Hannity Goes After McCain: We TV Hosts Are Not To Blame For Your Failure in Washington

On Thursday night, Sean Hannity had another fiery monologue about the health care reform battle on Capitol Hill — which appears to have concluded, at least for now, with the Senate striking down the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare 51-49. Hannity, who delivered his remarks prior to the late-night Senate vote, slammed the Republican Party for “begging” the American people to seven long years to give them the opportunity to repeal and replace Obamacare and now “they’re doing their best to squander it.” The Fox News host again ripped the seven Senate Republicans who voted against the repeal bill that they passed back in 2015 that was ultimately vetoed by President Barack Obama: Susan Collins (R-ME), Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), John McCain (R-AZ), Rob Portman (R-OH), Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Dean Heller (R-NV). He accused them of jeopardizing Republican advantages in Congress in 2018. He then Continue reading "Hannity Goes After McCain: We TV Hosts Are Not To Blame For Your Failure in Washington"

Nicolle Wallace: How is Fox News ‘Different From State-Run Media?’

During Thursday’s Deadline: White House, host Nicolle Wallace and her panel discussed Fox News, largely in less-than-glowing terms because of their many personalities who are sympathetic to President Donald Trump. Matt Schlapp, the American Conservative Union Chairman and a cable news regular, defended the network, claiming that more than one point of view could be found there. “This rhetoric is way over the top,” Schlapp said. “Fox News has different types of shows. There’s plenty of Republicans on Fox News who are Never Trumpers. It’s more diverse than you’re characterizing.” But Wallace was skeptical. And she asked Schlapp this stunning question:
“Even folks at Fox News will acknowledge pressure to carry the Trump message… How is that different from state-run media in some places?”
Schlapp’s response? “Do you want to be careful by saying that?” Somehow, that doesn’t particularly seem to support his argument. Schlapp Continue reading "Nicolle Wallace: How is Fox News ‘Different From State-Run Media?’"

Waiter Claims Hannity Spent $42k in One Weekend at Trump Hotel, Ate Massive Lobster

Sean Hannity, Fox News anchor and millionaire-populist, racked up a $45,000 tab at Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. over the weekend of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, according to a waiter quoted by GQ. GQ’s Irina Aleksander spent a week inside the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, a short dash from the White House, and wrote an extensive piece on her experience there. And according to one unnamed waiter at the hotel Aleksander spoke to, Hannity spent the weekend of Trump’s inauguration at the Trump International, where “suites were renting for as much as $18,000 a night.” What’s more, the Trump mega-fan apparently treated himself to thousands of dollars worth of hotel treats, including a massive imported lobster:
That same weekend, according to one forthcoming waiter, Fox News host Sean Hannity ran up a $42,000 tab in the restaurant, which included the cost of flying in an Continue reading "Waiter Claims Hannity Spent $42k in One Weekend at Trump Hotel, Ate Massive Lobster"

Meet Bill O’Reilly’s New Best Friend — She’s a Real Dog

On April 19, news broke that Bill O’Reilly was through at Fox News. After years of prime time moralizing, the T.V. ratings emperor was ultimately hoisted on his own petard, undone amid the swirl of allegations of sexual harassment and millions of dollars in settlement payments. SAD For some men, the moment would be a time for reflection amid the comforts of family and friends. Others perhaps could marinate in their material wealth. With an estimated $85 million that option is certainly still open. But as O’Reilly fades into the rearview mirror of history, he seems to have taken comfort in the love of a new friend named Holly. Who is Holly you ask? Maybe a leggy former Factor contributor? Wrong. Holly appears to be a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Between June 17 and and July 22 — mere weeks after his career ended in a blaze of ignominy — Continue reading "Meet Bill O’Reilly’s New Best Friend — She’s a Real Dog"

Trump vs. Sessions Feud Exposes Divide Amongst Trump Supporters at Fox News

It’s no secret that Fox News is the least hostile cable news network to President Trump. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, according to a Harvard study, despite the perception that they’re “shielding” his presidency, 52% of their coverage of him is negative. That’s child’s play in comparison to CNN and MSNBC, which are tied with a whopping 93% of their coverage being negative. If you watch Fox News as often as I do, then you are familiar with how the network personalities fall on the scale between Trump hater and Trump lover. And if you don’t watch Fox News, not everyone at the network is a sycophant as some on the left would like you to believe. The latest ongoing feud between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, however, can almost be used as a litmus test to see where all the anchors Continue reading "Trump vs. Sessions Feud Exposes Divide Amongst Trump Supporters at Fox News"

Vice President Pence Weighs In On Trump/Sessions Feud: ‘One of The President’s Virtues is His Candor’

Vice President Mike Pence has weighed in on the ongoing feud between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. During an interview with Tucker Carlson, Pence was asked with everything going on why would Trump keep attacking Sessions in public and not just call him. “Well, I think the president has been candor,” Pence said. “He’s disappointed with the Attorney General’s decision to recuse himself and to not know about his intention to do so before he was confirmed as the Attorney General of the United States.” Pence went on to say that the “Washington way” is to talk behind people’s backs and “that’s not Trump’s approach.” “One of the great things about this president is that you always know where he stands,” he said. “And what the American people like about this president is that he speaks candidly, he speaks openly, he’s expressed his disappointment, Continue reading "Vice President Pence Weighs In On Trump/Sessions Feud: ‘One of The President’s Virtues is His Candor’"

As Rome Burns, Fox & Friends Wants You to Know About Gator Wrangling

Hey, did you know that the nation may be on the cusp of a constitutional crisis as the president looks to force out his attorney general as a potential way to get out of the Russia probe? Or that the Senate stayed up late into the evening voting on health care legislation that will impact one-fifth of the nation’s economy? Well, if you only tuned into the tail-end of Fox & Friends this morning, you wouldn’t have learned anything about those issues. But you would have learned how to fend off an alligator. Yep. In the midst of a highly volatile news cycle, the curvy couch sitters devoted their final segment of the program to the benefits of alligator wrangling and how it can save your life. Mentioning a segment they did yesterday where guest host Ed Henry talked about a young girl being saved from being chomped by an Continue reading "As Rome Burns, Fox & Friends Wants You to Know About Gator Wrangling"