Trump Spox Asks What the Purpose Is of Nuclear Triad ‘If You’re Afraid to Use It’

katrina piersonA Donald Trump spokeswoman tonight asked what the point is of having nuclear weapons if the United States is “afraid” to use them. This comes on the heels of one of Trump’s big flubs from this week’s debate––not knowing what the nuclear triad (the three different systems the U.S. has to fire nuclear weapons) is. On The O’Reilly Factor tonight, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson attacked Republicans for pushing endless war and talking tough. And then she asked, “What good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it?” Now, it might strike you as odd when you watch the video below how cavalierly Pierson just says the U.S. shouldn’t be afraid to use nuclear weapons. Kind of a big issue thre.
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‘Let Me Finish What I’m Saying’: Greta Confronts Cruz Over Past Immigration Position

cruz gretaAfter this week’s GOP debate, there was a renewed focus in the media over Ted Cruz‘s past immigration positions. Back in 2013, he attempted to introduce an amendment into immigration reform legalization that would take the citizenship issue off the table. Some of Cruz’s statements back then suggest he may have been fine with legalization, but Cruz is now saying he never supported legalization, the reform bill pushed by Marco Rubio would have done so anyway, and he introduced that amendment as a “poison pill” to kill the bill. A Washington Post fact-check of Cruz concluded that while Cruz has been inconsistent, “we have no way of knowing whether he really was using a tactic then, or if he is using a tactic now — or both.” Greta Van Susteren confronted Cruz tonight about supporting legalization in the past, which Cruz deemed “factually incorrect.” She brought up Continue reading "‘Let Me Finish What I’m Saying’: Greta Confronts Cruz Over Past Immigration Position"

Clinton Spox: Sanders Camp Was ‘Stealing Data,’ ‘Like Kids in a Candy Store’

hillary bernieThe Hillary Clinton campaign went on the offense tonight over the Bernie Sanders campaign improperly accessing their voter data. A Sanders staffer was fired for accessing the data and the DNC cut off their access to the data server. The Sanders campaign is insisting they did nothing wrong and the DNC is overreacting, and they filed a lawsuit tonight against the DNC to get their access back. Brian Fallon, a Clinton campaign spokesman, called into CNN tonight, very angry about the reported 24 separate intrusions by the Sanders campaign. He said this was a clear “act of theft, stealing data from the Clinton campaign,” and Sanders isn’t living up to that “different kind of campaign” he promised. “They were very productive,” Fallon told Wolf Blitzer. “They were like kids in a candy store, Wolf. They had about 40 minutes where they ran wild.” He called the lawsuit “an Continue reading "Clinton Spox: Sanders Camp Was ‘Stealing Data,’ ‘Like Kids in a Candy Store’"

Bernie Sanders Campaign Files Lawsuit Against the DNC Over Access to Voter Data

bernieThe Bernie Sanders campaign has filed a lawsuit against the DNC for blocking their access to all voter data. The DNC took that extreme measure after it was discovered that at least one staffer for the Sanders camp improperly accessed Hillary Clinton‘s voter data. The lawsuit––posted to Sanders’ website––touts how the campaign raised millions in the span of three days thanks to that kind of voter data. They claim they only saw Clinton’s data because of a bug in the system and the DNC shut off their access without any advanced notice. And this is a problem for them because “the loss of DNC support could significantly disadvantage, if not cripple, a Democratic candidate’s campaign for public office.” The Sanders campaign claims the “financial damage” is about $600,000 per day. This is what they’re after:
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CNN’s Tapper Grills Sanders Adviser Over Data Breach: How Are You the Victims Here?

tapper bernieThe Bernie Sanders campaign is openly warring with the Democratic National Committee today after their campaign improperly accessed Hillary Clinton voter data. In response, the DNC cut off the Sanders campaign’s access to its voter data. The Sanders camp said the failure of the system firewall wasn’t their fault, it was the DNC’s. On CNN this afternoon, Jake Tapper spoke with Sanders campaign senior adviser Tad Devine and asked them exactly how they’re the victims here when their staffers were the ones in the wrong. Devine argued that “the remedy imposed here by the Democratic National Committee is extreme” because they need fair access to that voter data too. There are reports four staffers breached the data, and after the campaign fired one staffer, Tapper asked, “The other three breached it and they’re still working for you?” Devine insisted information from their campaign was exposed too and they acted Continue reading "CNN’s Tapper Grills Sanders Adviser Over Data Breach: How Are You the Victims Here?"

Ann Coulter: America Is About to Become Uganda and That’s Why We Need Trump

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 4.38.00 PMAnn Coulter said yesterday that electing Donald Trump is the best remedy to preventing the United States from becoming Uganda. Yes, in an interview this week with radio host Joyce Kaufman, Coulter said, “The threat facing America right now is we’re about to become Uganda!” She went after Republicans still obsessed with Ronald Reagan and appealing to minorities, observing, “I noticed that white men were not included on the line of people that Republicans stand for. Why are Republicans embarrassed about getting white votes?” Kaufman said she doesn’t know how this nonsense is going to end. Coulter responded, “I know how it ends. President Trump.” Listen to the audio above, via RWW. [h/t Breitbart]
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23 Media Personalities and Their Star Wars Doppelgangers

star wars the force awakens poster cutStar Wars: The Force Awakens is finally here, and considering what critics and audiences are saying about the film, it looks like the iconic franchise is back. Director J.J. Abrams‘ new movie has been the talk of the town for months now, and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. That means the news media will have to keep reporting on it — opening weekend figures, crowds amassing at theaters to see the first new Star Wars film in nearly two decades, the billions of dollars Disney is raking in, and so on. Many anchors, reporters and pundits won’t mind this. After all, these stories give them the chance to not talk about Donald Trump and ISIS for a bit. Mediaite has decided to make the most of it with a new gallery identifying the Star Wars character counterparts of 23 prominent figures in broadcast and cable news today.
Luke Russert is Lil' Annie
Sean Hannity is Anakin Skywalker
Melissa Harris-Perry is Darth Vader
Neil Cavuto is Darth Vader's burnt helmet
Bill Hemmer is Kylo Ren
Ann Coulter is Captain Phasma
Rupert Murdoch is Darth Plagueis
Roger Ailes is the Emperor
Bob Beckel is Jabba the Hutt
Jesse Watters is Boba Fett
Joe Scarborough is Luke Skywalker
Barbara Walters is Princess Leia
Jake Tapper is Han Solo
Wolf Blitzer is Chewbacca
Lester Holt is Lando Calrissian
Megyn Kelly is Rey
Don Lemon is Finn
Bret Baier is Poe Dameron
Anderson Cooper is C-3P0
Brian Stelter is R2-D2
Dylan Byers is BB-8
Steve Doocy is Jar Jar Binks
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