’Yeah, Just Imagine…’: Fox’s Roginsky Hits Trump Admin Members For FBI Investigation Hypocrisy

One of Fox News’s most outspoken Democrats used her online segment to go after some of Donald Trump‘s top officials today. Julie Roginsky has been honored here on Mediaite for the skillful way she dismisses Twitter trolls, but did you know she has a video segment online dedicated to it, too? It’s called Clapback and in it, she reviews some of her greatest Twitter hits, then opines on the topics of the day. Here are the tweets she featured when discussing yesterday’s big revelation that the Trump campaign has been under FBI investigation for possible ties to Russia:
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 1.04.28 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-21 at 1.04.58 PM Obviously, Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders are two of Trump’s most outspoken spokespeople and team members. “Hmm…well, I refer you to Jim Comey‘s testimony from yesterday,” Roginsky said in response to Conway’s old tweet. To Huckabee’s, she said, “Yeah, just imagine, Sarah Continue reading "’Yeah, Just Imagine…’: Fox’s Roginsky Hits Trump Admin Members For FBI Investigation Hypocrisy"

Report: Fox News Pulls Judge Andrew Napolitano Following Trump Wiretap Comments

napolitano Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News’ senior judicial analyst, has been pulled from the network, according to a new report out tonight. The L.A. Times reports that Napolitano has been “taken off the air” after comments he made last week about President Trump‘s wiretapping claims became a major issue. Napolitano said that according to sources, the Obama administration went to British intelligence agency GCHQ to surveil Trump. Sean Spicer cited it at a press briefing, and the end result here was that GCHQ slammed the claim in a statement and Fox anchors had to state for the record that the news division could not corroborate those claims. Per the L.A. Times:
People familiar with the situation who could speak only on the condition of anonymity said Napolitano is not expected to be on Fox News Channel any time in the near future.
CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted Continue reading "Report: Fox News Pulls Judge Andrew Napolitano Following Trump Wiretap Comments"

Fox’s Chris Stirewalt: ‘Both Major Party Nominees in 2016 Were Under Criminal Investigation’ Before Election

Following FBI Director James Comey’s revelation at today’s House hearing on Russia that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been under investigation since July over potential ties to Russia, Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt noted what the major takeaway from today’s news should be while referencing Trump’s 2016 opponent. “I thought of a saying for you,” host Dana Perino told Stirewalt this afternoon. “I feel like the reporters in Washington are like a raccoon in a room full of disco balls. They don’t know where to look. What is a headline that you lead with tomorrow if you’re the editor of the paper?” Stirewalt first asked Perino to leave the “hillbilly aphorisms” to him before weighing in with his advice to other outlets out there. “Here’s a headline for you,” he noted. “Both major party nominees in 2016 were under criminal investigation prior to Continue reading "Fox’s Chris Stirewalt: ‘Both Major Party Nominees in 2016 Were Under Criminal Investigation’ Before Election"

My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star

eric-bolling-photo Over the past few months, Fox News has witnessed unprecedented movement in its on-air ranks. Tucker Carlson took the ball and ran (with his program outdrawing his predecessors), while Greta Van Susteren — and later Megyn Kelly — found greener pastures elsewhere (albeit for very different reasons). In the Roger Ailes era, major changes at the network were rare, leaving little real chance for movement. So, with this newfound opportunity gold rush at (or from) Fox, who is best poised to make the next meteoric rise? My cable news Ouija board is spelling out Eric Bolling. (Insert eye roll here.) Yes, the conservative pundit has been toiling in only somewhat prominent spots on the Fox farm for a long time, but Bolling’s extensive — and often controversial — track record put him in the perfect spot to become the new Fox News darling. Back in 2006, CNBC was Continue reading "My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star"

GOP Rep.: ‘I Don’t Think We Have the Votes Yet’ for Republican Healthcare Plan

GOP Representative Sean Duffy stopped by the set of Fox & Friends Monday morning to chat about the status of the American Health Care Act. The controversial replacement to Obamacare has taken heat from the right and the left since the day it was unveiled. Duffy promised a vote this week, though he conceded that he didn’t believe the votes were there yet. “The bill is going to go up on Thursday,” he said. “I don’t think we have the votes yet to pass it … We have some Freedom Caucus members who are still no.” Duffy, however, expressed no nervousness about the final outcome. “I am very optimistic,” he said. “I think we’re going to get there.” When questioned by the show’s panel, Duffy said that a number of sweeteners were being added to pick up reluctant conservatives, including a clause requiring Continue reading "GOP Rep.: ‘I Don’t Think We Have the Votes Yet’ for Republican Healthcare Plan"

Eric Trump: Leaking Dad’s Taxes ‘Sad,’ ‘Scary,’ like ‘Third World’ Country

On Sunday Morning Futures, today, host Maria Bartiromo teased an upcoming interview with Eric Trump. With his father and sister now in the White House, management of the Trump organization has fallen to Eric and his older brother Donald Trump Jr. During the interview, Bartiromo asked about the recent tax leak that showed President Trump paid an effective 25% tax rate for the year 2005. The younger Trump didn’t mince words. “It’s really sad that we’re in an environment where tax returns are leaked by whoever it may be,” he said. “Just think about how dangerous that is, how third world, that is, of a practice” “When personal information is being put out by people for political agendas, as a civilian it’s actually scary to me,” he continued. Trump’s tough talk came at the very end. The tease — which lasted a ten Continue reading "Eric Trump: Leaking Dad’s Taxes ‘Sad,’ ‘Scary,’ like ‘Third World’ Country"

Howard Kurtz: I Was One of the Journalists Donna Brazile ‘Deceived’

On Fox News Channel’s Media Buzz today, Howard Kurtz reflected on a campaign story. Specifically, he focused on the tale of former DNC chair Donna Brazile leaking CNN town hall questions to the Hillary Clinton camp. Refresh your memory of that here. Speaking of memories, Kurtz has a unique one when it comes to that particular topic. Though Brazile wrote an essay this week wherein she admitted her wrongdoing, she denied it to Kurtz when he asked her about it months ago. “She does not apologize, especially to CNN, the network she betrayed,” he noted. “And to the journalists she deceived, sadly including me.” [image: screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.