The Center Folds

Socialism is having a moment in the sunlight — that is, on daytime television. Yet at the same time that the left earns a closer look from political pundits, Democrats and Republicans still fail to understand each other with nuance. Plus, after newspaper layoffs and a White House lockout this week, we assess the press’s appetite for solidarity. 
  1. Nathan Robinson [@NathanJRobinson], editor-in-chief at Current Affairs, on socialism's renewed place in mainstream political discourse. Listen.
  2. Perry Bacon Jr. [@perrybaconjr], political writer at FiveThirtyEight, on the misconceptions Democrats and Republicans have about each otherListen.

  3. Pete Vernon [@byPeteVernon], writer at the Columbia Journalism Review, on the White House's decision this week to bar a CNN reporter from a press event. Listen.

4. Chelsia Rose Marcius [@chelsiamarchius], former staff reporter at the New York Daily News, Tom Laforgia [@thomaslaforgia], former Continue reading "The Center Folds"

Trump’s Explosive Late-Night, All-Caps Threat to Iran Melts Down Twitter: ‘DEFCON 2’

Overnight, President Donald Trump tweeted an all-caps warning to Iran never to threaten the United States again, or “suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before.” The president’s tweet was in response to a threat from Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, who on Sunday warned Trump directly in a televised speech that blocking Iran’s oil exports could lead to ‘the mother of all wars.’ Trump responded on Twitter, as he does. Given the timing of Trump’s tweet — it came at 11:24 p.m. on a sleepy Sunday night Continue reading "Trump’s Explosive Late-Night, All-Caps Threat to Iran Melts Down Twitter: ‘DEFCON 2’"

Blah Blah Blah… BANG

In a matter of months, we've moved from bipartisan immigration talks to calls to abolish ICE. On this week’s On the Media, a look at how leftists are employing a right-wing communications strategy in order to change the national debate. Plus, thirty years into the conversation on global warming, what have we really learned? And in the days following the Trump-Putin summit, what did we miss? 
  1. Brooke on this week's coverage of the Trump-Putin summit, and on a new metaphor for the Trump era: the Shepard toneListen. 

  2. Joseph Lehman, president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy; Laura Marsh [@lmlauramarsh], literary editor at The New Republic; and Sean McElwee [@SeanMcElwee], activist and contributor at The Nation, on the Overton WindowListen. 

  3. Andrew Revkin [@Revkin] of the National Geographic Society on thirty years of global warming coverageListen.