D.C. Douglas, Former Geico Spokesman, Responds to Tea Party and Fox News

Perhaps you all remember the story of Lance Baxter AKA D.C. Douglas AKA the guy who used to say “fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance” in Geico commercials. We say “used to” because, a few weeks ago, he got fired for calling the Tea Party group FreedomWorks and asking how many of their members were “mentally retarded.” Well, he’s responded to his critics with a lengthy comedic “PSA” attacking FreedomWorks, the Tea Party, Fox News, Megyn Kelly, Pat Robertson, and more. Apparently it only takes a video of five minutes to get 100% of your hostility out.

The video serves as a “public service announcement” in which Douglas imparts the wisdom he’s learned to fellow Tea Party critics; don’t drunk dial FreedomWorks. Instead call them sober to attack them on a number of different points.

While the video does get a few good points out, it probably won’t do much to help Douglas’ cause. Had he simply admitted he made a mistake and then listed his critiques of the organization, he might have seemed sympathetic. Instead, his pot shots come off as overly bitter. To make things clear, this writer enjoys satire, but it works much better when your jokes are cleverer than a random shot of Douglas rubbing his nipples. While there are a couple of good arguments in the mix here, the overall video isn’t going to bring anyone to Douglas’ side and will probably end up doing the opposite.

Also, can we stop the trend of giving out your enemies’ phone numbers and goosing random internet crazies into harassing them?

Fox News Hosts Interview With Socialist Revolutionary High School Teacher

Here’s something you won’t see every day: A man declaring himself an avowed socialist and calling for revolution, a la Latin America, after calling for a revolt against “racist white people”– on Fox News. The man is Santee High School teacher Ron Gochez, and he is an Arizona schoolteacher accused of inciting armed rebellion. As a response to the bad press, Fox News’ Griff Jenkins gave him an extensive interview to clear up his name and ideology.

Jenkins barely interjects in the 7-minute-long piece, only asking about three questions to direct the conversation. Meanwhile, Gochez– who became an internet sensation of sorts for a YouTube video in which he protests the Minutemen and opponents of illegal immigration– clears up, repeatedly, that he is not in favor of violence, and does not teach revolution in the classroom:

“Historically, the two things that have been the biggest enemy of our communities and all communities of color, specifically, is capitalism and imperialism… For those people that are saying that I’m indoctrinating students or that I’m teaching this– no. I’m a professional, in the classroom I do what I have to do and teach my kids. Outside of the classroom, it’s a totally different story.”

He added that he is “a socialist. I believe in socialism, and I believe that’s happening all over the continent and that’s what I support and I will never back down from that.” Jenkins did not pressure him on this issue, only once noting that his views made it seem like he was anti-American, in general. Gochez even thanked Fox News for the platform and the ability to clear up the fact that he doesn’t think all white people are racism (though he does hate capitalism, “but do I say that in my classroom? No.”).

This interview has a clear message, courtesy of Griff Jenkins: Anyone who has ever accused Fox News of not living up to their “Fair and Balanced” motto is going to have their hands full with this segment. How do you explain a man calling for socialist revolution, barely interrupted, for nearly eight minutes on Fox News? Not that Jenkins was nodding approvingly, but the discussion, considering the extreme nature of Gochez’s beliefs, was shockingly civil.

Video below:

George Stephanopoulos Takes On Bill O’Reilly’s Hillary Clinton 2012 Theory

Last night, Bill O’Reilly welcomed a surprising cross-network guest on the show to talk about the Obama administration: ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. The two found common ground discussing the response to the Gulf oil spill, but when O’Reilly presented Stephanopoulos his theory that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is gearing up for a run against President Obama in 2012, his only response was a deadpanned “you’re not serious.”

On the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Stephanopoulos agreed that federal agencies had not been doing the proper environmental oversight over BP and other oil companies and that the disaster happened on President Obama’s watch, though the agencies had been problematic for a while. The more interesting debate came during their second subject: is Hillary Clinton ready to stage a coup?

Fox News contributor Dick Morris had proposed precisely this earlier during the week as a response to an interview where Clinton argued that the problems with the American economy were making her job harder. As aforementioned, Stephanopoulos, mouth slightly agape, could not quite believe the theory, laughed it off, and wondered how Clinton could possibly convince anyone that she was deserving of being president if she suddenly turned around and challenged her boss for the job. “I don’t see any possibility, zero, if you could say less than zero, none at all” of her running, he argued, and contradicted Morris’ claim that she rarely goes off-script by pointing out that she got into trouble recently for saying something off-the-cuff. Asked how Clinton would put together a platform at all, O’Reilly spoke, as Clinton: “I did a heckuva job, Brownie, overseas and my approval rating is 65%, and this guy screwed up everything else and his approval is 30%, so I’m going to challenge him in the primary.”

Video below:

O’Reilly ‘Doesn’t Care About Cass Sunstein’ Or Glenn Beck’s ‘Conspiracy Of The Day’

Glenn Beck must have known before going on his weekly O’Reilly Factor segment that Bill O’Reilly was going to pick on him for being praised by the left for supporting Miranda rights for all US citizens. His usual pro-Constitution argument for Miranda, however, took a strange turn when he warned O’Reilly that there was something to the fact that “the usual suspects” against torture are suddenly in favor of increased security, like Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein. “I don’t care about Cass Sunstein,” O’Reilly replied lazily, before asking: “So, what’s the conspiracy of the day?”

Despite the fact that Beck is constantly a target of commentators across the spectrum both for his dramatic style and the complicated detailing of the Obama administration he goes through on his program every day, it’s rare to see someone be so flippant about his life’s work to his face. O’Reilly, who supports restricting Miranda to some extent in cases of radical Islamic terrorism, argued that national security should be the primary concern, and that terrorists shouldn’t be given privileges that, upon committing and act of terror, they no longer deserve.

Beck replied by asking for “no more power,” and pointing out what he sees as a dangerous tendency by the Obama administration to consolidate federal powers. “You’ve got a government right now who is saying that the tea party goers are terrorists and everything else!” As he was about to launch into an explanation of Sunstein’s– a regular on the Beck chalkboard– Marxist tendencies, O’Reilly, in his best grumpy old man voice, responded, “I don’t care about Cass Sunstein.” You should!” Beck responds, and after some crosstalk O’Reilly asks, “What is the conspiracy of the day?” O’Reilly continued by calling Beck a “history guy” who’s “got Ben Franklin running around,” and as such should “deal with reality.”

Beck took it in stride, and got back at O’Reilly by yelling at him for “[wrecking] my movie experience” in Iron Man 2, where, instead of seeing “hot chicks,” Beck had to deal with watching O’Reilly’s cameo appearance. When O’Reilly repeated that he still hasn’t had a chance to see the film, Beck channeled President Obama and noted, “See? People could be too successful.”

The “At Your Beck and Call” segment below:

Accusations Of Dishonesty Fly On Hannity During Muslim Student Group Debate

During a question and answer session at UCSD, conservative figure David Horowitz reversed the direction of the question and answer, refusing to answer a Muslim students question and instead demanding that she renounce Hamas. To discuss the controversy, Sean Hannity had Horowitz on the show along with Mark Levine, a professor at UC Irvine and author of Heavy Metal Islam, but the discussion stopped short when both sides kept asking each other the questions that weren’t answered at the UCSD talk.

“If you don’t condemn Hamas, obviously you support it,” Horowitz had told the student, and on Hannity he began with an accusation that the organization the student was a part of was hosting an “Islamic Apartheid Week,” paid for by the university. Levine replied to his accusations by asking Horowitz to respond to the student’s question asking for evidence of his claims, to which Horowitz called the entire discussion “disingenuous” because Levine was a supporter of the group the Muslim Brotherhood. Levine responds by saying, “I am calling you a liar on international television.” It doesn’t get much more civil from there, as Hannity jumps in to ask Levine to renounce Hamas.

As much of an ongoing joke as it is, there aren’t actually that many exchanges on cable news that degenerate into both pundits just giving up and calling each other plain “liars.” This is one of them.

The segment below:

Megyn Kelly And Bill O’Reilly Have A Second ‘Shoot-Out’ Over Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Some people may find this kind of heated discussion “Destructive To America,” but no one can deny that Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly make some great political theater together. Tonight they took on the topic of partial-birth abortions as understood by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which launched the usually convivial colleagues into a deep 5-minute argument that veered dangerously into the territory of defining whether a fetus is a child.

On Tuesday, Kelly and O’Reilly discussed Justice Ginsburg’s ruling on partial-birth abortion, where she took issue with the language of a fetus as an “unborn child,” as well as an Affirmative Action case where Ginsburg wrote that she believed the promotion of minorities should be a more important priority than elevating the most qualified candidates. Kelly challenged O’Reilly to a second round, where both sides came with new evidence and better prepared to debate.

O’Reilly repeatedly tried to get Kelly to argue whether a fetus is a child, which she admitted she believed her child was a human being when she was pregnant but refused to fall into that discussion further. She made a distinction between the legal and moral definitions of what it is to be human, and pointed out that Ginsburg’s complaint in the partial-birth abortion case was of language, not of opinion. O’Reilly retorted that her attitude disregarded the Constitution: “It’s impossible for any reasonable person to think that James Madison and Thomas Jefferson and the rest would want partial-birth abortion.”

O’Reilly and Kelly’s exchange below:

Stephen Colbert Tracks Glenn Beck’s Conversion From ‘Clown’ To Demigod

Stephen Colbert is a huge fan of Glenn Beck. Not only does he claim to watch his show, but like Mediaite, he seems to be somewhat mesmerized by Beck’s regular phantasmagoric transformation from “rodeo clown” to demagogue (aspiring at times to MLK-like stature.) But as Colbert says in the clip below, when it comes to talking about Glenn Beck no one can compete with Glenn Beck. So what better way to track this transformation than juxtaposing the crazy entertainer side of Beck with quasi-sect leader side? (You know, the guy who plans to speak at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of MLK’s “I have a dream” speech.) Good times!