Trump Calls Hillary’s Bathroom Break ‘Disgusting,’ Says She ‘Got Schlonged’ by Obama in ’08

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 10.54.27 PMAt a Michigan rally Monday, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said it was “too disgusting” to talk about why Hillary Clinton vanished during Saturday’s Democratic Debate, and later said the Democratic frontrunner was “schlonged” by President Barack Obama in 2008. “What happened to her? I’m watching the debate and she disappeared. Where did she go?” Trump asked, later adding he thought “she quit.” Clinton was a minute or so late returning to the main stage during the debate in New Hampshire, reportedly due to a bathroom break. She walked to the podium with a simple “sorry,” garnering applause and laughter from the audience.
“I thought she gave up,” Trump restated. “They had to start the debate without her.” “I know where she went, It’s disgusting,” Trump continued while the rally audience cheered. “I don’t want to talk Continue reading "Trump Calls Hillary’s Bathroom Break ‘Disgusting,’ Says She ‘Got Schlonged’ by Obama in ’08"

Fox’s Eric Bolling Wonder If Chelsea Clinton’s Pregnancy Was ‘Timed Out’

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.31.52 PMOn Monday’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor, host Eric Bolling asked guest Dana Perino if Chelsea Clinton‘s pregnancy was “timed out” to boost her mother’s campaign. The suggestion was made during a discussion about efforts to “humanize” Hillary Clinton and make her more electable. Perino mentioned Chelsea Clinton’s recent announcement that she’s expecting a second child, noting the DNC pushes a “narrative” of Hillary Clinton as “the tough grandma.” “Is that timed out? Did they do the math?” Bolling asked.
“I would never suggest such a thing,” Perino repleid. Bolling noted accusations that the DNC is timing democratic debates during off-peak hours in an effort to secure Hillary Clinton the nomination. “Well Dana, the DNC timed those democratic debates for the SNL weekends and Star Wars, who knows?” Bolling asked, adding “They’re good at Continue reading "Fox’s Eric Bolling Wonder If Chelsea Clinton’s Pregnancy Was ‘Timed Out’"

Trump Vows He Would Never Kill Journalists: ‘But I Do Hate Them’

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 8.48.30 PMDuring a campaign rally in Walker, Michigan Monday, Donald Trump discussed his praise of Vladimir Putin, addressing critics who say the Russian president is responsible for the murder of journalists in his country. “Then they said, ‘You know, he’s killed reporters,'” Trump said to a crowd of 7,500 people. “And I don’t like that. I’m totally against that.” “But I do hate them,” Trump said. “I hate some of these people, but I’ll be honest, I would never kill them.” “Some of them are such lying, disgusting people, it’s true,” Trump continued, repeating he “would never kill them.” “And anybody that does, I think, would be despicable,” he concluded.
Trump’s campaign has consistently sparred with journalists and media outlets throughout the campaign cycle, including notable feuds with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, CNN’s Noah Continue reading "Trump Vows He Would Never Kill Journalists: ‘But I Do Hate Them’"

Chelsea Clinton Announces She’s Expecting a Second Child

chelsea-clinton-articleChelsea Clinton Monday announced she and husband Marc Mezvinsky are expecting their second child, tweeting, “next summer, Charlotte is going to be a big sister! Feeling very blessed & grateful this holiday season.” This will be the second grandchild of President Bill Clinton and current Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Chelsea Clinton gave birth to her first daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, in September 2014. On Facebook, the former first daughter expanded on the announcement, writing, “being Charlotte’s parents has been the most joyous, meaningful and loving experience of our lives and we are very excited about growing our family in the new year.” Hillary Clinton, who’s highlighted her role as a mother a grandmother on the campaign trail this election cycle, Continue reading "Chelsea Clinton Announces She’s Expecting a Second Child"

Dear Media: Hillary Clinton Did Not Claim Donald Trump is Being Used in ISIS Recruiting Videos

In case you missed Saturday night’s well-hidden Democratic presidential debate, the one piece of news that seems to have come out of it is that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pulled a Carly Fiorina, and claimed to have seen videos that didn’t exist. Instead of seeing a fetus kicking it on a Planned Parenthood table, though, Hillary apparently claimed to have seen Donald Trump appearing in ISIS recruiting videos. This is huge, if true, because just like Fiorina’s fetus fever-dream, ISIS recruiting videos of Donald Trump don’t exist (although none of the fact-checkers have seen MSNBC’s upcoming Trump documentary, so the jury’s out). That heinous lie by lying liar Hillary Clinton has been making the rounds all day, on all three cable news networks: It’s not just me, right? They all said that Hillary Clinton claimed there were ISIS recruiting videos featuring Donald Trump. Chris Cuomo Continue reading "Dear Media: Hillary Clinton Did Not Claim Donald Trump is Being Used in ISIS Recruiting Videos"

One-Way Trump-Kelly Feud Gets Debate Sequel; Ludicrous Hype to Send Viewership to 25M+

screen_shot_2015-12-21_at_5.11.01_pm_360When it comes to Fox News and presidential debates, there is no Plan B on the moderator front. As announced today, Bret Baier, Chris Wallace and, yes, Megyn Kelly have been tapped to moderate the network’s second GOP debate on Thursday, January 28th from Des Moines, Iowa. As a result, we’ll have our first face-to face interaction between Ms. Kelly and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who continues to take shots at the Fox News primetime host more than four months since their infamous debate encounter last August. Audiences for the GOP debates have relatively fallen since the first two in August and September. On August 6th on Fox News, the network shattered an all-time record for viewership with 24 million tuning in on a Tuesday summer night. About one month later, CNN nearly matched it with 23 million. Since then, the number of folks tuning in has Continue reading "One-Way Trump-Kelly Feud Gets Debate Sequel; Ludicrous Hype to Send Viewership to 25M+"

Fox News Announces Moderator Line-Up For Their Second Republican Debate

UntitledFox News announced in a press release Monday that their moderators for the first Republican debate– Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, and Chris Wallace— would once again host the network’s second debate. The inclusion of Kelly is sure to anger Trump fans. The GOP frontrunner and his supporters trashed Kelly after she asked Trump a pointed question in the first debate about his use of offensive terms to describe women. That sparked a feud between the network and Trump that only ended when CEO Roger Ailes sat down with the candidate to discuss his concerns. Trump fans excluded, reviews of the Fox moderators’ performance were generally positive the first time around. Mediaite’s Joe Concha, for example, listed them as one of the winners of the debate, saying, “there wasn’t one remotely easy question for any of the ten candidates throughout the evening.” The second Fox Continue reading "Fox News Announces Moderator Line-Up For Their Second Republican Debate"