O’Reilly/NBC Feud Takes New Turn; Network Exec Happy It “Has Nothing To Do With Us”

gregory_8-20When we talked to CBS News and Sports President Sean McManus this week about the network’s big victory Sunday, we ended the conversation with a question about the GE/FOX feud. “Thank heavens it has nothing to do with us,” he told Mediaite.

The GE/FOX feud shows no signs of letting up, with Keith Olbermann again targeting Fox News hosts during his “Worst Persons” segment last night, and still throwing in a Bill O’Reilly reference at least once a week. And on The O’Reilly Factor, the Fox News host turned his attention to a new NBC News anchor.

In a segment that was teased online and on-air all day yesterday, O’Reilly had Bernie Goldberg on to talk about several stories, including a comment from David Gregory during Sunday’s Meet the Press. “The show is now declining in the ratings fairly quickly, because Mr. Gregory is a left-wing guy, and says stuff like this,” said O’Reilly, before playing a clip of Gregory describing the New Hampshire gun carrier at the town hall event while also talking about Timothy McVeigh.

“If you look at the sum of NBC’s reporting on the protests for the last five weeks, it’s all the same,” said O’Reilly. “It all comes down to groupthink. And the groupthink is ‘these people who come out to the town hall meetings, protest health care, are all a bunch of yahoos.”

Attacking NBC News anchors, whether it be Gregory, Brian Williams, Matt Lauer or others, has a more stinging effect than again going after MSNBC (or “NBC properties” in general). And the cycle continues…

Here’s the clip from The Factor (segment begins around 1:45):

Conspiracy Alert: Fox News Secretly A Bunch of Flip-Flopping Liberals

Picture 18Here’s today’s summer news slump consipracy story revealed, courtesy Jon Stewart: Fox News is secretly Liberal. How does he know? Some very Liberal tendencies, as previously defined by Fox, have begun to find their way into the cable channel’s coverage: defending protesters, undermining the President (even in wartime). Liberal love to shove values down American’s throats. Open wide, people!

LAT Getting All Credit For Already Reported Obama-As-Joker Poster

redeye_8-19When is a big exclusive not actually so exclusive? How about when the blogosphere gets the story long before a mainstream outlet.

This is what happened when the Los Angeles Times reported earlier this week a lengthy story purportedly revealing Firas Alkhateeb as the person who created the now-famous Obama-as-Joker poster in January. The story was picked up by many outlets, and the LAT was given the scoop. But that’s not entirely accurate.

In April, Jonathan Jerald, Editor of BedlamMagazine.com, published a story about the posters being put up around Los Angeles. The story has an update linking to Alkhateeb’s Flickr page where the image originated.

While the name is slightly off (BedlamMagazine.com has it as “Firas Khateeb”), the update contributes what was considered one of the major points to the LAT scoop.

We don’t know when the update was added, but it was certainly long before Monday. In a discussion during the August 5 Red Eye on Fox News, ombudsman Andy Levy cited the Web story during his halftime report. He said the person “posted this to his Flickr account back in January. It’s a photoshop so that’s clearly where the artist took it from” (video below).

The LAT certainly added to the story, but this can be seen as another example of a more mainstream outlet getting credit for a scoop that had, at least partially, already been reported on.

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Chyron of the Day: Fox Brings Marie Antoinette Into Health Care Debate

Fox News, 4:18pmET:


Well we’ve already done one Chyron of the Day today – but then Neil Cavuto started talking about Marie Antoinette. Yes, it was tongue-in-cheek, but that didn’t stop the conversation from drifting away from Rep. Eric Massa and his recent comments to the beheaded former Queen of France.

After discussing Massa’s comment that “I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district,” Cavuto joked, “That didn’t work too well for one Marie Antoinette,” and played a clip of a movie.

“As you know she was for a single payer health system,” he said. “Steve Moore, are we witnessing history repeating itself?”

Moore, of the Wall Street Journal, just laughed, and he did clarify he didn’t “want the Democrats to have their heads guillotined off.” That’s good to know.

All this…while the chyron described the story as “Developing.”

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Chyron of the Day: What Would Jesus Do…About Health Care?

Fox News, 6:18amET:


Is there a way Fox News can bring religion into the health care debate? Of course! They successfully accomplished that today with a cancer-surviving Bishop as a guest on Fox & Friends – and used the fantastic chyron “What Would Jesus Do?” But that’s not all.

Bishop Harry Jackson was the guest for a quick interview this morning on the FNC morning show, and not surprisingly, he’s not a fan of the Obama administration’s plan.

And it wasn’t just the chyron that asked the WWJD question. “Well here’s a loaded question,” began co-host Gretchen Carlson at the beginning of the interview. “What would Jesus do? That’s the question for many Christians when it comes to health care reform.”

Really? Is it? Well, it is now…

Thanks to Jennifer from Detroit for passing along this tip.

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How Ridiculous Are Cable News Polls? Let’s Vote

dailyshow_8-18bIsn’t it strange how when you watch one of those text or online polls on a cable news show, the responses always seem to be in the 90% to 10% range?

No, of course not. Because whatever network you’re watching, the responses generally agree with the position of the show. The Daily Show examined this trend last night, and joked about putting it to a poll. But they didn’t follow through – so now you can vote here.

“If 98% of Lou Dobbs‘ audience agrees with him, that means 2% disagree with him, but watch his show anyway,” said Stewart. “I assume those people are trapped under something heavy, not able to reach their remotes but still able to text.”

Or how about a poll that showed 100% – yes, every single person – thought ‘town halls are making a difference’ during a Fox & Friends segment.

And somehow Ed Schultz‘ MSNBC audience and the F&F audience completely disagree on taxes! Stewart said viewers could vote on their poll at TheDailyShow.com, but it was just a joke. So we put it to a vote. Make your choice, and watch the segment below:

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Advertisers’ Boycott of Glenn Beck Continues To Leave Fox News Unharmed

beck_8-18Even more advertisers, including Walmart, CVS and Best Buy, have pulled their ads from Glenn Beck’s Fox News program, joining a group of more than 20 following a campaign by ColorofChange.org after Beck’s ‘Obama is racist’ comments.

It was big news yesterday – given major play on HuffPost and discussed on MSNBC – and while it signals some success for the ColorofChange.org campaign, the fact that Beck’s network, Fox News, isn’t hurt at all continues to be ignored.

As a Fox News spokesperson told Mediaite yesterday, “The advertisers referenced have all moved their spots from Beck to other programs on the network so there has been no revenue lost.”

That is a point that has been reiterated since advertisers first started exiting the individual show, and it proves the advertisers are more concerned with appeasing a section of their base than actually taking a stand.

Fox News continues to pick up the check from each of these companies, and continues to benefit from Beck and whatever he says on his program. Meanwhile, until Beck’s commercial blocks are filled with ads for the Wall St. Journal, Fox Business Network and Fox Searchlight Pictures, which they aren’t, his show isn’t ultimately hurt either.

Meanwhile, the other side is mobilizing as well. On right-wing blog RedState.com, and in a campaign on SupportGlennBeck.com, Beck supporters are working on a campaign to get in touch with each of the companies who have moved their ads away from Beck’s show.

But the Beck fans don’t have to worry. If the advertisers really want to make an impact, they’d remove their advertising from Fox News in general. Of course, that won’t happen – the audience is too big. Instead, the pseudo-boycott by these companies will continue, and Fox will let Beck talk about whatever he wants all the way to the bank.

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