Police Investigating After Googly Eyes Found on a Savannah Statue

Try not to laugh. The Nathanael Greene Statue in Savannah, Georgia was found vandalized this week by––for real––googly eyes. The City of Savannah Government posted that picture on Facebook Thursday, saying, “Who did this?! Someone placed googly eyes on our historic #NathanaelGreene statue in #JohnsonSquare. It may look funny but harming our historic monuments and public property is no laughing matter, in fact, it’s a crime.” The vandalism has gone viral because, well, it’s kind of funny. One police official told BuzzFeed News they will be looking at surveillance footage, explaining, “If we didn’t do anything this thing could get out of hand. We want people to understand we don’t want to see this kind of thing happening.” [image via City of Savannah]

The View Blasts GA Candidate for ‘Deportation Bus’ Ad: ‘PR Stunt on the Backs of Other People’

The View today trashed a Georgia gubernatorial candidate who got some national attention over an ad featuring a “deportation bus.” Which is exactly what it sounds like. Williams bills himself as a “pro-Trump conservative Republican,” and the back of the bus has a message that says “DANGER! MURDERERS, RAPISTS, KIDNAPPERS, CHILD MOLESTORS [sic], AND OTHER CRIMINALS ON BOARD.” Vice reports YouTube pulled the video for violating its policy on hate speech. Whoopi Goldberg said “these are the things that make me berserk,” asking why on earth someone would want to separate children from their parents. She also mocked Williams for the misspelled “molestor.” Joy Behar called it “the opposite of reality” and noted he’s polling very low in the gubernatorial race (3 percent). Sara Haines said there’s a reasonable debate to be had about immigration, but resorting to that kind of rhetoric is an immediate dialogue-ender. Meghan Continue reading "The View Blasts GA Candidate for ‘Deportation Bus’ Ad: ‘PR Stunt on the Backs of Other People’"

Georgia Gov. Candidate Says ‘Bedwetter’ Boy Scouts Would’ve Lost WWII: ‘You’d Be Reading This in German’

Here’s an interesting take on the Boy Scouts changing its name to Scouts BSA and beginning to accept girls into some of its programs. The Guardian‘s Ben Jacobs noted on Twitter that Michael Williams, a Republican candidate for governor of Georgia, said that if the Boy Scouts of today – and the supporters of its new changes – parented the soldiers who fought in WWII, the war would have been won by the Axis Powers. “For many decades, the Boy Scouts helped turn boys into men,” he said in a statement, commending his son for becoming an Eagle Scout. “Unfortunately, they have taken a big step toward the eventual destruction of the very elements that made them such an influential organization. Continue reading "Georgia Gov. Candidate Says ‘Bedwetter’ Boy Scouts Would’ve Lost WWII: ‘You’d Be Reading This in German’"

Military Cargo Plane Crashes in Savannah, GA

Emergency services are on the move in Georgia after a military plane made a crash landing today in Savannah. Reports indicate that the plane was a cargo transport aircraft for the Air National Guard, and that it went down just a few miles away from Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. It’s currently unclear whether anyone was killed or injured, but the Professional Firefighters Association is on the scene, and Highway 21 has been shut down until further notice. This is a developing story and it shall be updated accordingly. Watch above, via CBS. [Image via screengrab] — —
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