Trump Reignites Megyn Kelly Feud on Twitter Ahead of CNN Debate

Donald Trump took to Twitter Tuesday for yet another round of attacks on Fox News host Megyn Kelly, predicting that she would give him negative reviews following the CNN presidential debate no matter how he did. The Kelly-Trump feud was sparked during the first presidential debate of the Continue reading "Trump Reignites Megyn Kelly Feud on Twitter Ahead of CNN Debate"

‘He Deserves a Chance’: Mike Tyson Defends Trump Amid Muslim Ban Controversy

Donald Trump appears to have the Mike Tyson vote on lock. Despite being a Muslim himself, the former boxing champ seemed to not be bothered by the mogul’s call to ban foreign Muslims from the U.S. As for Tyson’s reason for why not? Presidential candidates offend people all the time. When asked if Trump should apologize to those outraged by his rhetoric, Tyson told TMZ to “ask his fans if he needs to apologize. He’s still ahead in the polls and he deserves a chance. If they don’t like him, they shouldn’t vote for him.” While Tyson perviously said that Trump needs to get his message more “on point,” he threw his support behind the frontrunner months ago, and said that Trump’s inflammatory comments weren’t out of the ordinary compared to bad things others say about minority groups. Tyson said that the impact of the proposed ban on Continue reading "‘He Deserves a Chance’: Mike Tyson Defends Trump Amid Muslim Ban Controversy"

‘Light the Motherf*cker on Fire!’: Trump Rallygoers Shout Down Protesters

Protesters disrupted Donald Trump‘s Las Vegas rally tonight, and as they were dragged away, some of the rallygoers shouted them down. Some protesters could be heard chanting “Black Lives Matter!” and in various videos posted tonight, the Trump supporters can be heard shouting pretty blunt things. As security tried to remove a black protester, one rallygoer shouted, “Light the motherfucker on fire!” And another one cried, “Get outta here, scumbags!” And that apparently wasn’t the end of it:

Hospital Where Trump’s Doctor Works Wants to Make It Clear His Views Are Just His Own

harold-bornstein-donald-trump-doctor-300x201The hospital where Donald Trump‘s personal physician works at tweeted out a statement earlier tonight about how his views are his own. Trump released a brief medical evaluation from Dr. Harold Bornstein, who currently works at the Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. And the “To Whom My Concern” typo is one of the least notable things about the evaluation. For one thing, it’s very laudatory of Trump to the point where he literally says, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” His powers of presidential health-determining notwithstanding, Lenox Hill hospital actually had to tweet this out earlier tonight: [image via screengrab/Twitter] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

Chris Hayes Confronts Cruz Spox on ‘Breathtakingly Cynical’ Refusal to Criticize Trump

hayesChris Hayes confronted a Ted Cruz spokesman tonight on how “stirringly, breathtakingly cynical” it is that Cruz refuses to publicly criticize Donald Trump. Hayes asked Rick Tyler if they’re really not going to criticize Trump no matter how “odious or contemptible what he says is.” Tyler said they haven’t criticized any other Republican candidate, but Hayes immediately jumped in and said Cruz has been incredibly critical of Marco Rubio. Tyler said that was on policy, but Cruz isn’t interested in “condemning” anyone. Hayes pressed him on whether they are sending a message that “there is no policy someone could float,” no matter how horrible, “that Ted Cruz would feel motivated to condemn.” He asked Tyler if there’s “nothing morally wrong or suspect about banning Muslims.” Tyler said practically, it’s a problem, but noted how concerned a lot of people are about radical Islamic terrorism.

Limbaugh Denies He ‘Turned On’ Trump After Criticizing His Attack on Cruz

Rush Limbaugh (1)Rush Limbaugh today criticized Donald Trump for his attacks on Ted Cruz, but upon being informed the media thinks he turned on Cruz, Limbaugh insisted he did no such thing. In case you missed it, after Trump called Cruz a “maniac” yesterday who can’t get anything done in Congress, Limbaugh today criticized him for echoing the establishment. He said, “Any of you who are holding out hope that Trump is a genuine conservative… a genuine conservative would not go after Cruz this way.” Well, during his show, Limbaugh founds out the media already picked up his criticism. He clarified, “I haven’t turned on anybody. I haven’t thrown anybody away. I haven’t announced support for anybody.” He insisted he was just disappointed and asking a question about Trump’s attack on Cruz “because it sounded like the same kind of criticism we would get from the establishment Republicans.”