White House Spox Reportedly Called Trump ‘A Deplorable’ During the Campaign

It’s no surprise that people currently serving in the Trump administration used to publicly hate President Trump. But now we’re learning just how much one privately did. White House principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah has become a more visible White House spokesperson in recent months, but it turns out, per a new report from New York Magazine, he really couldn’t stand Trump during the campaign. See, Shah was a Jeb! supporter who joined the RNC in 2015, and while there he was interested in getting some anti-Trump oppo:
Six months after Trump announced he was seeking the Republican nomination, Shah sent an email from his personal account to Andrew Hemming, a senior RNC researcher, seeking anti-Trump opposition research. Dated December 15, 2015 at 12:09 p.m., the email — the subject line was “Dawg” — contains a 2008 CNN transcript in which Trump speaks positively of then-president-elect Continue reading "White House Spox Reportedly Called Trump ‘A Deplorable’ During the Campaign"

FBI Reportedly Investigating Second Trump-Russia Dossier

  Here we go again. According to a report by The Guardian, the FBI allegedly has possession of a second dossier detailing possible connections between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s Russia. This newly revealed dossier was written by former journalist and political activist Cody Shearer, and the information contained therein has been greeted with skepticism by the media institutions he has shared it with. Despite this, however, the FBI is still taking it seriously enough to warrant a thorough investigation. Shearer’s information can be traced back to “an unnamed source within the FSB, Russia’s state security service,” and allegedly accuses Trump was “compromised” during a 2013 trip to Moscow. The Shearer memo was provided to the FBI in October 2016. Shearer does not have a background in intelligence, bringing the veracity of his dossier into question, though, at the very least, it could be used to help corroborate the Continue reading "FBI Reportedly Investigating Second Trump-Russia Dossier"

EPA Head Pruitt Slammed Trump in 2016: ‘Would Be More Abusive’ to Constitution Than Obama

Back in the halcyon days of 2016, before Scott Pruitt cozied up to President Donald Trump and was named head of the EPA, he conducted a radio interview absolutely dismissing the president’s constitutional bona fides. The interview, unearthed by The Washington Post, finds then Oklahoma Attorney General Pruitt disregarding the Trump candidacy entirely, saying it would be dangerous for our country. “I believe that Donald Trump in the White House would be more abusive to the Constitution than Barack Obama — and that’s saying a lot,” he said. “I really believe he would use a blunt instrument. This president at least tries to nuance his unlawfulness.” During the February 4, 2016 interview, Pruitt also agreed with host Pat Campbell that Trump was “dangerous” and “a bully.” Finally, when asked if he would be voting for his current boss, he responded with a firm “no.” In other news, the Continue reading "EPA Head Pruitt Slammed Trump in 2016: ‘Would Be More Abusive’ to Constitution Than Obama"

Huh? Kellyanne Conway Claims ‘Nobody Here Talks About Hillary Clinton’

Some things never change. One of those being the contentious, albeit entertaining nature of Kellyanne Conway and Chris Cuomo’s interviews. On Wednesday, Conway was in the hot seat on Cuomo Primetime to take on Cuomo and answer his questions about the Trump presidency. It didn’t take long for things to go right from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, while discussing Russia. “I was the campaign manager for the winning part of the campaign and the idea that we would have to look any further than Hillary Clinton to beat Hillary Clinton itself is a fantasy. I didn’t need to talk to anybody in Moscow… There is no reason to have to go anywhere outside of Hillary Clinton and how unattractive her policies were. How lacking in vision and connective tissue of the forgotten man and forgotten woman she was. We beat her fairly and squarely in this country, through Continue reading "Huh? Kellyanne Conway Claims ‘Nobody Here Talks About Hillary Clinton’"

Congressional Investigators Reportedly Found ‘Written Evidence’ FBI Found Criminality in Clinton Probe

In a new bombshell report, congressional investigators have uncovered tangible evidence that proves that the FBI believed there was illegality surrounding the probe into Hillary Clinton‘s private server. According to The Hill, Republicans on congressional committees conducting their own investigations have obtained highly-redacted documents from the FBI that show that the agency did suspect that laws were broken. Lawmakers say that in numerous passages, the FBI stated that the “sheer volume” of classified information that flowed to and from the former Secretary of State’s unsecure private server was proof of criminality. There was also an admission of false statements by a key witness. The name of that witness was redacted, but congressional investigators say it was an employee from the computer firm that maintained Clinton’s server after she left the State Department in 2013. Investigators confirmed to The Hill that the FBI drafted its exoneration of Clinton “while Continue reading "Congressional Investigators Reportedly Found ‘Written Evidence’ FBI Found Criminality in Clinton Probe"

Alan Dershowitz Calls on Not Prosecuting Trump or Clinton: ‘Stop Criminalizing Political Differences’

On Monday night, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz attempted to address the toxic political climate that has consumed numerous investigations. He agreed with Laura Ingraham that the DOJ inspector general should release the anti-Trump text messages of FBI investigator Peter Strzok and that he should have “recused himself from the very beginning.” “What I’m concerned about in your monologue, you’re doing to Hillary Clinton exactly what the Democrats are trying to do to Donald Trump,” Dershowitz told Ingraham. “You’re trying to criminalize political differences.” Dershowitz insisted that the former Secretary of State didn’t commit any crimes and that she was in fact “extremely careless,” which he noted was ultimately decided by then-FBI Director James Comey and not just Strzok. “But I think we have to stop criminalizing political differences on both sides,” Dershowitz continued. “Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be locked up. Donald Trump shouldn’t be prosecuted for any Continue reading "Alan Dershowitz Calls on Not Prosecuting Trump or Clinton: ‘Stop Criminalizing Political Differences’"