Greg Gutfeld: Trump Is ‘About Us’ While Democrats Are ‘About Him’

Just as President Trump wrapped up his rally in Cedar Rapids, IA, Greg Gutfeld made an interesting observation. “Everything he talks about, law and order, security, national defense,” he began, “he’s talking not about himself, he’s talking about them. ‘I’m here for you.'” The Fox News host then laid the case as to why the Democratic Party is in trouble:
“We know what he’s about. He is about us. We know what the Democrats are all about. They’re about him. So as he’s focused on America, the Republicans focus on America, the Democrats are mistakenly focusing on him.”
He went to say that Democrats are devoting so much energy, spending millions of dollars in Georgia, and “obsessed” with Russia because “their entire party line, their entire plank is ‘Get Trump!'” “Meanwhile, all he’s saying is ‘This is what I’m gonna do for you…’ Gutfeld added. “When Continue reading "Greg Gutfeld: Trump Is ‘About Us’ While Democrats Are ‘About Him’"

‘This Phony NBC Television Network…’: Trump Goes Off on the Media as He Touts Georgia Victory

Like so many Republicans, President Donald Trump was feeling bolstered by the special Congressional election victory in Georgia of Karen Handel over Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff. And so at a rally in Cedar Rapids, IA on Wednesday, Trump took aim at his favorite target: the media. In the President’s estimation, several of the networks tried to make excuses for Ossoff’s defeat. “This phony NBC television network — they actually had one of the people say ‘It was a little rainy last night. Maybe that was the difference in Karen’s race,'” Trump said. “Can you believe that?” While speaking about health care, Trump said he had to watch his words because, in his view, the media would jump on any falsehoods. “I have to be a little careful because they will say ‘He lied,” Trump said. He added, “They will say ‘Headline: Donald Trump lies to the people of Iowa. Continue reading "‘This Phony NBC Television Network…’: Trump Goes Off on the Media as He Touts Georgia Victory"

Krauthammer: Center-Left Democrats Are ‘Fixated’ on Trump Because They Have ‘Nothing to Say’

The center-left wing of the Democratic party is “dead… mute,” and out of things to say. That’s according to conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer. The right-wing analyst zeroed in on Nancy Pelosi (as a number of democrats have done), in the aftermath of the special election loss by Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s sixth Congressional District. “She said ‘we have to get our message out,'” Krauthammer said of the House Minority Leader. “They don’t have a message. This is the same reason that Hillary lost.” Krauthammer said that the left wing of the Democratic party has a message. It’s one that Krauthammer ultimately thinks will fall short. But it’s a message all the same. But the Clinton-Pelosi center-left?
“It’s dead. It’s mute. It has nothing to say. So having nothing to say, they have now fixated on Trump. It’s all on the resistance. What they learned last night is Continue reading "Krauthammer: Center-Left Democrats Are ‘Fixated’ on Trump Because They Have ‘Nothing to Say’"

Using social media appears to diversify your news diet, not narrow it

Despite widespread fears that social media and other forms of algorithmically-filtered services (like search) lead to filter bubbles, we know surprisingly little about what effect social media have on people’s news diets. Data from the 2017 Reuters Institute Digital News Report can help address this. Contrary to conventional wisdom, our analysis shows that social media use is clearly associated with incidental exposure to additional sources of news that people otherwise wouldn’t use — and with more politically diverse news diets. This matters because distributed discovery — where people find and access news via third parties, like social media, search engines, and increasingly messaging apps — is becoming a more and more important part of how people use media.

The fear of filter bubbles and the end of incidental exposure

The role social media plays varies by context and by user. For some highly engaged news lovers, it may be seen
Continue reading "Using social media appears to diversify your news diet, not narrow it"

MSNBC Ad Rates $oar Under Trump Presidency

MSNBC ad rates have surged an impressive 43% since May last year, yet another indication that Donald Trump’s presidency is engendering an unprecedented interest in the daily news cycle. According to a report by Adweek’s Jason Lynch, examining data from the Standard Media Index, while both CNN and Fox News have seen bumps in their ad rates, MSNBC’s have soared since 2016: “MSNBC was up 43 percent year over year, Fox News jumped 14 percent and CNN increased 12 percent.” It’s important to note that while MSNBC’s rates have seen larger increases, Fox News still rakes in by far the most cash for ads in primetime. Per Adweek:
In its first full month in Bill O’Reilly’s old time slot, Tucker Carlson Tonight had an average unit cost of $14,100. That’s 21 percent ahead of the $11,600 that The O’Reilly Factor averaged one year earlier.
Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC Continue reading "MSNBC Ad Rates $oar Under Trump Presidency"

College Professor Suspended Indefinitely After Appearing On Tucker Carlson

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.10.14 AM Political commentator Lisa Durden was suspended as a professor at Essex County College  after she made an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight. You may recall Durden sparring with Tucker Carlson earlier this month to defend Black Lives Matter not allowing non-blacks to attend their Memorial Day party in New York City. The interview was so bizarre that Carlson concluded it by calling her “demented.” When she arrived on the New Jersey campus on June 8, two days after she appeared on Fox News, she was told to cancel her classes and report to Human Resources. Durden was given a letter, signed by the vice president of academic affairs Jeffrey Lee, that said she was suspended “until further notice.” “They did this to humiliate me,” Durden reacted. “Essex County College publicly lynched me in front of my students.” While the letter didn’t directly mention her appearance on Fox News, administration Continue reading "College Professor Suspended Indefinitely After Appearing On Tucker Carlson"

Greg Gutfeld Accuses Hollywood of ‘Interference’ and ‘Obstruction’ in Georgia Special Election

Greg Gutfeld weighed in on the special election that was occurring in Georgia, which he pointed out was supposed to be a “referendum” on President Trump. The Five co-host called all the money Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff raised “impressive,” until he realized that 7,000 donations came from Californians and only 800 from his own district. “And that tells you who’s behind him,” Gutfeld assessed. “People who don’t even live there, just like Ossoff.” He listed the celebrities that were actively campaigning for Ossoff including Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler, and George Takei, all who were “all over this election.” Gutfeld then tied this election to the outrage with Russia’s involvement in the presidential election. “The media obsesses with [Vladimir] Putin‘s failed meddling in our elections, how is this not similar?” Gutfeld asked. “Here you have one state meddling in another. How Continue reading "Greg Gutfeld Accuses Hollywood of ‘Interference’ and ‘Obstruction’ in Georgia Special Election"