Hannity Opens Show Slamming ‘Media Fascism’: ‘It’s About Silencing Every Single Conservative Voice’

Last night Sean Hannity opened his program railing against “liberal fascism” and attempts on the left to silence every single conservative pro-Trump voice. Tonight he doubled down by going after “media fascism” (a phrase that prominently appeared in his over-the-shoulder graphic). Hannity again referenced the media reports accusing him of sexually harassing conservative author Debbie Schlussel––something she now describes as not being sexual harassment––and said a cursory Google search would have told journalists all they needed to know about the woman making these accusations. But he said that this is not just about him, and––embracing a term he has coined in recent weeks to describe the mainstream press––bellowed that it was “no secret that the alt radical destroy Trump propaganda media [is] completely biased,” further complaining that they’re agenda-driven and ideological. After accusing the press of getting Barack Obama elected Continue reading "Hannity Opens Show Slamming ‘Media Fascism’: ‘It’s About Silencing Every Single Conservative Voice’"

Check Out the Five Most Bonkers Moments from Trump’s Interview With AP

trump76 The Associated Press released a transcript for an extensive interview they had with President Donald Trump, and well…it was quite a doozy. The AP has been releasing excerpts from Trump’s conversation recently, but on Sunday, they released a complete readout of what he had to say to White House reporter Julie Pace. The interview has garnered significant media attention, not only because of the wide range of topics discussed, but also because of how many times Associated Press noted that Trump’s recorded remarks were “unintelligible” to their transcribers. As for the interview itself, let’s take a look at five of the most interesting parts, shall we? 1. The First 100 Days Trump used the interview to double down about how the 100 day marker is a “ridiculous standard” for evaluating his presidency. AP noted that Trump made several major campaign promises that he pledged to fulfill by Continue reading "Check Out the Five Most Bonkers Moments from Trump’s Interview With AP"

MediaShift Podcast #230: Videotaped Murder Disrupts Facebook’s F8; Ballmer’s Massive Gov Database; Craig Newmark on Fighting Misinformation

In the news this week, Facebook goes head-first into augmented reality and virtual reality at its F8 conference, but a videotaped murder puts a damper on the party. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer releases USAFacts, with beautiful visualizations about government data — but will anyone care an age of alternative facts? And the new school goes old school, as video startup Cheddar gives away TV antennas with Dunkin Donuts to entice more millennials to watch. Our Metric of the Week is Facebook Post Reach, and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark talks about his charitable giving and his mission to promote trustworthy journalism. Don’t have a lot of time to spare, but still want to get a roundup of the week’s top news? Then check out our Digital Media Brief below!

MediaShift Podcast

Digital Media Brief

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“We’ll Do It Live!”

Bill O'Reilly was the bombastic, blustery face of Fox News. Now that he's out, what happens to the identity and future of the channel? Plus, how to read the scary headlines about US-North Korea relations; why erratic foreign policy can be effective foreign policy; how China sees Trump; and what role do referendums really have in shaping our democracy? 

Closing the Blinds

Breaking from an open government initiative started by President Obama, the White House announced last Friday that visitor logs will no longer be published due to "national security concerns." It's the latest move in a plethora of actions the White House has taken to make historically public data, private. Bob speaks to Alex Howard, Deputy Director of the Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit advocate of open government, about the newly privatized logs, covert meetings at Mar-a-Lago, and secret ethics waivers that are allowing former lobbyists to shape policy from within the administration.

Yet Another Trump Flip-Flop? Donald Trump Calls Media ‘Very Honorable People’

From China to NATO, we’ve chronicled a number of stark flip-flops from President Donald Trump in recent days. But this latest whopper might be the most stunning of all. At an event on Thursday honoring the first responders of the I-85 highway collapse in Atlanta, the President — who spent months on the campaign trail calling the media pretty much every name in the book — shockingly lobbed a high compliment to members of the fourth estate. “You know these folks back here,” Trump said, waving towards the assembled press. “They’re very famous, most of ’em. It’s called: the media. They’re very honorable people. “But you’re more honorable,” he quickly told the first responders. The compliment was truly astonishing given Trump’s extensive track record of blasting the press at every turn. Ever since he began his Presidential candidacy, he’s ripped the media for spreading “fake news,” Continue reading "Yet Another Trump Flip-Flop? Donald Trump Calls Media ‘Very Honorable People’"

This American War on Drugs

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has signaled that he'd like to revamp the War on Drugs. We take a look at the history of the battle, and how sensational media depictions of crack, heroin, and meth have helped fuel it. Plus: our Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook: Drugs Edition. Then, a look at how America’s first drug czar used racist propaganda to outlaw marijuana. And why the debate between treatment and law enforcement is blurrier than you might think.