SembraMedia Launches Online School for Entrepreneurial Journalism in Spanish

This story is also available in Spanish on SembraMedia’s site. I discovered content marketing in 2015. The media outlet I co-founded in 2011 in Ecuador, GK, was going through a crisis: We were having trouble selling advertising because some of our news coverage was controversial, and an initial investment we’d won was almost gone. At about that time, the head of the communication department of an automobile brand called and asked: “Is there a way that I could have content on my site that’s as well written as the content on GK?” website

The question was almost a challenge. After meeting with our future client, we found the answer to our problems: content marketing. At first, we were uncomfortable even saying the words; we were journalists first. But as we started thinking creatively, we realized how we could use our reporting and writing skills to do
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How To Write For MetricShift

MetricShift examines the ways we can use meaningful metrics in the digital age. We provide thoughtful, actionable content on metrics, analytics and measuring impact through original reporting, aggregation and audience engagement and community. I really encourage you to contribute. Seriously, that’s why I’m writing this post. At MetricShift, we value a diversity of voices. You don’t need to have a lot of writing experience or be in a senior position at your newsroom to have something to say. If you have an idea for an article, I’d love to hear it — email me at There are a few ways to make sure your article turns out great: First, know who you’re writing for. Who is your target audience? Second, identify the one thing you want them to take away. Is it a case study you want to share? Or tool or technique that could be helpful to Continue reading "How To Write For MetricShift"

Say What? Reactions to Medill J-School’s Decision to Let Accreditation Lapse

The Chicago Tribune published a story this week that shocked the journalism education community: Northwestern’s prestigious Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications would allow its accreditation to lapse. The review, conducted by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, didn’t help the school, Dean Bradley Hamm told the Tribune. “We just don’t find that the review provides us with anything beyond what we already know today,” he said. “It’s relatively superficial, extremely time-consuming and doesn’t lead us to a goal of significant improvement. It’s sort of a low bar.” This year, 111 programs are ACEJMC accredited. The process involves a thorough self-study by the school itself, evaluating its program according to nine standards that range from curriculum to resources to the latest bedevilment for many schools, assessment. A site visit by an ACEJMC committee follows; evaluators tour facilities and interview students, faculty, and staff Continue reading "Say What? Reactions to Medill J-School’s Decision to Let Accreditation Lapse"

Journalism & Digital Education Roundup: Jan. 12

Each Thursday, we round up the top stories of the week in journalism education and digital learning. Sign up here to get the Journalism & Digital Education Roundup delivered to your inbox.

1. When it Comes to Legal Issues, Journalism Schools Leave Students Unprepared, A New Study Argues (Ricardo Bilton / Nieman Lab)

  1. D.C. Mayor’s Office Looks to Resolve GW Hatchet Court Dispute (Scott Nover / MediaFile)

3. On-Air EdTech: How Audio Journalism Is Helping Students Build Digital Literacy (Sydney Johnson / EdSurge)

4. Google EDU Announces Differentiation, Data and API Updates to Classroom (Mary Jo Madda / EdSurge)

5. Over 800 Programs Fail Education Dept.’s Gainful-Employment Rule (Fernanda Zamudio-Suaréz / The Chronicle of Higher Education)

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Relive the 3rd Annual J-School Hackathon at Georgia with Coverage, Photos, Storify

Here’s the question we tried to answer: Can journalism and communications schools help shape the next generation of media entrepreneurs? Along with the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, MediaShift produced its third annual Journalism School Hackathon from Oct. 21 to Oct. 23 in Athens, Ga. The event, focused on fact-checking and verification, allowed participants to create startups in one of four threads: social media, photos, video or data. The winner of the Hackathon was a group of students who pitched Veridex, an app that verifies user-generated content. Here’s a round-up of photos, feedback and a Storify to share the highlights of the event. If we missed anything, let us know and we’ll update the post.


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How J-School Professors, Librarians Teamed Up to Teach Data Skills at Kansas

This piece is part of a special series on Libraries + Media. Click here for the whole series. When associate journalism professor Doug Ward was redesigning the master’s program at the University of Kansas’ William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, he knew he needed to find experts who could help him offer journalism students training in data and social media.
Base image via Shutterstock; photo illustration by Kerry Conboy. Click the image for the full series.

Click the image for the full series.Base image via Shutterstock; photo illustration by Kerry Conboy.

As it turns out, his search didn’t take him far: He found that the perfect collaborators were the librarians right on campus. “I went to them and said, ‘We are both in the information business, and there has been upheaval, and we have both had to change what we do. You provide a level of information expertise that we don’t have,’” he recalls. So Ward and the library’s information specialists got together and
Photo by Matt Katzenberger on Flickr and used here with Creative Commons license.
Photo via
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Meeting and Exceeding the News Business’ Hiring Needs

At CUNY’s Tow-Knight Center, we just published a lengthy report on the job needs of the news business today, based on surveys, interviews, and analysis of employment ads. It reveals much about the new jobs and entirely new skills and combinations of skills—journalistic superpowers, we call them — that news organizations need and want. It also reveals where — in my opinion — the news business still needs more innovation. Below, I’ll concentrate on that because it’s my job in a university to worry about what’s coming next, so in our Center we can help the industry shift strategy — exploring new business models and forms of news — and so in the classroom we can prepare our students for the new roles they will take on in a constantly changing industry. The report was made by former NPR execs Mark Stencel (now codirector of the Duke Reporters’ Lab) and Kim Perry (now senior editor of the digital transition team
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