Kasich: ‘We Have a Leader Who Is Either Unable to Unwilling to Unite the Country’

Ohio Governor John Kasich contrasted John McCain and Donald Trump this morning following the message of unity from McCain’s memorial service. On Face the Nation this morning, Kasich told Margaret Brennan McCain wanted everyone to “come together.” He complimented Meghan McCain for her beautiful and moving eulogy and how it resonated with everyone where. “She was strong in her words,” Brennan noted about the eulogy. “And it was clear who she was speaking about.” Kasich agreed and said this:
“John McCain, no matter what position he took, always figured out a way to build a bridge. And now we have a leader who is either unable or unwilling to unite the country. And at the same time to be able to use the strength––the strength of America––whether it’s the economic, whether it’s the military or the political strength, to make the world a better place, to use our Continue reading "Kasich: ‘We Have a Leader Who Is Either Unable to Unwilling to Unite the Country’"

Kasich Responds to Trump Attack With Laughing Putin GIF

A short time ago, President Trump blamed Gov. John Kasich for “tamping down enthusiasm” for Ohio republican Troy Balderson. In a wordless tweet, Kasich dismissively fired back. It’s a nice touch using First Pal Putin for the tweet. Good marks for style. The two men have clashed many times in the past and undoubtedly will again ahead of the 2020 election, when Kasich will almost certainly run for President again. Between now and November, the battle to watch will be how they handle Balderson, who after such a narrow margin in the special election faces the same Democrat, and even the prospect of losing a GOP seat in the House. [Featured image via screengrab] — Follow Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) on Twitter

Trump Blames ‘Unpopular’ John Kasich for ‘Tamping Down’ Balderson ‘Enthusiasm’

Donald Trump and John Kasich are fighting again, this time over probable Ohio special election winner Troy Balderson, and the President tweeted about it on Monday. Calling Kasich “unpopular,” “failed,” and unpopular again, Trump used the tweet as another red meat pitch to Ohio Trump voters for November. “Tamping down enthusiasm” isn’t your typical Trump complaint, but otherwise true-to-type as he bashed Kasich’s failure to win in 2016 and referred to a narrow squeaker as a “big win.” Balderson has essentially won, and declared victor, but the results are not technically official yet. Regardless, the narrowness of Continue reading "Trump Blames ‘Unpopular’ John Kasich for ‘Tamping Down’ Balderson ‘Enthusiasm’"

Kasich on Close Ohio Race: Voters ‘Sent a Message to the Republicans to Knock It Off’

Ohio Governor John Kasich supported Republican Troy Balderson in the special election in the state’s 12th district last night, but he thinks the closeness of the still-too-close-to-call race is a clear message to Republicans. As many election observers and pundits noted last night, the closeness of the race is remarkable given how reliably red the district generally is. And Kasich, when asked what happened, got right to the point: “Well, the voters here sent a message to the Republicans to knock it off. Stop the chaos, the division, no more of this family separation that we see at the border or taking people’s healthcare away. I think people… basically have had enough.” He also said it was a “vote on the President.” Despite no official call yet, President Donald Trump congratulated Balderson on winning and took some credit for it. As of tonight Balderson leads by a very Continue reading "Kasich on Close Ohio Race: Voters ‘Sent a Message to the Republicans to Knock It Off’"

John Kasich Rips Trump Team For Not Stopping POTUS Mistakes on Putin Summit: ‘Where Was His Staff?!’

Governor John Kasich (R-OH) spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo tonight, and shared his takeaway from Donald Trump‘s summit with Vladimir Putin. In short? Kasich is wondering what’s taken so long for people on the right to criticize the president. And he’s wondering why the president’s staff didn’t stop him from making some mistakes. Cuomo began the conversation by noting the outpouring of criticism Trump received from his own party after the summit was over. Kasich agreed that the critiques were “a big deal,” considering it came from the Right. But he asked “where was everybody?” when Trump spent the last few weeks picking fights with America’s allies and blowing up international diplomatic endeavors. “Why didn’t somebody step up and say ‘this is not the way to do things’?” Kasich said. “We need more people to just not say a few things or put out a few tweets, Continue reading "John Kasich Rips Trump Team For Not Stopping POTUS Mistakes on Putin Summit: ‘Where Was His Staff?!’"

Republicans Opposing Iran Deal Withdrawal Are Not Hypocrites. They’re Rational.

There has been much criticism this week of some “Never Trump” Republicans over their position on President Donald Trump’s decision to withdrawal from the Iran Deal, which those very same Republicans strongly opposed just three years ago. On its face, I can see why one would say this is pure politics. The same Republicans who opposed the Obama administration’s Iran Deal now support staying in the agreement because President Trump supported pulling out. That’s the far-Right’s argument. But, while that argument is perhaps convincing at first, it’s worth taking a look at the real-world implications of withdrawing from the agreement at a time when America’s credibility was already on the line. Among the Republicans who supported the Iran Deal in 2015 but opposed Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement this week is Sen. Jeff Flake from Arizona. Flake told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday that “pulling out of the deal at Continue reading "Republicans Opposing Iran Deal Withdrawal Are Not Hypocrites. They’re Rational."

Kasich on Calls for Gun Control: People Should Be Held ‘Accountable at the Ballot Box’

Ohio Governor John Kasich offered some support for March for Our Lives protesters and said politicians should be held accountable. On CNN’s State of the Union this morning, Brianna Keilar asked Kasich about the marches and whether Republicans “should be worried” about potential backlash in November. Kasich first invoked the recent narrow Democratic win in Pennsylvania in a district President Trump won by double digits. He said on this issue there’s three kinds of people: those who want “no changes” on guns, those who want “significant changes,” and “a bunch of politicians who are afraid of their own shadows.” Kasich said the marchers yesterday need to keep going and get politically involved:
“They got to keep it up. If they don’t keep it up, those that want no change will just sit on their hands. They will never come out and say anything. They will just try to stall, Continue reading "Kasich on Calls for Gun Control: People Should Be Held ‘Accountable at the Ballot Box’"