Andrea Mitchell: ‘Great Right-Wing Conspiracy’ Viciously Went After Bill And Hillary

On Tuesday, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell stopped by Morning Joe, where she looked back on the “great right-wing conspiracy’s” treatment of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Early on, Bill Clinton, Mitchell explained, defined himself as the “comeback kid,” partially thanks to his ability to not bow down to the anger and the “vicious” nature of the opposition. And they took particular aim, Mitchell recalls, at Hillary (aka “the wife”).

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“Anyone who has known Hillary Clinton then and now,” said Mitchell, “knows that, despite everything that they went through, that’s not who Hillary Clinton is. And it was just this… I hate to revert to the great right-wing conspiracy, but there was really a group out there who were not going to let him succeed. And he of course played into that with this own mistakes.”

Have a look at what Mitchell had to say, via MSNBC:

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Michelle, Barack, And Joe Jamal-Biden Star In ‘The Obama Show’ On SNL

Michelle Obama has been making the rounds on daytime television to promote “Let’s Move!”, her initiative to end childhood obesity. “Saturday Night Live” featured a sketch this week that began with a televised address to the American people announcing that, in order to get the word out, she would be offering up her family to star in a new show called “The Obama Show.” This led to an 80s sitcom-type credits sequence featuring a lot of awkward Obama dancing and “Joe Jamal-Biden” leaping around in a Cosby sweater.

I’m willing to forgive the fact that Maya Rudolph’s Michelle Obama impression was not much of an impression at all, and that Fred Armisen’s “Barack Obama as Bill Cosby” accent sounded a tad Russian, and that Joe Jamal-Biden in the show was apparently their adopted child á la Will Smith in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” which makes not a whit of sense, if only for the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton karaoke that concluded the sketch.

See it here via NBC:

Bill Maher: Romney Can’t Run To Santorum’s Right, Only People There Are ‘Kirk Cameron And The Neo-Nazi Party’

After a week of heavy emphasis on social issues and a possibly-related surge of Rick Santorum in national polls, Mitt Romney is throwing all of his egss in the Michigan basket, and Bill Maher said on his show tonight that after months of Romney being the inevitable nominee, there is now a very real chance that Romney’s coronation may not happen. And if Romney loses Michigan, the entire Republican contest may descend into absolute chaos.

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But leaving the hyperbolic pseudo-apocalyptic rhetoric aside, RealClearPolitics’ Erin McPike suggested that a Romney loss in Michigan would lead to a brokered convention this fall. Maher prayed that Sarah Palin get back in the race again (which she hasn’t exactly ruled out as a possibility). Steve Moore pinned Romney’s inability to connect with voters as his main weakness, but it is technically “his turn” in the Republican party due to his strong showing in 2008 against John McCain.

Eliot Spitzer noted the three separate wings of the GOP: the libertarians, the social conservatives, and the “corporate leadership.” The odd candidate out in this is Newt Gingrich, who has been totally eclipsed by Santorum on the “Not Romney” front. But Maher argued Romney is less effective this time around because the same strategy he used to take down Gingrich won’t work on Santorum.

“He can’t be to the left, because he’s so suspect to the Republican base as a conservative that he cannot in any way go to the left of Rick Santorum. That’s why when the idea of states outlawing contraception came up, he said, ‘Well maybe that’s a good idea.’ But he can’t be to the right of Rick Santorum because there’s nothing to the right except Kirk Cameron and the Neo-Nazi Party.”

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Moore tried to argue that President Obama successfully played to the left of Hillary Clinton in 2008, a notion which both Maher and Spitzer disputed, and Spitzer argued that in fact Obama was to the right of Clinton in the race. Maher suggested another problem of Romney’s was his inability to be human, with odd phrases spewing out of his mouth like “the trees are the right height” and “the grass is the right color.” Any candidate for office has to be able to successfully convey the message that they are from the planet Earth, but it looks like Romney hasn’t even been able to accomplish that.

Watch the video below, courtesy of HBO:

Bill Keller: Adding Hillary Clinton As VP Nominee Would ‘Nearly Guarantee Obama Re-election’

On Friday, the Morning Joe crew took a look into their crystal ball (sponsored by Starbucks) and glimpsed ahead into what the future may hold for big-name Democrats. Is current Vice President Joe Biden gearing up to run for another presidential run? Would President Barack Obama do well to tap Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be his 2012 running mate? Would either stand a chance if Boo were to seek the nomination?

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The New York TimesBill Keller was on hand to defend candidate Rick Perry‘s suit-wearing abilities (I actually think he tends to wear his collar too high. Thoughts?), later opining that the White House must be getting a chuckle with the way the GOP candidates have, as he sees it, gone from accusing Obama of being a socialist to accusing Mitt Romney of being a capitalist.

Keller also thought Obama would be well-advised to bring Clinton on as his running mate this year, despite obstacles like, oh, Obama and Clinton and Biden (oh my). “But other than those little speed bumps…” he joked. “Look, it’s the one thing, I think, that the Democrats could do to nearly guarantee Obama re-election. It would generate enough excitement that they might actually have some coattails and help out a little bit with the Senate and House. And it would position Clinton as their heir apparent for 2016, assuming she wants to run.”

Have a look, courtesy of MSNBC:

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Joe Scarborough: The Press Favored Obama By A Longshot Over Hillary

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough agreed with Former President Bill Clinton‘s assertion on The O’Reilly Factor that the press favored Barack Obama, saying the “press favored Barack Obama by a long shot over Hillary Clinton.”

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“(Hillary) was shredded,” said Newsweek editor Tina Brown “And withstood it with great aplomb. Really, I think a lot of it was about the press wanted a new narrative and in the end, Obama’s story of the first black president, you know, trumped the exceptionalism of her being the first woman president. It was bad luck for her that happened, but it was also a much more fun idea to have this new narrative to write about. Everyone was board with the Clintons. They didn’t want to have another Clinton story.”

“She didn’t embrace that narrative, they made her the establishment candidate.” New York magazine’s John Heilemann disputed.

“Go back to 2007 and watch people drooling over themselves on networks,” Scarborough countered.

“I totally agree, the press was in the tank for Obama,” Heilemann conceded, but noted that Clinton’s handlers kept her in a “safe box” during the campaign.

Watch Scarborough needle the press over their bias towards Barack Obama via MSNBC:

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Hillary Clinton Tells Diplomats In Geneva That ‘Gay Rights Are Human Rights

Addressing international diplomats in Geneva today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton likened gay rights to women’s rights and the struggle for racial equality. While she recognized that the U.S.’s own track record with gay rights is “far from perfect,” Clinton criticized nations that criminalize gay behavior or that tolerate violence or prejudice against the LGBT community, noting that it should “never be a crime” to be gay.

“Gay rights are human rights,” she told those gathered, “and human rights are gay rights.” Clinton also drove home the existence of gay individuals across various communities, countries, and social classes:

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Well, in reality, gay people are born into and belong to every society in the world. They are all ages, all races, all faiths; they are doctors and teachers, farmers and bankers, soldiers and athletes, and whether we know it or whether we acknowledge it, they are our family, our friends and our neighbors.

“Some believe homosexuality is a Western phenomenon,” she added, “but gay people belong to every society in the world. Being gay is not a Western invention, it is a human reality.”

Clinton also announced the creation of a $3 million global equality fund focused on worldwide LGBT issues.

GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry has voiced his opposition for the Obama Administration’s move, calling it part of the ongoing “war on traditional American values.”

“Promoting special rights for gays in foreign countries,” said Perry, “is not in America’s interests and not worth a dime of taxpayers’ money,” adding that “President Obama has again mistaken America’s tolerance for different lifestyles with an endorsement of those lifestyles. I will not make that mistake.”

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Hillary Clinton ‘A Little Surprised’ About Chelsea’s New NBC News Gig

Hillary Clinton spoke with NBC senior political correspondent Chuck Todd about her daughter Chelsea Clinton becoming his new news colleague at the network. “What – what did you think when she said, ‘I want to become a member of the fourth estate,’ this side of the line here?” Todd asked. “Well, I was a little surprised!” Clinton exclaimed. “But, you know, she -– she decided to go for it, and I’m very excited for her.”

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Chelsea will be working on NBC’s Making A Difference and will join fellow political offspring Jenna Bush and Meghan McCain in their journalism wing.

NBC News president Steve Capus said he had met with Chelsea and asked her ‘What are you interested in doing?’” She said she was fascinated in people’s volunteering their time for the greater good.

Watch Clinton and Todd talk about Chelsea below via NBC: