Mitt Romney Pits His Record Against Obama’s In Larry King Campaign Stop

Mitt Romney is not wasting a single opportunity to make it abundantly clear to the American people that he wants Barack Obama’s job. Last night he visited Larry King to criticize the passing of the Democrats’ health care bill, calling it a violation of the oath of office and suggesting the means should have more closely resembled the Romney’s own negotiations for universal health care in Massachusetts.

Romney had previously stated that Obama had “betrayed” his oath of office– a statement King requested clarification on. Turns out Romney meant Obama had “violate[d] the principles which he laid out in the campaign” by passing health care reform, the single biggest campaign promise Obama made in 2008. Romney was more concerned with the means than the ends, though, citing the support he received from Massachusetts Democrats for the universal health care reform legislation passed under his tenure as governor.

“What he was supposed to do,” Romney suggested, was exactly what Romney did. Since exactly what Romney did was pass health care legislation that was not so different from Obama’s, Romney did eventually admit didn’t hate everything about Obamacare:

“Some elements in the bill are good, and many are bad. And the Democrats want to talk about the couple of maraschino cherries that are on top of the pile of dirt. But let’s talk about the dirt. But let’s talk also about the pile of dirt.”

And his insistence on talking about his record is not the only sign Romney is deliberately framing himself in opposition to the President. People who subscribe to his newsletter also received an email blast asking for contributions to his PAC in order to fight the health care bill.

Watch the Larry King interview below:

Stephen Baldwin Calls President Obama A Liar on Larry King Live

Actor, author and political activist Stephen Baldwin was part of a panel on Larry King Live last night, discussing health care reform and the Obama administration. When host Larry King came to Baldwin, he proclaimed “it’s official today, Barack Obama is the greatest gangster to ever come out of Chicago,” then followed with “Mr. Obama’s a liar.”

Baldwin then went on to point out that the health care bill failed to get one Republican vote, which he seemed to la at the feet of the Obama Administration. He then went on to rhetorically ask how, what he called a “broken government” could fix “broken health care system.”

Baldwin was joined by Kevin Madden, spokesman and senior advisor for Mitt Romney in his 2008 presidential bid, Marc Lamont Hill, professor at Columbia University, and actor and comedienne, Aisha Tyler, and was initially asked if he was offended by Vice President Joe Biden’s f-bomb. “Well, you know Larry, the bible says that out of the mouth comes the things that are in our heart, so I’m not surprised by Vice President’s potty mouth.”

Later in the segment Madden rebuked Baldwin, and took the high road, claiming that he was not interested in calling his opponents names. Lamont Hill also said that it was intellectually dishonest to claim, as Baldwin did, that 50% of American’s are unhappy with this bill simply because they were conservative. King asked Baldwin if he wanted to reconsider his words, to which he replied “absolutely not, Larry. The difference between me and everyone else talking is that I’m not afraid of the repercussions of speaking the truth.”

Politico’s Tea Party Popularity Survey: Love Beck, Hate McCain, Torn On Palin

It may be a bit early to predict what the impact of the recently-consolidated Tea Party movement will be on future elections (both this fall and in 2012), but as their relevance grows on the national political scene, their views carry increasingly more weight. To that end, Politico set out to find what tea partiers think of some of the conservative movement’s top leaders. While most results were predictable– their love of Glenn Beck and suspicion towards John McCain, for starters– Politico also found some surprises in the attitudes towards some of their biggest supporters.

It probably wouldn’t have taken extensive polling to discover that Sen. John McCain, who is facing a significant Tea Party challenge for his Arizona seat from radio personality JD Hayworth, is not the best-liked man in the Republican Party. McCain topped the list of least popular Republicans, with some surveyed citing his progressive tendencies, others his family’s support of same-sex marriage, and some even blaming him directly for putting “an inexperienced and corrupt man in the White House.” Also making the list? Polarizing Republican Party head Michael Steele, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and moderate Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (who recently picked a fight with Tea Party favorite Glenn Beck). Almost every prominent Republican from the Northeast– Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, et al– got a dishonorable mention, too.

Most of those garnering some Tea Party love are not currently holding public office, keeping with the movement’s spirit of being tired of career politicians. Beck and Sarah Palin made the top of the list while, somewhat surprisingly, more aggressive, traditionally conservative media figures like Andrew Breitbart and Michelle Malkin joined them. Among those in office that received praise were Representatives Ron Paul (who is often credited for founding the movement) and Michele Bachmann, and Senator Jim DeMint.

Most surprisingly of all? Even those who love Sarah Palin among Tea Partiers question her intelligence, her ties to John McCain and insistence on uniting the Republicans with the Tea Partiers. In a sign that maybe Beck was right when he refused to be her subordinate, one Tea Party leader commented that he believed she needed to be “under the wing” of someone with a better handle on issues, noting he believed “her education would excel under the guidance of Glenn Beck.”

Politico head Jim VandeHei went on Morning Joe this morning to discuss the survey results– watch the clip below:

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Bill Maher Slams Mitt Romney, Links Mormons To Racism

Is it news that Bill Maher (whose background you must remember is in comedy, not politics) took a recent airline incident between rapper Sky Blue and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a chance to make a joke about how “the Mormons traditionally have not had a great relationship with ‘the black people’?” Absolutely not. Maher’s whole shtick is to be even more outrageous than Glenn Beck, under the guise of “It’s all for laughs.”

Except somewhere along the line Bill Maher started to be treated like an actual political pundit, which he is not, so every time he makes sweeping generalizations about how he wishes there was more religious persecution in America…he’s not just doing so for an audience at Comix. He’s doing it in front of a national audience that considers him the left’s answer to Ann Coulter.

Mitt Romney’s New Book Debuts At Top Of New York Times Bestseller List

Mitt Romney may have fallen short in his last presidential bid, but his book is officially a winner. No Apology: The Case for American Greatness drops on March 21 and is already topping that week’s New York Times Bestseller list, continuing the trend of hit conservative nonfiction books and drawing comparisons to his potential 2012 opponent Sarah Palin.

CNN is reporting that the success of the book in pre-orders has also been followed by crowded book signings and cross-country appearances. It’s quite a success for a potential presidential candidate who has been out of office and out of the limelight for some time, and is returning selling what very much sounds like his campaign platform in a hardcover spine, with some personal anecdotes in between.

It’s also somewhat shocking considering the lengths to which others with similar successes have had to go to promote themselves and their book. Going Rogue is one thing: its author is one of the most polarizing figures in the nation and preceded her book release with an unrelenting barrage of press coverage. Plus, her former son-in-law-to-be was helping her greatly by lying to the American people about the extent of his nudity in a Playgirl shoot (and occasionally taking jabs at the former governor). The media attention behind the release of Sarah Palin’s memoir was the perfect political storm.

Romney’s path to success is much quieter. Outside of getting punched in the face in an airplane by someone marginally related to Jersey Shore and having his CPAC speech overshadowed by a two-pronged Beck/Breitbart conservative firestorm, the Romney team has been rather quiet. He hasn’t been polling terribly great, but he’s certainly in the running, and has kept himself in the news cycle with periodic appearances without saturating the market with his product. He has also been making appearances on his book tour, campaigning with the people without actually having to admit that that’s precisely what he’s doing. And he’s become much more humorous and likable, and whether he has legitimately lightened up or his campaign team told him his lack of personality was a deal-breaker for American voters, it seems to have been working. People want to hear what he has to say. While it’s unclear whether this newfound popularity would translate into votes this year, Romney is going to have to extend his appeal anyway into 2012 if he wants to be a viable Republican candidate.

Mitt Romney Talks Broken Hair With David Letterman

While most of you were cheating on your flame-haired imaginary boyfriend with the two biggest victims of the Gotcha Media, soon-to-be perennial presidential candidate Mitt Romney was all business in an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman last night. On the table were such recent highlights in his career as the constant speculation surrounding his presidential run and his mile-high scuffle with a member of obnoxious Jersey Shore house band LMFAO.

Romney has been making the media rounds lately to promote his new book, No Apologies, but for most of the interview appeared to be selling himself as an affable, good-humored, freedom-loving everyman with terrific hair. His admission that the “good swat” he received in the Vancouver airplane incident “broke” the artistic marvel that he carries on his head almost elicited the audience’s sympathy – almost – and his mostly successful attempt to bury the robotic Massachusetts Republican of 2008 was rewarded with what for David Letterman were fairly innocuous jabs, like a correction of his generic “I don’t know if I’ll run for president” statement: “Of course he’s running. I can tell by the cologne.”

Perhaps his only fault, especially in Letterman’s eyes, was his praise for Sarah Palin. “She’s terrific. She’s got energy, passion…” he said, though he quickly handicapped the compliments with a warning: “By the way, be careful what you say about her…she has a rifle, you know.” Letterman learned that lesson the hard way.

Watch Romney’s meeting with Letterman below:

LMFAO: Mitt Romney’s Airplane Scuffle Was With Rapper

Days after Mitt Romney’s bizarre airplane fight while leaving Vancouver and the Olympics, more details about what actually happened on the flight are emerging.

And it only gets stranger – apparently the other guy was rap star Sky Blu of the group LMFAO…and he says Romney started it!

TMZ has the video response from Sky Blu to Romney, in which he describes the circumstances. For those who aren’t familiar with LMFAO, they’re a Black Eyed Peas-esque “hip-hop” group, and Blu is the guy in the yellow shirt with the braid and sideways hat. Fox & FriendsSteve Doocy summed up the situation this morning like this: “While Romney says he was threatened after asking the man to put his seat back, Sky Blu disputes the story. He says Romney got violent with him first.”

Interestingly, Time’s Michael Scherer reports Mr. Blu is the nephew of Democratic fundraiser and Motown Records founder Berry Gordy.

This may require a Jagerbomb Summit.

Here’s Fox & Friends recapping this story (enjoy Doocy saying ‘LMFAO’):

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