Michael Cohen Makes Desperate Appeal: Vote Against Trump or There Could Be ‘Another Six Years of This Craziness’

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen spoke with CNN reporter MJ Lee and made some rather remarkable comments about the midterm elections. Cohen said he’s been a Democrat his whole life, but only switched during the 2016 election because he couldn’t be an RNC vice chair if he didn’t change his affiliation. He recently changed back to the Democrats. “Here’s my recommendation,” he said. “Grab your family, grab your friends, grab your neighbors, get to the poll, because if not, you’re gonna have another two or another six years of this craziness.” A far cry from the days when he talked up what a great person Trump was, Cohen has not only turned on the president, he’s been very directly telling people to get out and vote as a message against him:

Trump Accuses Michael Cohen of ‘Lying’ Under Oath, Calls Him ‘PR Person Who Did Small Legal Work’

President Donald Trump sat down with the AP for an interview today, and while the most noteworthy part was his commentary on Saudi Arabia being like Brett Kavanaugh, he also made news on a number of other fronts. Notably, he was asked about his former lawyer Michael Cohen saying in his plea deal that he was directed by Trump to violate campaign finance law. Trump said he was “lying” while trying to downplay Cohen’s role in his orbit:
Trump also declared that Cohen’s testimony was “totally false” in his August plea deal to campaign finance violations alleging he coordinated with Trump on a hush-money scheme to buy the silence of Daniels and a Playboy model who alleged affairs. But in entering the deal with Cohen, prosecutors signaled that they accepted his recitation of facts and account of what occurred. He derided Cohen, who worked for Trump for a decade, Continue reading "Trump Accuses Michael Cohen of ‘Lying’ Under Oath, Calls Him ‘PR Person Who Did Small Legal Work’"

WATCH: Stormy Daniels Dishes on Recent Encounter With Michael Cohen

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels appeared on CNN Tonight and ended up spilling the beans about a random encounter she had just yesterday with Michael Cohen. Daniels is still suing Cohen because of the hush money scheme he cooked up with Trump to suppress her — which CNN Tonight Don Lemon noted during his wide-ranging interview. Daniels responded by saying Cohen seemed to be doing well all things considered. “He passed within three feet of me,” said Daniels. “It was very strange. He looked happy and healthy, though. He looked like he had a weight off his shoulders.” When asked if she holds a grudge against Cohen, Daniels said she had “a lot of ill will for Continue reading "WATCH: Stormy Daniels Dishes on Recent Encounter With Michael Cohen"

WSJ: Trump Personally Directed His Son Eric, Michael Cohen to Silence Stormy Daniels

A new report indicates that Donald Trump personally involved himself in the effort to enforce the nondisclosure agreement that was meant to keep Stormy Daniels quiet about her alleged affair with the president. Wall Street Journal says that in February, Trump tried to coordinate with his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, in order to bring a restraining order against Daniels and force her legal compliance with Cohen’s hush money scheme. This news comes months after Cohen implicated Trump as being directly connected to the hush money payments, which were found to be in violation of campaign finance law. According to WSJ, Trump knew that Daniels intended to speak about their alleged liaison, so he order Cohen to work with his son Eric Trump to coordinate a legal response. The president’s son also reportedly signed a statement denying that the Trump Organization had any formal involvement in the Daniels case. Continue reading "WSJ: Trump Personally Directed His Son Eric, Michael Cohen to Silence Stormy Daniels"

Dan Abrams: Trump’s ‘Got to be Very Concerned’ Over Cohen’s Cooperation With Mueller

ABC News chief legal anchor and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams says Donald Trump ought to be quite concerned about Michael Cohen‘s cooperation with Robert Mueller if corrupt intent can be proven against his campaign or business empire. Reports indicate that Cohen has taken hours worth of questions from Mueller’s team as part their investigation into Trump’s connections to Russia and possible obstruction of justice. This comes after Cohen pled guilty to campaign finance crimes while implicating Trump as being personally involved in his hush money schemes. Since Cohen is also apparently cooperating with state officials investigating the Trump family charity, Abrams discussed this with George Stephanopoulos, saying there’s plenty to think about with so many people cooperating to provide insight into Trumpworld. In terms of New York State’s civil lawsuit against Trump’s charity for several “potentially criminal” allegations, Abrams said Cohen could be vital in terms of opening Continue reading "Dan Abrams: Trump’s ‘Got to be Very Concerned’ Over Cohen’s Cooperation With Mueller"

Lanny Davis Tweets Out Statement on Michael Cohen Cooperating After Cohen Tweeted (Then Deleted) It First

Following reports today that Michael Cohen is cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller, Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis tweeted out a statement touting his “honesty” and loyalty to his family and country. But not at first, though. Initially, as ABC News’ Meridith McGraw noticed, Cohen sent out the tweet about himself first: People were wondering who exactly that came from. Well, now we know: his attorney Lanny Davis, who not only tweeted out the statement himself but explained the momentary confusion.

Former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Reportedly Spoke to Mueller Team for Hours

Former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen has reportedly spent hours of interview time with the office of special counsel, Robert Mueller, in recent weeks, according to a new ABC News report. During that time, much of the talk focused on talk of Russia and alleged collusion. According to ABC:
The special counsel’s questioning of Cohen, one of the president’s closest associates over the past decade, has focused primarily on all aspects of Trump’s dealings with Russia — including financial and business dealings and the investigation into alleged collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign and its surrogates to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.
The team was also reportedly interested in if there was any discussion of a pardon with Cohen. All of the interviews, which were voluntary according to ABC sources, took place in Washington DC and Continue reading "Former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Reportedly Spoke to Mueller Team for Hours"