Trump: Paris Terror Attack Will Have ‘Big Effect’ on French Presidential Election

trump-2-22-e1487810559761-1-650x431 President Donald Trump responded to yesterday’s terrorist attack in Paris by suggesting that it would have a “big effect” on the looming French presidential election. On Thursday night, the Champs-Elysées was shut down after a French police officer was killed by an attacker. President Francois Hollande declared that the attack was terror-related, and ISIS has claimed responsibility for the murder. France is on the verge of entering a critical phase of their next presidential election. Far-right leader Marine Le Pen is one of the leading contenders in Sunday’s first round of voting. New York Times reports that she responded to the incident by blasting Islam, calling for increased security, and saying all foreign terror suspects must be deported from France. Continue reading "Trump: Paris Terror Attack Will Have ‘Big Effect’ on French Presidential Election"

Nieman Lab is looking for more stories of digital innovation outside the U.S., and we’d love your help

Last year, 44 percent of Nieman Lab’s web traffic came from outside the United States. More than half of our Twitter followers and 70 percent of those who like our Facebook page are based outside of the U.S. We do our best to cover journalism innovation around the world, but from our lovely office in Cambridge, it’s easy for us to focus too much on what’s happening here in America. And some of our most rewarding stories have been ones that tell people in one country about the interesting and provocative innovations happening in another. We’ve gotten a small grant from the Open Society Foundations to expand our international coverage. To help us out, we hope you’ll consider joining a Slack community (sign up with the form at the bottom of this page) we’re starting to help us improve our international coverage. We’re looking for tips and story ideas. Continue reading "Nieman Lab is looking for more stories of digital innovation outside the U.S., and we’d love your help"

Leading Candidate in French Presidential Race: Terrorism ‘Will Be a Fact of Daily Life’

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 6.39.26 AM On Thursday, France was rocked by another terrorist attack when a gunman opened fire along the nation’s Champs-Élysées. When it was over, a police officer was dead and a second was wounded. The attack came just days before the first round of voting in the nation’s hotly contested presidential election. In the aftermath of the shooting, Emmanuel Macron, a centrist and one of France’s two leading candidates, offered a curious response, saying terrorism in the country was an “imponderable” threat that “will be a fact of daily life in the coming years.” The claim was reported near the bottom of a New York Times write up on the attack, with the paper of record suggesting the response was evidence of Macron “stepp[ing] back from the moment.”
Emmanuel Macron, a centrist who along with Ms. Le Pen has been leading in the polls, stepped back from the moment, Continue reading "Leading Candidate in French Presidential Race: Terrorism ‘Will Be a Fact of Daily Life’"

Must Reads in Media & Technology: April 20

Must Reads is MediaShift’s daily curation of the big stories about media and technology from across the web. Sign up here to get these delivered right to your inbox. 1. U.S. Press Freedom Tracker Will Keep Tabs on the Safety of Journalists in America (Benjamin Mullin / Poynter) 2. In France, Snapchat Takes the Lead in Producing Political Content (Jessica Davies / Digiday) 3. Google Plans Ad-Blocking Feature in Popular Chrome Browser (Jack Marshall / Wall Street Journal) 4. Publishers Are Seeing Another Big Decline in Reach on Facebook (Lucia Moses / Digiday) 5. The Los Angeles Times Built a Slack Bot that lets the Newsroom Know When the Coffee is Ready (Laura Hazard Owen / Nieman Lab) 6. Bill O’Reilly Is Forced Out at Fox News (Emily Steel and Michael S. Schmidt / New York Times)
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‘Imminent’ Terrorist Attack Foiled by French Police, Two Arrests Made

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.13.29 PM French police in Marseille arrested two suspected radicals today who were allegedly planning to commit a terrorist attack before the first round of the French presidential election. “The men are suspected of wanting to commit, in an imminent way, a violent action on the eve of the French presidential election,” said interior minister Matthias Fekl. “Everything has been put in place to ensure the security of this big event for our democracy and our republic.” Sky News reports that the two suspects, both Frenchmen, have been identified as Mahiedine Merabet and Clement Baur. French internal security agents helped the police make the arrest, and they seized guns and bomb-making materials as part of their search. The news comes as the people of France prepare to cast their votes on Sunday in the first stage of a two-part election. France has remained on high alert ever since the 2015 massacre Continue reading "‘Imminent’ Terrorist Attack Foiled by French Police, Two Arrests Made"

The French magazine L’Obs is using Facebook Messenger to follow undecided voters

Over the past few weeks leading up to the first votes in the French presidential election on April 23, Léa, an unemployed 25-year-old from Vendee, a region on the country’s western coast, has changed her mind about who she plans to vote for at least three times. First she planned on casting her ballot for centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, then she was thinking of voting for the National Front’s Marine Le Pen, and now she’s supporting a candidate from a small party. Léa has been tracking her preference as part of an experiment run by L’Obs, a French newsweekly. The magazine is following four undecided voters from around the country and across the political spectrum to see how they’re thinking about the upcoming election. It’s using a Facebook Messenger bot to share their stories and update readers. L’Obs launched the Messenger bot last month, and it’s
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