Trevor Noah Rips Into Fox News Freakout Over the Harriet Tubman $20

trevorSome of the people on Fox News have gotten pretty worked up about Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20, and tonight Trevor Noah told them this really isn’t worth their outrage. He was especially unimpressed with the one Fox guest who declared that Tubman got her own day back in 1990, since Noah himself has gotten one of those honors, and he hasn’t freed any slaves. Noah proposed that America should have done what South Africa did: replace the white people on the money with animals first, then segue into black icons.
Roy Wood Jr. admitted he’s not really that enthused about the idea, while Desi Lydic took to the streets of New York to take a close look at all the problematic $20s people happened to have on them… Watch above, via Comedy Central. Continue reading "Trevor Noah Rips Into Fox News Freakout Over the Harriet Tubman $20"

Greta: The Gov’t Is Needlessly ‘Dividing the Country’ with Harriet Tubman $20

gretaFox’s Greta Van Susteren ended her show tonight by going on a mini-rant about how the government is “dividing the country” by putting Harriet Tubman on the $20. Wait, what? Yes, Van Susteren tonight said the Obama administration “went stupid” by creating a “completely unnecessary fight” by kicking Andrew Jackson off the bill. She tsk-tsk’ed the government for needlessly stirring up something, and offered this advice:
“Give Tubman her own bill. Like a $25 bill. We could use a $25 bill. Put her picture on that and we could all celebrate. That’s the smart and easy thing to do. But no, some people don’t think and would gratuitously stir up conflict in the nation. That is so awful, and yes, dumb.”
For what it’s worth, traditionalist/culture warrior Bill O’Reilly ended his show tonight––following Van Susteren’s––by saying Continue reading "Greta: The Gov’t Is Needlessly ‘Dividing the Country’ with Harriet Tubman $20"

Treasury Dept. Announces Big Changes to $10, $5 Bills Following Tubman News

$5 lincolnThe Treasury Department made it official this afternoon: Harriet Tubman is replacing Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20, and there are other bills getting big changes too. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced today that in addition to Tubman, the $10 and $5 bills are getting makeovers. And don’t worry, Alexander Hamilton isn’t going anywhere. But the back will be changed to this:
The new $10 will honor the story and the heroes of the women’s suffrage movement against the backdrop of the Treasury building… The new $10 design will depict that historic march and honor Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul for their contributions to the suffrage movement.
And Abraham Lincoln is staying on the $5, but events that took place at the Lincoln Memorial will now be featured on the back:
In 1939, at a time when Washington’s concert halls Continue reading "Treasury Dept. Announces Big Changes to $10, $5 Bills Following Tubman News"

Common Sense

President Obama began the year with a plea for "common sense" gun safety but admitted that it won't be easy. We examine the myths and messages that surround, and often obscure, the national conversation on gun safety. Plus, do most Americans really support reform? And, if so, does it matter?

‘You’ll Like Me Very Much, Believe Me’: Trump Gives Rambling Speech to GOP Jewish Group

trumpDonald Trump spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition today, and like most Trump speeches, it was basically him throwing out various hot takes, only this time mixed in with some weird stereotyping and a few boos. Trump touted his past and current support for Israel, bragging that he would “do more for Israel than everybody else.” But at various points during his speech earlier, he made some observations about how there must be a lot of people in the room who negotiate deals. He said, “Is there anybody that doesn’t negotiate deals in this room?… Perhaps more than any room I’ve ever spoken to.” And not only did he repeatedly talk about the deal-making skills of himself and the people in the room, he surmised that probably the reason the group won’t support him is because he won’t take their money:

Man Returns $1,300 to Domino’s, So They Give Him Free Pizza for a Year

A man in Berkeley, California has been rewarded with a free year of pizza for returning $1,300 in misplaced cash to a delivery driver. According to ABC 7Mike Vegas thought he’d ordered a pizza and some wings from Domino’s Pizza. There was definitely some pizza at least, because he was able to scarf down a single slice before work called him elsewhere. “I thought I was going to have the day off,” Vegas told the local news. “I was going to sit at home and enjoy my relaxation.” While occupied with work, Vegas’ phone suddenly began going off with phone calls and text messages from a number he didn’t recognize. Turns out, the delivery driver had mistakenly given him a wings box with $1,300 in cash hidden in it — put there for safekeeping before the driver made his final stop of the night. Vegas returned the Continue reading "Man Returns $1,300 to Domino’s, So They Give Him Free Pizza for a Year"