The Hilarious Trailer for Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon’s Rough Night is Here And You Need to Watch It

Just in time for International Women’s Day, the trailer for Rough Night has dropped and it’s amazing. The movie stars Scarlett JohanssonKate McKinnonIlana GlazerJillian Bell, and Zoë Kravitz. Based on what we’ve seen, the movie seems to be sort of like Bridesmaids meets The Hangover, only somehow it has a lot more debauchery.

Johansson plays a bride, and she and the rest of her crew head to Miami for a bachelorette party which, as you might imagine, doesn’t go as planned. There’s drinking, drugs, and one of the girls accidentally happens to kill the stripper.

This is the trailer you need today. The movie comes out June 16th. Watch above, via Sony Pictures Entertainment.

[featured image via screen grab]

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Responds to Backlash Against Gay Beauty And The Beast Character

Jesse Tyler Ferguson appeared on Conan Monday night and weighed in on the controversy surrounding the fact that Beauty And The Beast will introduce Disney’s first openly gay character. Le Fou, sidekick to Gaston will be played by Josh Gad and according to the film’s director, he is “somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston.” While lots of people are celebrating, there’s also been some backlash. At least one theater is refusing to show the film. Ferguson told Conan O’Brien that some parents are concerned because they believe the character will somehow “make their children gay.” He doesn’t think this is a problem, telling the host, “I’ve seen a million heterosexual movies and never for a moment did I think for a split second…” He did acknowledge, however that The Little Mermaid wanted to make him a mermaid. Continue reading "Jesse Tyler Ferguson Responds to Backlash Against Gay Beauty And The Beast Character"

Someone Put Eddie Murphy into the Beauty And The Beast Trailer and Now It’s the Only Version We Need

Fans of the original Beauty And The Beast are anxiously awaiting March 17th when Emma Watson takes the big screen as Belle in the live-action version. We’ve gotten several tastes and in a few of them, we’ve even gotten to hear Watson sing. But, Italian visual artist Aldo Jones noticed that there’s something missing from the original teasers, and as it turns out, it’s a whole lot of Eddie Murphy. Jones makes lots of “Weird Trailers” and posts them to his YouTube channel. And after seeing this one for Beauty And The Beast, we’re pretty sure they’re the only trailers we need. Watch above, via Aldo Jones. [featured image via screen grab] [H/T Huffington Post, Tastefully Offensive]