Matt Schlapp Swipes at Romney’s ‘Pathetic’ Senate Bid: ‘Learn How to Knit’ or Something

On Friday night, Matt Schlapp sounded off on Mitt Romney and his recently-announced Senate run in Utah. When asked by Mike Emanuel, who was filling in for Bret Baier on Special Report, if the former Massachusetts governor was going to win, Schlapp expressed his uncertainly, but did confidently say that he found this all “rather pathetic.” “He ran for president, he got trounced, a lot of people thought he was going to win, he had a good first debate,” Schlapp told Emanuel, “but I think it’s time for Governor Romney of Massachusetts––maybe future senator from Utah––to just kind of find something else to do.” The American Conservative Union chairman suggested for Romney to “get a hobby,” “play golf,” learn how to knit,” or “go traveling.” “So mean, man!” Marie Harf reacted. The former Obama State Department spokeswoman and now Fox News contriubtor praised Romney, Continue reading "Matt Schlapp Swipes at Romney’s ‘Pathetic’ Senate Bid: ‘Learn How to Knit’ or Something"

Jason Chaffetz Makes Comical Defense of Romney’s Utah Senate Run: ‘He’s Got a Utah Driver’s License’

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney has officially announced a bid for Utah’s soon-to-be vacant Senate seat, looking to replace long-time Senator Orrin Hatch. Romney, you may remember, formerly served as governor of Massachusetts — a state a heck of a long way from Utah. This has opened up the businessman to accusations of political carpetbaggery, despite Romney’s long history with Utah, particularly the Mormon Church. Perhaps this is why Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz, during an appearance on Fox News this morning, listed off a series of Romney’s qualifications for the job — one of which was truly comical “Look, he’s one of the most favorite sons of Utah. He’s got deep strong ties to Utah,” he said. “His kids are here. His grandkids are here. He’s got a Utah driver’s license.” A Utah driver’s license. Chaffetz ultimately said that Romney would make a fine addition to the government. Continue reading "Jason Chaffetz Makes Comical Defense of Romney’s Utah Senate Run: ‘He’s Got a Utah Driver’s License’"

Romney Announces Bid For Utah Senate: D.C. ‘Sends Immigrants a Message of Exclusion’

He’s running…for Senate. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has confirmed that he is throwing his hat in the ring to become the next senator of Utah. Romney’s interest in taking current Senator Orrin Hatch‘s seat was expected among various political corners, though he postponed his announcement in light of the school shooting that took place in Florida this week. The aspiring senator made his campaign official with the release of a video statement on Friday morning. The presentation is a mix of Romney’s achievements in public office, Utah’s importance to the nation, his promise to fight for the state in the nation’s capital. But it also takes a few subtle jabs at longtime foe President Donald Trump: “Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world, Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion,” Romney said. “And on Utah’s Capitol Hill, people treat one another with respect.” Romney’s political Continue reading "Romney Announces Bid For Utah Senate: D.C. ‘Sends Immigrants a Message of Exclusion’"

Fmr. Romney Adviser: ‘Highly Likely’ Mitt Will Run For Utah Senate

Dan Senor, an adviser to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, said it was “highly likely” that the former governor of Massachusetts would move forward with a run for Utah Senate. Speculation over a Romney senate run has run wild in recent months, and kicked into high gear after current Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch announced his retirement just after the new year. And reports suggest Romney has his eyes on the seat vacated by 83-year-old Hatch. The New York Times even reported on Sunday that Kem Gardner, a friend of Romney’s, had received a text from him stating simply: “I’m running.” Senor, appearing on CBS This Morning on Monday, said that while he could not confirm the speculation, he Continue reading "Fmr. Romney Adviser: ‘Highly Likely’ Mitt Will Run For Utah Senate"

Romney Adds to Utah Senate Run Speculation by Changing His Twitter Location

Hours after Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah announced his intent to retire after the end of his current term, Twitter sleuths noticed that former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney switched the listed location on his Twitter account from Massachusetts to Utah — increasing the speculation of his reported interest in a Senate run. Per Bloomberg reporter Sahil Kapur‏, at 3:12 p.m. Romney listed Massachusetts as his current location, but by 5:45 p.m. his pin was changed to Holladay, Utah. Hatch announced his retirement at around 2:00 p.m. eastern time. As for Holladay, Utah specifically, Romney purchased property in the area with plans to build a home for his family following his presidential election loss to Barack Obama in 2012. Around that same Continue reading "Romney Adds to Utah Senate Run Speculation by Changing His Twitter Location"

Meghan McCain Tears Into Bannon for Knocking Romney: ‘Take a Seat!’

Steve Bannon last night went on a tear against Mitt Romney, invoking Romney’s Mormon faith in talking about him not serving during Vietnam, which really set off Meghan McCain on The View this morning. After playing the clip of Bannon, Whoopi Goldberg pointed out one could easily point to how President Trump didn’t go to Vietnam. McCain brought up the time the President took a nasty shot at her father over his service and said, “Who the hell are you to be sitting here and talking about service [with] what your administration said about my father. Take a seat!” She blasted Bannon’s “service-shaming” and noted they’ve still never gotten an apology over what the President said. McCain had some tough words for Bannon in particular and even said of Breitbart, “Andrew Breitbart would be rolling in his grave if he knew what turned into his website.” Continue reading "Meghan McCain Tears Into Bannon for Knocking Romney: ‘Take a Seat!’"

Utah Republicans Rip Steve Bannon For ‘Unjustified’ Attacks on Mitt Romney

In response to Steve Bannon attacking Mitt Romney for being unpatriotic and lacking “honor and integrity,” Utah Senators Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch, as well as Governor Gary Herbert, responded with statements condemning the former White House chief strategist’s comments. The former Massachusetts governor, who was born in Michigan but attended college in Utah and currently lives in the state, was slammed by Bannon for hiding “behind his faith” to get out of fighting Vietnam — as Romney was on a Mormon mission trip during the war. “You went to France to be a missionary while guys were dying in rice paddies in Vietnam,” said the Breitbart News executive chairman — later attacking Romney’s sons for not fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bannon made these comments at a campaign rally for alleged child molester and GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who Romney has declared entirely unfit for office. Continue reading "Utah Republicans Rip Steve Bannon For ‘Unjustified’ Attacks on Mitt Romney"