GOP Sen. Is Looking Into Whether Cruz Revealed Classified Info During Debate

rubio cruzA Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee told reporters today he is looking into whether Ted Cruz revealed classified information during last night’s Republican debate. The moment in question here concerns a fierce back-and-forth between Cruz and Marco Rubio over government surveillance. Cruz defended his vote in favor of ending bulk NSA collection of Americans’ phone metadata. A pro-Rubio group attacked Cruz over it and Rubio repeated the criticism last night. Cruz argued that the program already in place “only covered a relatively narrow slice of phone calls.” Rubio shot back that the legislation Cruz backed stripped the NSA of its ability to quickly check records of terror suspects and those they’ve been communicating with. Cruz countered by saying Rubio’s being deceptive, explaining, “What he knows is that the old program covered 20 to 30 percent of phone numbers to search for terrorists, the new program covered nearly Continue reading "GOP Sen. Is Looking Into Whether Cruz Revealed Classified Info During Debate"

Second CNN GOP Debate Attracts 18 Million Viewers, Third Most Watched Debate Ever

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.25.01 PMThe second CNN Republican debate became the third most watched presidential primary debate in the history of televised debates. According to Nielsen Fast National ratings data, the CNN Facebook GOP debate became the second most watched program in network history with 18M total viewers. The first most watched CNN program? The network’s first Republican debate in September. On averagee, 5.6M viewers in the coveted A25-54 demographic tuned in throughout the broadcast. As for the undercard debate, it garnered 5.7M total viewers and averaged 1.4M in the 25-54 demo. The Fox News GOP debate in August remains in the top spot with 24M total viewers. CNN’s first Republican debate nabbed 23M for second place a month later. [Image via screengrab] — —
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Scarborough: Trump and Cruz Made ‘Inside Deal’ Not To Attack Each Other

Joe ScarboroughMSNBC host Joe Scarborough found it suspicious that Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz didn’t attack each other at all in the CNN debate Tuesday, theorizing that they made a secret pact not to attack each other. “After the debate, I started thinking, ‘This was an inside deal,’” the Morning Joe host said. “You’ve got Trump and Cruz who were kind of hitting each other, but they see now that they’re locked in first and second place, everybody else is a distance third.” “Notice everybody on the stage was attacking everybody but the top two guys,” Scarborough continued. “So Trump goes after Jeb [Bush], Cruz goes after [Marco] Rubio— the establishment’s favorite candidates– and they refuse to touch each other.” “It smacked of an inside deal,” he concluded. “If this maintains the status quo, neither Jeb or Rubio catches them. It’s a smart political move, and Continue reading "Scarborough: Trump and Cruz Made ‘Inside Deal’ Not To Attack Each Other"

Samantha Bee Lampoons Carly Fiorina’s Dog Video with Fake Ted Cruz Ad

The February premiere of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is still two months away, but that hasn’t stopped the former Daily Show correspondent from trolling the media and the 2016 presidential candidates online. Consider Samantha Bee‘s latest ad, a fake political ad for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz attacking fellow candidate Carly Fiorina. Titled “CruzCuts: Carly Fiorina Is Wrong On Dogs, Wrong For America,” the bit combines footage from Fiorina’s recent IR Review viral video with shots of Cruz taking shots at off-screen wildlife with a shotgun. Why? Because “America needs a leader who will stand up to dogs.” Yes, dogs. Not Obamacare, ISIS or a myriad of other problems currently plaguing the land of the free, but dogs. Again, why? Because the fake Super PAC who paid for the ad calls itself “Supervillains Who Pet Cats.” Since all major film and television villains who have Continue reading "Samantha Bee Lampoons Carly Fiorina’s Dog Video with Fake Ted Cruz Ad"

Me? Worry? Priebus Says Trump Going Independent Was Never a Concern for the GOP

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus spoke with Chris Cuomo on New Day this morning, where he claimed that he never sweated over whether Donald Trump would launch a conservative mutiny and make a third party run. Even though Trump signed a pledge months ago to give his allegiance to the inevitable Republican nominee, he has at times complained about how the mainstream party has been treating him, and brought back threats to break off on his own. Priebus said that even though the narrative has seen a great deal of circulation, it was never a cause for “biting his fingernails.” “I never worried about Trump pursuing an independent campaign,” Priebus said. “I never lost any sleep over it. I always thought that would be the case.” While reports have continued to circulate over whether the RNC was developing a contingency plan if Trump became the nominee, the mogul told Continue reading "Me? Worry? Priebus Says Trump Going Independent Was Never a Concern for the GOP"

Must-See Late Night Clip: Kimmel Asks People About Hitler’s Tweeted Response to Trump

With presidential candidates like Donald Trump constantly in the news, Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “Lie Witness News” isn’t going away anytime soon. Hence why host Jimmy Kimmel thought it appropriate to prepare for Trump’s visit on Wednesday with a Trump-centric edition of the segment on Tuesday. Whether you believe any of the people that Kimmel’s camera crew interviewed or not doesn’t really matter at this point. Especially since so many of them were willing to go along with some of the dumbest questions one could possibly ask about American politics. Prompts so dumb that, logic to the contrary, they encourage some of the best late night television around. Like the young woman who believed that Adolf Hitler was still alive, and was active on Twitter. Yes. Hitler. Still alive. On Twitter, tweeting insults in response to all the Trump comparisons. “Some of his comments about Muslims have people comparing Continue reading "Must-See Late Night Clip: Kimmel Asks People About Hitler’s Tweeted Response to Trump"