Ann Coulter Takes Her Schtick to Homocon and Everyone Stays on Script

Never one to shy away from publicity and attention, Ann Coulter headlined gay conservative fundraiser, Homocon, this weekend and everyone is reacting as planned in Coulter’s perfectly choreographed appearance.  Progressives and gays and lesbians are appalled, conservatives are titillated, and GOProud has gotten tons of ink.

The easiest way to read Coulter’s soundbites is to imagine the husky-voiced, bottle-blond in her too-short signature black cocktail dress swigging a Chardonnay and smoking a cigarette.  Even if that’s not how she delivered her speech, it helps understand why her act plays so well on the gay road.

Like a Borscht-belt comedian, Coulter plays to the cheap seats. She’s in on the joke and seems amused that people actually take her schtick seriously.  The fact that she was once kind of a serious pundit who said provocative but interesting things is blurred by the fact that she’s now largely just a publicity machine tossing out red meat to the crowd.

Here’s how Esquire’s Marty Beckerman reported on some of her best comments:

In her speech on Saturday, Coulter says that “not only can gays be conservative, you pretty much have to be,” because they are the “highest income demographic,” because “gays are too stylish to work for the federal government,” because radical Muslims want to execute them, and because “once [scientists] find the gay gene, guess who’s getting aborted?”

While people acted stunned that the “tea party of the gay rights movement,” would invite Coulter, it’s actually a match that makes perfect sense.  GOProud wants to scandalize and tweak the gay establishment. And Coulter’s gay cred dates back to the days–according to David Brock’s memoir Blinded by the Right– that she and Laura Ingraham went to gay bars and cruised conservative events for gay guys with the man who would later create progressive mediawatchdog Media Matters for America.

How much of her act does she actually believe?  Well, that’s where the cognitive dissonance comes in.  Beckerman, who has the best coverage of the speech, said “[t]his is the same Coulter, of course, who is comfortable with the word “faggot,” wrote that Rick Santorum’s comparison of gay sex to bestiality is an “indisputably true point,” told an interviewer that sexually active gay men should “feel guilty about it,” and mocked the “irritating lesbian” teenager in Tennessee who wanted to bring her girlfriend to senior prom.”

All the pearl-clutching over the speech misses the larger point.  Coulter is a conservative.  GOProud is made up of conservatives. Conservatives–gay and lesbian or straight–are suspicious of extension of civil rights laws, hate crime laws, and much of the liberal gay rights establishment’s agenda. They would prefer voters, not the courts, would approve same-sex marriage.  In that sense, the underpinning of GOProud and Coulter’s thinking is not that far-removed from more serious voices like Andrew Sullivan and Jonathan Rauch.

And who doesn’t like a good vaudeville act.  I mean, the Human Rights Campaign trots out Kathy Griffin and Servicemembers Legal Defense Network uses Lady GaGa to make their point on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Gay divas have headlined gay events for years, using their celebrity to promote a cause. In the end, Coulter got herself a lot of attention and GOProud got a lot of attention.  Anyone expecting something highbrow and politically-correct clearly doesn’t get her schtick and understand that her greatest goal is to get this kind of media attention.

Bill O’Reilly Defends Jon Stewart After Laura Ingraham Calls Him “Sad Clown”

Bill O’Reilly had Laura Ingraham on the Factor tonight to discuss a host of topics, and Ingraham was her usual outspoken self – especially when it came to President Obama’s backyard tour and Jon Stewart’s much-publicized appearance on O’Reilly’s show last night.

We’ll admit Ingraham got in a good line when she said of Obama’s “backyard conversation” tactic, “Build the fence, built the fence higher!” (Shouldn’t that be Complete the dang fence?”)

But just as interesting was when the topic turned to Stewart: Ingraham had her fun at his expense, too, but she was also met with some pretty vigorous defense defense of the man…from O’Reilly. And Ingraham agreed to an extent re: Stewart, despite her (misguided) criticism of Stewart’s upcoming rally as “derivative” of Glenn Beck’s (“parody” and “derivative” are different concepts).

Video of the O’Reilly-Ingraham exchange below. You can’t say they don’t know how to produce an entertaining segment.

Meghan McCain Wants To Send Laura Ingraham A ‘Plus-Sized’ Fruit Basket

The New York Times has fallen for Meghan McCain. The Style Section may not be the all-powerful arbiter of importance it used to be, but it’s hard not to read their lengthy and glowing feature on @McCainBlogette as some sort of ‘here is the future of politics’ official coming out party.

As you likely know Meghan McCain has just published Dirty Sexy Politics, her memoir of the 2008 election campaign, to pretty warm reviews and has been making the media rounds all week. In the article the NYT tackles some of McCain’s more tangled relationships with women during and after the campaign specifically Laura Ingraham (who famously dismissed her as “plus-sized” ), Sarah Palin (whom she calls a “the most beautiful politician I had ever seen” and a “ticking time bomb”), and First Lady Laura Bush.

She still resents Ms. Ingraham’s remark but added, “I should send her a fruit basket. It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to my career. I don’t care if she disagrees with me.”

In “Dirty Sexy Politics,” Ms. McCain brings similar bluntness to her recollection of a day when she was snubbed by another prominent woman — Laura Bush.

It was in March 2008, two days after Mr. McCain had won four presidential primaries, clinching the Republican nomination. Mrs. Bush had invited Meghan and her mother to the White House for lunch.

Meghan dressed to the hilt, in an elegant black Diane von Furstenberg dress, a capelet and Tory Burch peep-toe heels, her hair swept up in plaits.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Ms. McCain had struggled to appear decorous, knowing that as a candidate’s daughter, her “entire job” was “standing, waving and wearing the right clothes, like a princess doll.”
But when Mrs. Bush, in a sweater and slacks, greeted her and her mother, she told them there’d been a misunderstanding. The invitation only applied to Mrs. McCain. Meghan was sent to the White House mess. “I was given a doggie bag of enchiladas,” Ms. McCain writes.

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Laura Ingraham And Greg Gutfeld Mock Richard Engel’s Saddam ‘Moderation’ Remark

On Today last week, NBC’s Richard Engel argued that, before the US invasion of Iraq, leader Saddam Hussein was on the road to “moderation,” and that his relationships with Eastern Europe, especially, were improving. Needless to say, on Thursday’s O’Reilly Factor, Laura Ingraham and Greg Gutfeld had a field day with the idea that Hussein was a moderate.

Ingraham opened the segment suggesting Engel thought “Saddam was on the verge of having his own reality show” before the Bush administration’s decision to invade. For Gutfeld, the logic behind Engel’s comments hinged upon what the meaning of “moderation” is. “What does he mean by ‘moderate’?” he asked. “Was he talking about his alcohol intake?… Or was he only going to gas half as many Kurds, or tell his sons that they could only rape women every other weekend?”

“He was clearly going green,” Ingraham mocked, and later blamed the commentary on NBC in general: “When NBC is involved, all bets are off.” Gutfeld didn’t understand exactly why Engel was talking about this anyway: “You’ve got a war that you won; enjoy it!” But Ingraham did see the point: “We’re supposed to be America on our knees begging for mercy all the time, you don’t understand that… get used to it.” “I am, believe me, I’m married,” he retorted.

The segment from Thursday’s Factor via Fox News below:

Ann Coulter And Laura Ingraham Discuss “Save The Whale, Abort The Baby” Environmentalists

Ann Coulter and O’Reilly Factor guest host Laura Ingraham made some really good points tonight while discussing Discovery Channel hostage taker James Jay Lee. Coulter said that we can’t generalize fans of Al Gore just because one of them went crazy while Ingraham admonished Liberals for generalizing Conservatives whenever another tragedy happens and the shoe’s on the other foot. Of course, these good points were slightly muddied by all the comments around them about how all environmentalists want a world without humans and love earthworms more than people and so on and so forth.

Yes, one couldn’t really be blamed for getting slightly mixed messages while watching the segment. In fact, sometimes the mixed messages seemed to come side by side like in these comments from Coulter that make a hard left turn about half way through:

“I mean, there are going to be nuts who are fans of all sorts of things out there. That church killer down in Tennessee was citing Bernie Goldberg’s book. The Craigslist killer was a fan of mine. So I don’t think you can jump quickly, the way liberals always do, to this guy was a fan of a particular political point of view and then he killed someone. But, in this case, well, there are two points to be made. One is, over all, the political violence is heavily committed by Liberals. White Liberals I might add. And, secondly, the environmentalist nuts, this is their end goal. Not just the ones who pull out the guns. It is the elimination of humans.”

After watching the segment a couple of times, I think this is the moral: Generalizations are bad. All generalizations are bad. All Liberals are bad because they all make generalizations. Also, all environmentalists are crazy.

Got it?

As depressing as these seemingly schizophrenic thoughts were, they weren’t nearly as bad as the news that came at the end: Coulter will probably never be on Dancing with the Stars. Man, that’s so disappointing a person is liable to go crazy and take a TV network hostage. Gosh, I guess it’s a good thing I’m not an environmentalist.

Laura Ingraham And John Stossel Delight In Liberal Hypocrisy On The Factor

O’Reilly Factor guest host Laura Ingraham and John Stossel discussed the scandal that bloomed last week over Sen. John Kerry who was accused of registering his family’s multi-million dollar yacht in Rhode Island so as to avoid Massachusetts’ high taxes. The two used this as a springboard to talk about other “Do as I say, not as I do” scandals involving liberals which both seemed to enjoy. They moved from one scandal to the next with the delight of a child sizing up her presents on Christmas morning.

The other hypocrisies brought up were John Kerry’s outsourcing to build said yacht, Rep. Charlie Rangel’s ethics violations, Al Gore’s carbon footprint, and the Kennedy’s wind turbines. The whole segment is probably so much fun for Liberal haters around the world that Ingraham should have offered them a cigarette before the commercial break.

Still though, if those on the left feel disheartened after watching the video below, they should cheer up with the knowledge that a family-values Conservative somewhere is most likely hiring a male prostitute as we speak.

Bernie Goldberg Praises NYT On Coverage Of Wikileaks/Afghanistan Story

Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg has finally found a subject on which he can praise the New York Times: the publication last night of top secret military documents uncovered by the website Wikileaks. Supporting the leak as long as it “doesn’t hurt either American troops or the ability to gather information,” Goldberg noted that, in this case, the NYT has treated the Obama administration the same as the previous one.

Goldberg outlined his metric of determining whether the leak was justified to Laura Ingraham, filling in for Bill O’Reilly: “If the release of classified documents puts out troops in harm’s way… I’m against it, you’re against it, virtually everyone is against it.” But, in this case, he is not entirely sure if that is true, and he would be even more suspicious of the danger if there was no government intent to bring the people behind the operation to justice:

“If they are harmful, then prosecute the leakers. You’re allowed to do that. And if you don’t prosecute the leakers, then I have to wonder how harmful the release of these documents really are [sic]. Because this war looks to me a lot like nationbuilding, and that makes me very uncomfortable, so the more information the better, as long as it doesn’t hurt either American troops or the ability to gather information.”

As for the New York Times itself, he had a bit of a backhanded compliment for them: “I’d like to say a good word about the New York Times: They released secret documents during the Bush administration, and now they’re releasing it during the Obama administration, so, Laura, we finally found one subject– one subject, one area– you see where I’m going with this…”

Goldberg also makes a prediction about President Obama’s visit to his “cousin” on The View, Whoopi: “Whoopi Goldberg is going to give him the hardest time on that couch.”

Video from Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor below: