Limbaugh Wedding Attendee Megyn Kelly Recounts Pleasant Elton John Exchange

The hosts of The View debated Elton John’s perfromance at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding this weekend, and FNC’s Megyn Kelly gave her own take.

As a wedding attendee herself, she was able to relay the cordial tone of the Elton-Rush, uh, partnership.

Kelly introduced The View debate, saying, “While tolerance and respect were on display at the wedding, those qualities were missing from some over at The View this morning.”

Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck took opposite sides of the argument, naturally, with Behar surmising John’s appearance was all about his rumored million-dollar payday.

But Kelly says everyone got along very well – and slammed The View host in the process. “Joy Behar wasn’t there, I was,” she said. “And I can tell you that Elton John had nothing but nice things to say about Rush Limbaugh and the happy couple.”

Also, maybe a double date in the future? “He even invited the happy couple to come visit him and his partner in London, England,” said Kelly.

John isn’t a stranger to courting controversy, famously performing a duet with Eminem at the Grammys while gay rights activists protested the rapper regarding his language.

Here’s Kelly’s report:

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Fox News’ Juan Williams Is Distressed By CNN’s ‘Anachronism,’ Larry King

Fox News political contributor Juan Williams was greatly concerned when he watched President Barack Obama on Larry King Live last Thursday night– not because of anything the president did, but “did you see Larry King?!” In a conversation about the future of CNN on Fox News Watch, the channel’s  self-reflective weekend media show, Williams lashed out at CNN for being a “snooze” and admitted shock when he turned to the channel and saw the energy levels of the president and King’s interview.

Williams was participating in a discussion in CNN’s place in the cable news world prompted by Keith Olbermann’s attack on Campbell Brown earlier this week. The panel seemed to overwhelmingly agree with Olbermann that objective news as CNN interprets it has been replaced by new media and the network needed to innovate. Williams thought so, too, but, specifically, he pointed out Larry King as the biggest single example of how outdated the network had become:

“CNN was really innovative when it came around… CNN had America’s attention at that juncture. Today, I think CNN is basically a snooze. I think you can twiddle your thumbs. It’s the same old same old same old every dang day and there’s nothing compelling about it. And when I saw this week for the… I guess, some anniversary of Larry King, they had President Obama interviewed by Larry King. I thought ‘Oh my God, what happened to Larry king?!’ This is really tragic– I’m not being mean-spirited… The guy looked like an anachronism sitting there at the interview. What was going on?”

Williams’ comments from this afternoon below:

Israeli Forces Enforce Gaza Blockade Against Second Aid Ship Peacefully

Israeli forces have once again seized a humanitarian aid ship headed towards Gaza– this time with no resistance or hostilities. The Rachel Corrie was en route with medical and constructing supplies when it received word from Israeli authorities that it was on its way to a blockaded area, but proceeded. The crew were then told to divert their route towards the port city of Ashdod. It is considered a completely different situation than the siege last week that left nine people dead and riled up international furor against the Israeli state.

MSNBC news reports that the ship is on it’s way to Ashdod, escorted by military, but that Israeli forces had advanced notification that they would not be met with resistance:

The IDF said they informed the crew of the MV Rachel Corrie that the Gaza Strip was under blockade and that the ship should put to port in the southern coastal city of Ashdod.

It urged the boat to divert to Ashdod, where its cargo would be unloaded and transferred to Gaza if it passed a security inspection, but the ship rejected the invitation, the military said.

The military said its forces boarded the ship from the sea, without using helicopters. The operation went peacefully and the boat was en route to Ashdod, the IDF told NBC News.

“The ship has been boarded and there was full compliance from the crew and passengers on board,” an Israeli military spokesperson told Reuters.

The cable news report of the story from Fox News below:

LA Sen. David Vitter Is Tired Of ‘Joe Cool’ Obama Being So ‘Laid-Back’

Who would’ve thought in 2008 that President Obama would get into political trouble for being too cool? Echoing a growing sentiment that the president has not responded passionately enough to the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Republican Senator David Vitter challenged his coolness last night on The O’Reilly Factor, arguing that he wished to see more anger at the tragedy. He also revealed his “personal nickname” for the president: “Joe Cool.”

Vitter sat down with Laura Ingraham– who was filling in for Bill O’Reilly– from his home state of Louisiana, where the oil slicks are hitting hardest. Expressing frustration with the fact that neither BP nor the federal authorities have been able to stop the oil well on the seafloor from gusing, he argued that President Obama had an attitude problem, but that his disposition was improving– or, at least, becoming more aggressive:

“My personal nickname for the president is Joe Cool. But I don’t want Joe Cool, who’s always laid back and calm and collected in this crisis. I want a leader, I want somebody who’s passionate and absolutely grabs the reigns and takes the reins. The President is beginning to do that more, I’ve seen that ramp up a little bit with the last few visits to Louisiana, but we’re not still anywhere where we need to be in that regard.”

Vitter is not alone in his view of the President; in sunnier days for the President, the only angle SNL could find to make fun of him was how cool he was. Vitter backs up his observation with his concern over job loss in Louisiana now that the oil industry will probably not be allowed to operate there for a while. From that angle, he noted that he didn’t think the president “understands the size of the job impact because these huge rigs are not going to wait around six months or more. They’re going to pull up and move to West Africa or elsewhere. It’s not a matter of six months. It’s a matter of six or ten years.”

Last night’s interview with Ingraham below:

Chris Wallace And Idol’s Kellie Pickler Share Creepy Fox and Friends Moment

It was Friday morning, so let’s cut the boys of Fox & Friends some slack for being awkward. They must have known that getting fellow guests American Idol alum Kellie Picker and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace to talk about anything would be difficult, but it doesn’t seem any of them could have predicted the level of confusion and creepiness that would come of this duo, the segment concluding with Wallace predicting a “big price” to pay from his wife for the segment.

Host Brian Kilmeade took the first step to get them to interact, and right out of the stable misspoke, trying to get Pickler to say hello. “Will you do me a favor and offer your services to Chris Wallace?” It doesn’t seem that he realized he made a veiled prostitution reference– even though he kind of was offering this young girl’s “services” to Chris Wallace in exchange for his job– until co-hosts Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy started shouting out damage control, and Kilmeade, embarrassed, corrected himself: “Would you say hello to Chris Wallace?”

Pickler obliges, and asks how he is, to which Wallace replies:

“Well, I’m just great, Kellie. I must say, I’m better right now. Kellie, let me just ask you a question, and I want an honest answer because I’m a big American Idol fan and I saw you with sushi and all of that stuff when you were on the show. Do you have the faintest idea who I am?”

Good question. Hilariously creepy way to put it, but good nonetheless. Pickler takes the bait: “Oh yeah. Absolutely. I have your poster hanging above my bed,” she replies, which appears to be an ego-booster for Wallace, who straightens out his jacket proudly at the reply. “She remembers you from when you were in Menudo, Chris!” Doocy taunts from the background. At some point the exact nature of the sexual undertones of the conversation is lost– prostitution? cable news groupie-ism? whatever innuendo “Menudo” is supposed to be?– and, for the most part, are replaced by the humor of watching two people so vastly separated by age and interests try to establish a rapport in the rubble of the embarrassing context. But it’s enough to leave Wallace, who really didn’t ask for any of this, remorseful: “Unfortunately, I think [my wife] is [watching], and I’m going to pay a big price for this.”

Video below:

Sarah Silverman: Fox News “Is A 24-Hour- A-Day Racism Engine, But It’s All Coded”

Comedian Sarah Silverman has a history of making provocative and controversial statements, sometimes in the realm of politics.

In her new book, The Bedwetter, she sets her sights on Fox News and “coded” racism in light of her own brush with being called out for stereotyping.

Newsbusters catches the short passage in her book (and audiobook, below). While discussing her interaction with Media Action Network for Asian Americans President Guy Aoki (who spoke out against Silverman for using “chink” in a joke), she essentially blamed Fox News and tea partiers.

Right-wing Americans who appear in mainstream media are not out there calling black people ‘niggers,’ or saying, ‘The Klan has good ideas.’ Instead, they’re questioning the legitimacy of Obama presidency by accusing him of being born in Africa or of being a Muslim.

And then the specifics about Fox News: “The entire Fox News Channel is a twenty-four-hour-a-day racism engine, but it’s all coded, all implied. Lou Dobbs used to scream on CNN about ‘immigration,’ not ‘filthy Mexicans.’”

Is this blanket and ridiculous statement surprising or shocking? Not really – Silverman is known for this. What’s more interesting is the lack of focus on these types of moments in her book during her PR push. I’ve watched and listened to extensive interviews with Silverman on Adam Carolla’s podcast and Bill Maher’s HBO show, settings it would be conceivable for this subject matter to come up, but it hasn’t. Instead the bed-wetting aspects, the title of the book, but not the majority of its content, has been a focus.

Maybe she knew the reaction that would come and wanted to avoid it. Until now. Sounds like she may have a “pinhead” designation in her future….

Here’s the audio:

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John Stossel Supports Government Intervention (In Extreme Case Of BP Oil Spill)!

This may be the most shocking thing John Stossel has ever said since he came to Fox News: he approves of government intervention in some capacity. Sure, he prefaced it with “we libertarians believe,” and the case in which he approved of government oversight (in the case of oil drilling, especially in light of the BP oil spill), but this was a perfect opportunity for Stossel to politely differ with what is considered common knowledge, and he didn’t quite do it.

“Government has a role in having oversight,” he conceded to Bill O’Reilly, who pushed him on whether he believed it was the government’s role to regulate oil companies, “but we have 300 pages of rules– we have oversight.” Oversight, O’Reilly noted, which obviously failed the people of the Gulf coast. The conclusion O’Reilly tried to lead Stossel to from that conclusion was that the rules were not sufficient. Stossel didn’t buy it; the rules, he argued, are irreparably flawed. “I don’t think government is competent enough to toughen the rules,” he answered, and added that didn’t believe it was possible to have rules that worked.

Video from tonight’s Factor below: