CNN’s Brian Stelter on Trump Ripping the Media While Praising Coast Guard: ‘Just Wrong and Petty’

During his visit to hurricane-ravaged areas of Texas and Louisiana yesterday, President Donald Trump took the opportunity to ding the media while offering up some praise to the Coast Guard for rescuing thousands from flooded areas. “I hear the Coast Guard saved…almost 11,000 people by going into winds the media would not go into,” Trump stated. “They will not go into those winds unless it’s a really good story, in which case they will.” CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter highlighted the president’s remarks on today’s broadcast of Reliable Sources, noting it was a “really strange comment” before playing it for the audience. “It’s just wrong and petty,” Stelter stated. “Obviously, we saw many members of the media, out with the Coast Guard, out with other rescuers.” He added, “Obviously, many members of the media were out in the winds and out in the flooding afterwards. The Continue reading "CNN’s Brian Stelter on Trump Ripping the Media While Praising Coast Guard: ‘Just Wrong and Petty’"

Eric Trump on Negative Media Coverage: ‘You’d Probably End Up Killing Yourself Out of Depression’

Eric Trump is expressing his frustrations with what he deems to be overly-negative media coverage of his father as well as his family. During an interview with WOAI in San Antonio (via The Hill), Trump said his father is “repeatedly attacked” by the media and suggested that the president should “tune it out sometimes.” “If they weren’t talking about you, you wouldn’t be doing something right and it’s important to keep it in context, otherwise quite frankly you’d probably end up killing yourself out of depression,” Trump said. “But he’s doing a great job. “It’s the media, the mainstream media, who does not want [President Donald Trump] to succeed. It’s government who does not want him to succeed…No matter what he does, he’s going to get hit, and listen, I think you have to tune it out.” He added that his family should take the Continue reading "Eric Trump on Negative Media Coverage: ‘You’d Probably End Up Killing Yourself Out of Depression’"

Bob’s Docs Finale: Conflicting Narratives

For the month of August, we’ve been running a series of interviews Bob has done with documentary filmmakers. We’ve been calling it “Bob’s Docs," and each we’ve week we’ve gone through some of the themes of documentary filmmaking — from the personal journey to the gift of extraordinary access. We have one more bonus episode of “Bob’s Docs," and this one is about what happens when documentaries dig into conflicting narratives. In 1977, a former beauty queen with a 168 IQ named Joyce McKinney became British tabloid fodder when she supposedly kidnapped her Mormon boyfriend at gunpoint and, for four days, kept him as her sex slave. Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris' 2011 documentary Tabloid looked into the claims and the tabloid coverage. Brooke spoke with Morris six years ago about what he learned about sensational reporting and the trouble of getting to the bottom of a he-said, she-said.

Why Won’t Media Demand Dems Condemn Antifa?

Over the weekend, Antifa anarchists draped in black masks and carrying home-made weapons disrupted a peaceful demonstration and counter-demonstration in Berkeley, CA. The violence from the alt-Left group was so obvious and one-sided that even the Washington Post framed their article with no uncertain condemnation of the thugs in their headlineBlack-clad antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley. So why is this group, whose political ties clearly lean in synchronicity with the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party, not being condemned by Democrats for their thuggery and violence? And, more importantly, why isn’t the media demanding Democrats do so in the same way they demanded Republicans condemn neo-Nazis and White Nationalists? Yesterday on Fox News one of the network’s rising stars Lisa Boothe made the important and indisputable point. (video above)
“So many people came together to denounce what we saw in Charlottesville with those Continue reading "Why Won’t Media Demand Dems Condemn Antifa?"

This American War on Drugs

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has signaled that he'd like to revamp the war on drugs. We take a look at the history of the battle, and how sensational media depictions of crack, heroin, and meth have helped fuel it. Plus: our Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook: Drugs Edition. Then, a look at how America’s first drug czar used racist propaganda to outlaw marijuana. And why the debate between treatment and law enforcement is blurrier than you might think.
  1. Our Breaking News Consumer's Handbook: Drugs Edition: a critical look at what the press gets wrong about drugs and drug addiction, featuring Dr. Debbie Dowell of the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionDr. Carl Hart of Columbia University, and author Maia Szalavitz.
2. Historian Alexandra Chasin and author Johann Hari tell the story of Harry Anslinger, the man who set our seeming eternal drug war in Continue reading "This American War on Drugs"

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin on Trump’s Media Attacks: ‘This Is Very Near to a Violent Situation’

In his rambling and off-the-rails campaign rally speech in Arizona last night, President Donald Trump continued his war with the mainstream media. In this instance, he upped the ante on his criticism, calling members of the press “sick people” while getting the crowd to chant “CNN sucks,” among other things. During a CNN panel discussion today, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said that the president appears to be inciting his supporters to do something violent to journalists, claiming that the president is doing this with full knowledge of the potential ramifications. “It’s terrible,” Toobin told anchor Wolf Blitzer when asked if he thought Trump’s words were dangerous. “I mean, you know, someone is going to do something awful to a journalist. I feel for our colleagues who are sitting there as people yell and boo and chant ‘CNN sucks.'” Toobin continued, “This is a very near to a violent Continue reading "CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin on Trump’s Media Attacks: ‘This Is Very Near to a Violent Situation’"

The Slippery Slope of the Oligarchy Media Model

On July 28, Apple heiress Laurene Powell Jobs bought a majority stake in The Atlantic. It’s the latest media purchase by the billionaire class, a group that includes Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (the Washington Post), Boston Red Sox owner John Henry (the Boston Globe), billionaire Glen Taylor (the Minneapolis Star-Tribune) and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson (the Las Vegas Review-Journal). Some have praised this growing trend, arguing that wealthy individuals are journalism’s last, best hope. And there are notable cases of rich philanthropists, like Pierre Omidyar and Gerry Lenfest, making significant donations toward public service journalism. Nonetheless, potential hazards arise when news outlets increasingly rely on private capital and billionaires’ largess.

The upside of privatizing the news

Private ownership of news organizations is, of course, nothing new. Since at least the late 19th century, most major U.S. magazines and newspapers have been owned or controlled by wealthy individuals or
Photo of Jeff Bezos by Steve Jurvetson and used here with Creative Commons license.
Continue reading "The Slippery Slope of the Oligarchy Media Model"