Amazon’s Two For One: Buy the DVD, Get the Web Movie Free

land of the lostThis one’s so obvious that the real surprise is that it hasn’t been done before. Amazon, which sells both DVDs and streamed movies over the Web, has packaged them together in a two-for-one deal: Buy the disc, and you can watch the movie immediately on your PC.

Amazon gets a two-for-one out of this as well: The promotion will (hopefully) goose disc sales, which are sputtering, while introducing shoppers to the company’s Web streaming offering, which most people don’t yet know about or use.

As NewTeeVee points out, the chief appeals to consumers here would be for cheapskates who want to buy a disc for the friend but watch the movie themselves. Nothing wrong with that, methinks. But the problem is that Amazon (AMZN) doesn’t offer the option for that many movies — 313, to be exact.

Still, if you’re planning on buying “Land of the Lost” for your pal — maybe as a prank — but are jonesing to see it yourself — maybe because you’re drunk — this is the option for you.