too “negative” to him and for having anti-Trump guests on: Now, in case you’re wondering, O’Reilly tonight had both Charles Krauthammer and Brit Hume on, both of whom aren’t terribly keen about Trump. And right afterwards, guess what Trump did. No, really, take a guess. That’s right, he tweeted his own supporters’ “right on”s, which included further jabs:

Reza Aslan: ‘Xenophobia, Anti-Muslim Bashing’ Get Embraced and Rewarded in the GOP

reza aslanReza Aslan said on CNN tonight Donald Trump engaging in “xenophobia [and] anti-Muslim bashing” doesn’t matter because it will actually help them in the Republican field. Aslan told Anderson Cooper that Carson just coming out and saying that Muslims shouldn’t be president, despite how offensive that may be, is actually “rewarded in the GOP field.” And of Trump, Carson said that any “responsible” person running for office needs to speak the truth and not let someone get away with claiming that President Obama‘s a Muslim. Things got a bit tense when Jeffrey Lord asked him whether the children of Muslim fathers are considered to be Muslim, and Aslan repeatedly––and with increasing frustration––said, “A Muslim is whoever says he’s a Muslim.” Watch the video below, via CNN:
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Trump on a Muslim President: ‘If Somebody Can Get Elected, That’s What It’s All About’

trumpDonald Trump said today he doesn’t have a problem with a Muslim president, saying anyone who can get through the process and be elected is fine. Trump disagreed slightly with Ben Carson‘s view on Muslims becoming president, and told Greta Van Susteren tonight, “If somebody can get elected, that’s what it’s all about… Anybody that is able to win an election will be absolutely fine.” In other words, he has no problem with a Muslim candidate who goes through the same vetting process everyone else does. Now, that being said, Trump did say there are people who want to be “politically correct” about the Muslim faith and spoke of a “terrible terrorism problem” in the world. Watch the video below, via Fox News:
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‘No Gotchas, No Tricks’: Hugh Hewitt Goes for Round 2 with Trump

hewitt trumpDonald Trump appeared on Hugh Hewitt‘s radio show today for round two after their slightly contentious interview last time. In that first interview, Hewitt pressed Trump on foreign policy specifics. Trump responded by lashing out at Hewitt, but they’ve appeared to work things out since then (and since the debate Hewitt co-moderated). During today’s interview, Hewitt told Trump he wants to talk foreign policy again, but with “no gotchas, no tricks.” He asked Trump again about the quality of the foreign policy advisors he’ll pick and what he’s going to do about Pakistan. Trump insisted that he will pick the absolute best people and doesn’t want to say too much because he doesn’t want the enemy to know what his plans are. You can listen to the whole thing below, via The Hugh Hewitt Show: [image via Hugh Hewitt, Shutterstock] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac