‘Fabricated Lies’: Trump Tweets That ‘Fake News Writers’ Are Making Up Sources From the White House

russial collusion trumpedited Following his first foreign trip as POTUS, President Donald Trump marked his first morning back in the White House by grabbing his phone and launching into a tweetstorm. While he touched on a handful of topics such as the recent Montana special election and his trip, his most attention-grabbing tweets revolved around his thoughts about the media. With his administration continuing to be rocked by bombshell report after bombshell report surrounding the Russia probe, Trump decided to express his belief that many of these stories are works of fiction:


In the wake of the Manchester attack, tech companies are again under pressure to fight extremism online. A look at whether they’re really doing all that they can. Also, can reporters inform the public about terrorist attacks without supplying the very notoriety the killers crave? Plus: how the South is grappling with taking down monuments to the Confederacy -- and what to put in their place.


The Trump-Comey story is largely missing from the far right-wing media. A look at how pro-Trump outlets choose to cover, or ignore, unfavorable news. Plus: the Montana special election has been described as a "referendum" on Trump... but the truth is actually more interesting. And we hear from a reporter who is training citizen journalists in Syria to cover life, not just war. 

The Trouble With Reality

We're living in an era of smoke and mirrors as never before. Do you find yourself wondering how we reached this pass, where basic facts have no impact and fundamental norms are violated at will? Or, at the very least, would you like to follow Brooke down a rabbit hole as she searches for an explanation? Because after the election, in what amounted to a two-week fever dream, she wrote "The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time," and came to a kind of answer. As this week's podcast extra, we have for you a conversation Brooke had about her book with our colleague, WNYC morning show host Brian Lehrer.

Shiny Objects

With an administration that seems to break new traditions every day, we look at the rapid-fire changes to the White House story about Comey's firing. What they mean for communications between the President and the public. Plus, some worry that the media are too reliant on old tricks to keep up. How is the press adapting? And, why local TV news may soon take on a more conservative agenda.

‘Hosting a CNN Roast Isn’t Helping Your Cause’: The Daily Show Mocks Jake Tapper

On last night’s Daily Show, senior media analyst Hasan Minhaj called out the media for being too snarky when talking about President Donald Trump. “Media, Trump is out to get you, and he accuses you of being biased,” Minhaj began. “And we all want to be on your side but you give him too much ammunition.” “You guys know what snark is, right? It’s like sarcasm for people with masters degrees. And snark is driving a wedge between the media and its claim of objectivity,” he continued. “The news is best when it’s serious,” Minhaj said. “Take Jake Tapper. You guys know Jake Tapper, right? Right? My main man JT is CNN’s diversity hire, because he’s the only guy who’s not a silver fox on CNN. This guy knows how to be serious. Just look at him stand up to the wicked witch of the wild West Wing,  Continue reading "‘Hosting a CNN Roast Isn’t Helping Your Cause’: The Daily Show Mocks Jake Tapper"

Rewriting the Right

The passage of the Obamacare repeal bill this weekhailed as a triumph of conservative ideologydidn’t come out of nowhere. We examine the decades-long, carefully orchestrated right-wing campaign to influence academia and politics. Plus: what's going on with the Heritage Foundation and other conservative think tanks in the Trump era, how a climate change skeptic became an advocate, and what the media miss about health care.