Stephanopoulos Asks Jeb if He Would Support Trump in General Election

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.54.17 AM Jeb Bush got his chance to respond to the latest attack from Donald Trump — that he “should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States” — during an interview George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America Thursday. Bush said Trump is “trying to insult his way into the presidency” and that it’s “not going to work.” “People want an uplifting hopeful message, people come to this country to pursue their dreams,” Bush continued. “Sometimes they start without speaking English, but they learn English and they add vitality to our country.” Acknowledging that the United States is a “diverse country,” Bush said that “we should celebrate that diversity and embrace a set of shared values and Mr. Trump doesn’t believe in those shared values. He wants to tear us apart, he doesn’t believe in tolerance, he doesn’t believe in the things that have created the Continue reading "Stephanopoulos Asks Jeb if He Would Support Trump in General Election"

Trump Takes on Ben Carson: Doctors Don’t Create Jobs

trump carsonRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump went after GOP rival Ben Carson, saying that as a doctor, he didn’t have a history of job creation. Trump made the comments during an interview with The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein. When asked about whether Carson was experienced enough to be president, he said that it would be “very tough” for a surgeon to handle the job, since doctors don’t typically create jobs. “I think it’s a very difficult situation that he’d be placed in,” Trump said. “He’s really a friend of mine, I just think it’s a very difficult situation that he puts himself into, to have a doctor who wasn’t creating jobs and would have a nurse or maybe two nurses.” “It’s such a different world. I’ve created tens of thousands of jobs over the years,” Trump argued. The remarks come after a Monday Monmouth poll found Carson tied in first place with Continue reading "Trump Takes on Ben Carson: Doctors Don’t Create Jobs"

‘You’re an Activist!’: O’Reilly Gets in Heated Confrontation with Jorge Ramos

bill ramosBill O’Reilly confronted Jorge Ramos tonight on his recent face-off with Donald Trump and repeatedly told him he is an an activist, not a journalist. They argued over whether a border wall would work, which Ramos insisted it wouldn’t, calling it an “absurd idea” and telling O’Reilly that while he’s disturbed by the death of Kate Steinle, his proposed “Kate’s Law” to punish return offenders who cross the border is a bad idea. O’Reilly called Ramos “outrageous” and an “enabler” for his position. But things really got heated when O’Reilly confronted Ramos for being more of an activist than a journalist. He told Ramos to either “recuse yourself” or “become like me.” Ramos shot back, “I don’t think you are the right person to lecture me on advocacy and journalism.” O’Reilly insisted that he’s no longer a newsman, but Ramos insisted it’s the job of journalists to Continue reading "‘You’re an Activist!’: O’Reilly Gets in Heated Confrontation with Jorge Ramos"

What We Can Learn From Trump’s Response to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s WaPo Op-Ed

trump vs kareem in wapoFormer professional basketball player turned political commentator Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post on Wednesday. In it, he compared the political campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who — if you didn’t already know — are vying for the GOP and Democratic Party tickets respectively. Sanders hasn’t said anything, but Trump really didn’t like Abdul-Jabbar’s article and sent him a few notes. We can learn quite a few things about the GOP candidate from said notes. In the op-ed, Abdul-Jabbar writes that Trump treats the press like crap, whereas Sanders does not. In fact, he goes so far as to argue that Trump’s “attempting to bully the press to silence criticism of him is anti-American.” The article itself isn’t all that noteworthy, except for the fact that it was written by Abdul-Jabbar. Yet Trump still took notice. He supposedly wrote the ex-NBA star a few notes and sent
donald trump kareem abdul-jabbar wapo response
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RNC Reaches Out to GOP Campaigns with ‘Loyalty Pledge’

GOPFor some mysterious, unexplained reason, the Republican National Committee is circulating around a loyalty pledge to the GOP presidential campaigns that I’m sure has nothing to do with Donald Trump‘s public hesitance on the matter. Politico and Fox News are reporting that several campaigns have already received this loyalty pledge, with the intention of getting candidates to sign a pledge saying they will support the eventual GOP nominee and will not go third-party. Two campaigns confirmed to Politico they received the pledge, which reads, in part, “I [name] affirm that if I do not win the 2016 Republican nomination for president of the United States I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee regardless of who it is.” The RNC has been a little confident about Trump not going third-party, and Trump has reportedly already ruled it out, but he’s very publicly said he will only stick Continue reading "RNC Reaches Out to GOP Campaigns with ‘Loyalty Pledge’"

Sorry, Media, Trump-Style Racism Is Mainstream in Republican Party

The mainstream media is slowly coming around to the idea that Donald Trump‘s success is fueled by racial resentment, but they’re having trouble making the same diagnosis to the broader GOP electorate. A new poll by Democratic-leaning but deadly-accurate Public Policy Polling has everyone talking about how Trump fans don’t believe President Obama was born in the United States, is definitely secret Muslim, and wants to end birthright citizenship. But according to the mainstream media, these views are somehow not mainstream among the broader Republican electorate. Exhibit A: Politico honcho Jim VandeHei, on Wednesday’s Morning Joe, described the results as proof that there’s a “segment” of “white, hostile” voters in the Republican Party: Then, as co-host Mika Brzezinski repeatedly made distinctions between the results from Trump voters and the “mainstream” of the Republican Party, no less a mainstream journalist than Chuck Todd joined in with skepticism over Continue reading "Sorry, Media, Trump-Style Racism Is Mainstream in Republican Party"

Jeb Trolls ‘Germaphobe’ Trump with ‘Which Candidate Are You?’ Quiz

Jeb Bush’s social media war with Donald Trump is getting creative. After trading attack ads on Instagram and Twitter, the Bush campaign has upped its game with a new BuzzFeed-style quiz titled, “Which Candidate Are You?”: The quiz presents a series of questions on the Iran deal, abortion, guns, Obamacare and more. But the last question is the personal kicker: “Would you rather support a candidate who A) Strives to shake every hand everywhere or B) Is a germaphobe when it comes to shaking hands.” The latter is a reference to Trump’s refusal to shake hands with supporters on the campaign trail. “One of the curses of American society is the simple act of shaking hands, and the more successful and famous one becomes the worse this terrible custom seems to
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