Republicans Opposing Iran Deal Withdrawal Are Not Hypocrites. They’re Rational.

There has been much criticism this week of some “Never Trump” Republicans over their position on President Donald Trump’s decision to withdrawal from the Iran Deal, which those very same Republicans strongly opposed just three years ago. On its face, I can see why one would say this is pure politics. The same Republicans who opposed the Obama administration’s Iran Deal now support staying in the agreement because President Trump supported pulling out. That’s the far-Right’s argument. But, while that argument is perhaps convincing at first, it’s worth taking a look at the real-world implications of withdrawing from the agreement at a time when America’s credibility was already on the line. Among the Republicans who supported the Iran Deal in 2015 but opposed Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement this week is Sen. Jeff Flake from Arizona. Flake told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday that “pulling out of the deal at Continue reading "Republicans Opposing Iran Deal Withdrawal Are Not Hypocrites. They’re Rational."

Kasich on Calls for Gun Control: People Should Be Held ‘Accountable at the Ballot Box’

Ohio Governor John Kasich offered some support for March for Our Lives protesters and said politicians should be held accountable. On CNN’s State of the Union this morning, Brianna Keilar asked Kasich about the marches and whether Republicans “should be worried” about potential backlash in November. Kasich first invoked the recent narrow Democratic win in Pennsylvania in a district President Trump won by double digits. He said on this issue there’s three kinds of people: those who want “no changes” on guns, those who want “significant changes,” and “a bunch of politicians who are afraid of their own shadows.” Kasich said the marchers yesterday need to keep going and get politically involved:
“They got to keep it up. If they don’t keep it up, those that want no change will just sit on their hands. They will never come out and say anything. They will just try to stall, Continue reading "Kasich on Calls for Gun Control: People Should Be Held ‘Accountable at the Ballot Box’"

Kasich Grapples With MSNBC Panel Over Tillerson Firing: ‘Get a Reality Check. Things Are Changing’

John Kasich was not pleased with the news about Rex Tillerson‘s firing, but he participated in a rousing MSNBC panel today where he argued against the idea that the development will be a new source of political disarray. Kasich said that, generally speaking, there is too much “confusion” and “chaos” inside the White House for his taste. But Tillerson’s ouster isn’t really a development worth freaking out over, since Trump and the secretary of state clearly haven’t been in sync. “If you’re not going to be on the same page for a period of time, then you ought to leave,” Kasich said. “So maybe if I were Tillerson, I would have said, ‘Look I tried to do my job, but I’m going to leave.’ I kind of wondered, with all the back and forth and all the problems they had between themselves, why Tillerson didn’t leave.” Continue reading "Kasich Grapples With MSNBC Panel Over Tillerson Firing: ‘Get a Reality Check. Things Are Changing’"

Kasich Reportedly Deciding Between Independent 2020 Bid And Primary Challenge Against Trump

John Kasich is reportedly getting ready to give it another go. According to Politico, the outgoing Ohio Governor is “gearing up” for another run at the White House in 2020. And as his team weighs their options, they’re leaving quite a bit on the table. The Politico report states that Kasich is mulling a bid as an independent. And they’re also leaving the possibility of a primary challenge to President Donald Trump. Despite a willingness to take on the president, though, Kasich reportedly does believe that his chances are far better in 2020 if Trump is not on the ballot. “He’s actually been pretty straightforward about it,” Kasich 2016 advisor Charlie Black told Politico. “He would like to run again if he sees an opening. And if Trump runs again, there’s no opening. But if Trump doesn’t run, there is one.” Kasich became a player in the 2016 Continue reading "Kasich Reportedly Deciding Between Independent 2020 Bid And Primary Challenge Against Trump"

Kasich Begs Trump to Focus on Gun Control: The President ‘Should Lead on This’

In the wake of a mass shooting that killed 17 at a Parkland, Florida high school, Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio called out his own party and President Donald Trump for their inaction on gun control. “Of course the president can lead on this and should lead on this and Mr. President, I ask you to do this,” Kasich said while appearing on the CNN show State of the Union. “You don’t have to boil the ocean, but take some steps now.” With national attention once again focused on gun violence in America, Kasich went on to note that now is the perfect time to pass bipartisan legislation aimed at stopping these shootings.
“I believe those who are Second Amendment advocates realize Continue reading "Kasich Begs Trump to Focus on Gun Control: The President ‘Should Lead on This’"

John Kasich Won’t Bite When Tapper Asks Him if Trump’s Racist: ‘I’m Not a Name-Caller’

After opening his show this afternoon by tearing into President Donald Trump’s description of African nations as “shithole countries,” CNN’s Jake Tapper brought on Ohio Governor John Kasich to discuss the president’s remarks and immigration in general. At one point, Tapper told Kasich that he knew the former presidential candidate wanted to move forward and talk about DACA and the DREAMers, but he wanted to know if Kasich found Trump comments racist.
“I know you’re reluctant to label the president racist, but this is a president who suggested the first African-American president was born in Africa, he was sued by the Justice Department during the Nixon years for discriminatory housing practices against blacks in New York, he suggested they bring back the death penalty for the central park five, black and Latino teenagers falsely accused of rape. This is the president who said there we, quote, very fine people on Continue reading "John Kasich Won’t Bite When Tapper Asks Him if Trump’s Racist: ‘I’m Not a Name-Caller’"

John Kasich Reportedly Running for President Again

Son of a mailman, lover of a good slice, and governor of Ohio John Kasich is reportedly looking to make another run at the White House. In his last foray into presidential politics, Kasich was one of the last Republicans standing in the 2016 primary, but he still received just 161 delegate votes — which left him in fourth place behind Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. According to New York magazine, the GOP governor kept on a few of his 2016 campaign staffers to look into the 2020 race. It is unclear if he will run as a Republican again or switch to independent, as both options are being considered. “One year after his failed run at president, John Kasich is plotting his path to another, his third, for 2020,” reported the outlet. However, during a Fox News appearance today, Kasich claimed he had no Continue reading "John Kasich Reportedly Running for President Again"