Obama Predicts a Dem Successor: ‘I’m Confident in the Wisdom of the American People’

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.44.20 AMDuring a press conference in Paris Tuesday morning, President Barack Obama told reporters he is “confident” the American people will elect a Democrat as his successor. Asked about whether he feared a Republican president hindering the United States’ ability to lead on climate change, Obama replied, “Let me first of all say I’m anticipating a Democrat succeeding me.” “I’m confident in the wisdom of the American people on that front,” he continued. Obama suggested “even if somebody from a different party succeeded” him, his successor would quickly discover being president is very different from running for president. “American leadership involves not just playing to a narrow constituency back home — you are now in fact at the center of what happens around the world,” he said. Obama noted that “99 percent of world leaders” consider climate change a major problem, insisting “whoever is the next president of the United States” is “going Continue reading "Obama Predicts a Dem Successor: ‘I’m Confident in the Wisdom of the American People’"

Ted Cruz Explains How GOP is Not the Condom Police: ‘We Don’t Have a Rubber Shortage in America!’

Things went to an awkward place for Ted Cruz last night, when at a town hall in Iowa, he had to explain how the Republican Party is not actually the “condom police” of America. During the event, an attendee asked Cruz about whether he would ever consider “making contraception available to women who want to control their own bodies.” Cruz responded by saying that the GOP’s interest in eliminating contraceptives is part of the Left’s concocted “war on women” narrative, and that it was one of Hillary Clinton‘s signature tactics to smear the Right. “I have been a conservative my entire life. I have never met anybody, any conservative who wants to ban contraceptives,” Cruz said. “Last I checked, we don’t have a rubber shortage in America. When I was in college, we had a machine in the bathroom. You put 50 cents in, and voila!” Cruz Continue reading "Ted Cruz Explains How GOP is Not the Condom Police: ‘We Don’t Have a Rubber Shortage in America!’"

Hillary Clinton Once Again Invokes 9/11 to Defend Wall Street Ties

vlcsnap-2015-12-01-10h32m19s319After receiving criticism for invoking the 9/11 attacks to explain her close ties to Wall Street during the second Democratic debate, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used the same line in a Tuesday interview with CBS This Morning. CBS’ Charlie Rose asked Clinton about a new report.from the Associated Press showing that as Secretary of State, she often set aside time to meet with big donors from Wall Street and major corporations. “You know, I worked really hard to get more jobs for Americans,” she said. “And that meant representing big business and small business and everybody in between.”
“Have you suffered from the fact that they say you’re too close to Wall Street?” asked Rose. “Has that hurt your image, in your judgment, running for president?” “I don’t think so,” she responded. “I have stood Continue reading "Hillary Clinton Once Again Invokes 9/11 to Defend Wall Street Ties"

Spike Lee Bashes Donald Trump, Says He’s ‘Like Hitler’

Spike Lee Donald TrumpFilmmaker Spike Lee pulled no punches in an interview with The Daily Beast, comparing presidential candidate Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and other members of the Axis Powers. “Did you happen to catch the video of the Black Lives Matter protester being stomped and beaten by Trump’s supporters at one of his rallies?” the Daily Beast asked. “Oh, they beat his ass. And then after he said, ‘He needed to be roughed up!’ Donald might as well just said, ‘Fuck his black ass up!’” Lee responded. Lee called Trump’s claim that he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks “a bald-faced lie” meant to stir up bigoted voters. “Here’s the thing: the United States has perfected the science of ‘the boogeyman.’ Native-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics, Nazis, Soviets, Chinese, and now it’s the Muslims. They’re the new boogeymen.” “And he wants to close down mosques Continue reading "Spike Lee Bashes Donald Trump, Says He’s ‘Like Hitler’"

Trump Threatens CNN: Give Me $5 Million Or I Won’t Show Up for Next Debate!

PicMonkey Collage - TrumpRemember back in September how Donald Trump said that CNN shouldn’t accept any of the profits they made from the second GOP debate and should give it all to veterans charities? Well, he’s doing it again. Trump spoke at a Georgia rally last night, where he kept up his say-anything style with his usual blasts of “dumbass politicians” and throwing shade at just about everyone under the rainbow. However, in the latest of The Donald flaunting of his media magnetism, the GOP frontrunner is now threatening to charge CNN $5 million for his appearance at the next Republican presidential debate in retaliation for the oh-so-horrible coverage they’ve done on him, particularly his meeting with black pastors yesterday. “How about I tell CNN, who doesn’t treat me properly I’m not gonna do the next debate, okay,” Trump asked the audience. “How about we do this for CNN: I won’t do the Continue reading "Trump Threatens CNN: Give Me $5 Million Or I Won’t Show Up for Next Debate!"

Fox’s Gutfeld: We Can’t Give Trump a Pass on Things We Would Shred Obama For

gutfeldOn Fox’s The Five today, Greg Gutfeld repeatedly insisted that they cannot give Donald Trump a pass or the benefit of the doubt on mocking a disabled reporter when they wouldn’t be so kind if it was a Democrat. He decided to be the one to tell Trump to knock it off “because clearly nobody else will.” He said if President Obama mocked someone in that same way, “we would have the pitchforks.” Eric Bolling attempted to defend Trump, saying it’s possible he didn’t know the reporter was disabled. He suggested that Trump’s being held to an unreasonable standard. Gutfeld shot back that’s clearly not true when “we’re letting him get away with anything.”
Kimberly Guilfoyle also hedged, saying it’s wrong for anyone to mock disabled people, but not definitively judging whether Trump did Continue reading "Fox’s Gutfeld: We Can’t Give Trump a Pass on Things We Would Shred Obama For"