Scaramucci Commands Comey: ‘Subordinate Yourself To The President And Zip Your Mouth’

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Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci cozied up with James Comey‘s new book this weekend and knocked out the whole thing just in time to give the former FBI director some friendly (?) advice on Fox & Friends. “I want to be fair about the book,” Scaramucci began. “I was very impressed with his upbringing. When he talks about the culture inside the FBI, I was very impressed with that.” “He obviously loves President Obama. He has a right to do that,” he continued. “He tries to act like is he nonpartisan but is he actually very partisan.” Then Scaramucci transitioned into some advice: “That’s okay that you are partisan, but let’s tell the American people how partisan you are and let’s drop the sanctimony.” “I don’t like the hits on the president for another reason,” he explained. “You worked for the president. He Continue reading "Scaramucci Commands Comey: ‘Subordinate Yourself To The President And Zip Your Mouth’"

CNN’s Cuomo on Alleged Trump Mob Ties: ‘I’ve Been Hearing Those Stories For Twenty Years’

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Chris CuomoHost of CNN’s New Day Chris Cuomo said frankly during an interview with a top Donald Trump surrogate that he had been hearing for decades that the Republican presidential candidate had ties to organized crime. During a contentious interview with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, Cuomo asked if Trump wanted to revive stories about Bill Clinton from the 1990’s, why he shouldn’t challenge Trump on some of his decades-old activities. “Are we supposed to do mob stories, about what the Castellano guys have been saying for years about Trump? Is that fair stuff for this election?” he asked. “What- what story are we talking about?” Cohen asked.
“You’ve read what was in New York Magazine,” Cuomo said. “I’ve been hearing those stories for twenty years about what kind of concrete he bought at what price and Continue reading "CNN’s Cuomo on Alleged Trump Mob Ties: ‘I’ve Been Hearing Those Stories For Twenty Years’"

Pope Excommunicates Mafia: They Are ‘The Adoration of Evil’

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During a visit to the heart of a Mafia stronghold in Italy, Pope Francis unequivocally excommunicated all members of the Mafia, calling a particular syndicate “the adoration of evil” for, among things, killing a 3-year-old boy. Flying by helicopter into a town in Calabria, which Al-Jazeera describes as the home base of the ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate, Francis made the dangerous trip partially to visit the father of Nicola “Coco” Campolongo, who was killed along with his grandfather in a mob attack last January. “Never again violence against children,” he said in a statement. “May a child never again have to suffer like this. I pray for him continuously. Do not despair.” The ‘Ndrangheta is one of the biggest Mafia syndicates in the world, with an economic turnover valued at “$72 billion in 30 countries, equivalent to about 3.5 percent of Italy’s total official economic output,” and nearly half of that comes from drug trafficking. This is the strongest condemnation the Church has levied against the Mafia since 1993, when Pope John Paul II demanded that the Mafia repent for their crimes. [Al Jazeera]
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The 5 Most Shocking Revelations in Report Alleging Sharpton Was an FBI Informant

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A thorough and extensive report in The Smoking Gun, complete with affidavits and supportive documents, alleges that MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton worked for a period with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to inform on and secretly record members of the mafia.

The report strongly implies that it is shocking that Sharpton, or Confidential Informant Number 7 (“CI-7″), is connected to some of the most powerful entertainers and politicians in the country, including the President of the United States, has thus far evaded exposure. “He spends his time at 30 Rockefeller Plaza surrounded by reporters, editors, and researchers committed to accuracy and the exposure of those who violate the public trust,” The Smoking Gun’s authors note with a hint of incredulity.

That is a striking detail, but the most shocking aspects of their expansive report involve how Sharpton became involved with the mafia and was “flipped” into working with the FBI and eventually was forced to attend meetings with Gambino and Genovese family members whom he secretly taped.

1: Sharpton Was Essentially a “Mafia ‘Associate’”

According to the report, Sharpton was involved with organized crime. An associate in a mafia relationship, the report alleges, plays “central roles in a crime family’s operation.” Sharpton’s relationships with boxing promoter Don King and the music industry made him a figure of interest to both the mafia and the FBI.

2. Sharpton Was “Flipped” When the FBI Offered Him Cocaine

“Sharpton was secretly recorded in meetings with an FBI undercover agent posing as a wealthy drug dealer seeking to promote boxing matches,” The Smoking Gun’s report alleges. “During one meeting with Sharpton, the undercover agent offered to get him ‘pure coke’ at $35,000 a kilo. As the phony drug kingpin spoke, Sharpton nodded his head and said, ‘I hear you.’”

While there was apparently some dispute within the FBI as to whether Sharpton had violated federal conspiracy laws, the bureau nevertheless confronted him with the tape of his interaction with an undercover agent. Sharpton agreed to cooperate.

3. Music Industry Extortion

Though R&B star James Brown and executives at Spring Records, Sharpton was introduced to a variety of Gambino and Genovese crime family members. Sharpton’s venture into the music industry connected him with Robert Curington, a music producer who was arrested on several occasions for trafficking drugs.

Curington and Sharpton worked together to pressure music labels to “spend more money in the black community” and “threatened to organize pickets and boycotts unless a target handed over money — usually in the form of a contribution to the National Youth Movement, a predecessor organization to Sharpton’s National Action Network.”

Curington had numerous connections to mafia figures including, Morris Levy, Joseph “Joe Bana” Buonanno, a music producer and convicted drug trafficker, and Joseph Pagano, a “solider” the FBI suspected had been involved in several “underworld hits,” in order to get “approval for certain music business endeavors.”

4. Sharpton Goes “Operational”

Sharpton was transitioned at this point from “information to operational” FBI asset. Agent John Pritchard, who handled Sharpton and worked with the Bureau’s “Genovese squad,” allegedly paid Sharpton for his services.

“Carrying the wired briefcase, Sharpton met with Buonanno on a Wednesday afternoon and recorded their conversation,” the reprot alleges. “While it was a short and uneventful encounter, the pair’s next meeting would prove valuable for the Genovese squad.”

At a subsequent meeting between Sharpton and Buonanno, the connected music producer would open up about his relationship with Levy, Carlo Gambino, and Vincent “Chin” Gigante. “Over the following months, Sharpton met with Buonanno eight more times, surreptitiously recording the Gambino member on each occasion,” The Smoking Gun continued.

Buonanno, said Curington, had a low opinion of Sharpton, and called the 300-pound preacher a “nose picker” behind his back. The gangster, who died of throat cancer in 1998, might have resorted to harsher actions had he ever learned about Sharpton’s secret life as “CI-7.”

5. Arrests Resulting from Sharpton’s Work

Using the information gathered by Sharpton, the FBI engaged in a campaign of wiretapping and bugging aimed at listening in on a series of mafia members who have since become legendary figures in American popular culture.

“The section of the FBI wiretap affidavits containing the fruits of Sharpton’s cooperation was titled “The Extortion From and Control of Morris Levy,” the report continues, noting that the Bureau went to lengths to protect “CI-7′s” identity.

The investigations eventually proved successful and a series of mafia figures were eventually arrested. “Each defendant subsequently pleaded guilty to various criminal charges, so there was no public presentation of evidence against the men,” the report added. “Which meant that OCTF prosecutors did not have to further expound on the indictment’s allegation that Daniel Pagano ‘solicited the use of a bank account of the National Youth Movement’ to launder money.”

Sharpton, who controlled that account, would have been outed as an informant if these cases went to trial.

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Pope Francis Gets Tough with the Mafia: ‘Still Time to Not End Up in Hell’

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His Holiness Pope Francis met with victims of the Italian mafia on Friday and sent a very stern message to the mob: “repent” or else. Yes, the Pope is now getting tough with the mob. He said, “Blood-stained money, blood-stained power — you can’t bring it with you to your next life.”

Recent reports said a two-year-old Italian boy was killed in what appeared to be a mob hit, and today Pope Francis held a vigil with many, many people who have been victimized or have had people around them victimized by the mafia. He warned, “There’s still time to not end up in Hell, which is what awaits you if you continue on this path.”

A few months ago, Italian studies professor John Dickle wrote for CNN that His Holiness could very well be targeted by the mafia for his attempts to reform the church, and noted that the first time a sitting pope ever spoke out against the mafia was John Paul II in 1993.

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Rudy Giuliani Reveals To Jimmy Fallon That He Bought Crack In 1986′

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Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and man who may or may not seek the GOP nomination for president, paid a visit to Late Night to discuss New York’s bad ol’ days, when men were men, and other men were junkies, and Giuliani bought crack. Needle skip! Huh?

Giuliani, you see, is hosting AMC’s “Mob Week,” which makes (some) sense given his past prosecuting members of the mafia. Host Jimmy Fallon, fascinated by Giuliani’s anecdotes, asked if he ever had to don a disguise or participate in a stakeout as part of his job. Why yes, replied Giuliani:

Yeah, I wore a disguise. I bought crack in 1986, undercover with a DEA agent, a female DEA agent…

This was done at the instance of the head of the DEA in New York by myself, Senator D’Amato and the head of the parole board to show how prevalent crack had become. I drove up to Washington Heights, I had a female DEA agent, who was theoretically my “date,” and we went up and we purchased crack in Washington Heights.

Just a day in the life, kiddos.

Have a look at the interview, from NBC:

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Larry King And Joy Behar Are Glad They’re Not WASPs

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In a sneak peak of tonight’s Joy Behar Show, outgoing CNN host Larry King discusses with Behar an assortment of tangential topics. He starts off by asserting to Joy, “I made you.” With that out of the way, they talk Frank Sinatra, the differences between “a Jew and an Italian,” and why Joy Behar would never want to be a WASP.

The topic of Sinatra arose when the two admired the crooner’s staying power, as well as the suspicious disappearance of Sinatra’s enemies. This led to King musing, “The one thing I like about the mafia? They’re definitive. They don’t go halfway.” Behar agreed, adding, “It’s not like the Congress, where they pretend to be good guys.”

This eventually leads Behar to comment on how vigilantism trumps legal recourse. Warning to anyone thinking about stalking Joy Behar: don’t.

Behar: There’s no other way to deal with people. Restraining order? That’s a joke!
King: Do you know how many people think you’re Jewish?
Behar: I don’t care, it’s fine! Jewish, Italian—it’s all the same.
King: As long as you stay ethnic. You’ll never be a WASP.
Behar: Who wants to be a WASP? Why would I want to be a WASP?
King: What do they do, WASPs?
Behar: I don’t know. They golf!

Piers Morgan has got some…big shoes to fill. Watch King and Behar get random in the CNN video below:

Mob Claims Throwing A Wrench Into Amanda Knox Appeal?

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Less than a year after she was convicted of murdering her British roommate Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox and her legal team are hammering out an appeal that they hope will prevent her from spending the next 26 years in Italian jail.

British paper The Daily Telegraph reports that Luciano Aviello, a convicted member of the deadly Camorra mafia, claims to have evidence that his brother Antonio, another mafioso, murdered Kercher in a failed robbery attempt. According to Aviello, his brother confessed to him and asked him to help hide a blood stained knife, which he claims he can retrieve and give to investigators.

The confession is nothing new in the ongoing Amanda Knox saga. Aviello gave this information to court authorities multiple times during the course of the trial, but it was deemed unreliable and discarded. It is only now as the Knox team prepares to appeal the conviction that the mob member’s confession is being brought back into play. According to her lawyer Dalla Vedova, the prosecution was allowed to use unreliable witnesses during the trial which led to Knox’s conviction. Using Aviello as a new witness would just be evening the playing field.

If the statement is true, Amanda Knox and the two men arrested along with her, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede, are innocent of murder.

The whole thing still smells a bit fishy, especially noting the last line of the article – “Antonio Aviello’s whereabouts are unknown.” But whether the confession turns out to be reliable or not, the appeal process is sure to whip up another media firestorm. It seems like no one can get enough of the story of the American girl locked up abroad.