Scarborough: Trump Shows How ‘Clueless’ He is By Attacking the ‘One Good Headline’ He Has in Gorsuch

During today’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough offered up tons of effusive praise for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and his performance at yesterday’s Senate confirmation hearing. He also made sure to slam President Donald Trump for finding a way to step on the one bit of good news his administration had received recently. Last night, following Gorsuch reiterating his distaste for Trump’s personal attacks on judges, the president told the audience at a Republican dinner that he’ll continue to “criticize judges” even though somebody said he shouldn’t, obviously referring to his own SCOTUS nominee. “I do want to say, [panelist] Mark Halperin, that Donald Trump, once again, steps on positive headlines,” Scarborough stated. “He should have been celebrating Gorsuch last night. Instead, he has to take a veiled swipe at a man who is the only thing good Donald Continue reading "Scarborough: Trump Shows How ‘Clueless’ He is By Attacking the ‘One Good Headline’ He Has in Gorsuch"

‘Tour De Force,’ ‘Masterful Performance’: Scarborough Offers Effusive Praise For Gorsuch

Morning Joe co-host, Joe Scarborough, took time away from his usual criticism of all things Trump to offer effusive praise for his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. “Yesterday was just a masterful performance by him,” said the morning host and former Congressman. “I thought if Ronald Reagan had ever had a confirmation hearing, it would have sounded a lot like that.” Scarborough lamented that the hearing had been overshadowed by Trump’s myriad of controversies and Twitter allegations, but the praise continued. “That guy delivered a tour de force, and in the age of Trump, I think he showed all of the characteristics that Americans are yearning for,” said Scarborough. “I think the Democrats are going to have an extraordinarily hard time stopping this man.” Scarborough and show regular Willie Geist speculated that, given his performance, it would be almost impossible for Democrats to Continue reading "‘Tour De Force,’ ‘Masterful Performance’: Scarborough Offers Effusive Praise For Gorsuch"

‘Shameful’: Scarborough Blasts House GOP in Comey Hearing

On Tuesday, Morning Joe team Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough opened the show by jumping into FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. Both hosts, who have turned strongly against Trump since his election, didn’t mince words. “Obviously number one, Donald Trump was lying about Barack Obama,” said Scarborough. “We knew it but now we got confirmation from the FBI and the Justice Department.” “Number two,” he added. “The FBI is investigating Donald Trump and his team.” Scarborough, a former GOP congressman, blasted House Republicans for their focus on leaking rather than the FBI’s overall investigation. “All most House Republicans wanted to talk about was how reporters got the information to get out to America that their president, the White House and the campaign team is under investigation for collusion,” he said. “It was one of the most shameful performances, Continue reading "‘Shameful’: Scarborough Blasts House GOP in Comey Hearing"

Comedian and Musician Releases Song Imploring Potential Suitors, ‘Be My Rachel Maddow’

Comedian and musician Lane Moore has released a song about her love for Rachel Maddow. Well, she’s released a song about hoping she can find someone to love who reminds her of Maddow at the very least. “Don’t care if you’re a girl or a guy; you could look a little like her,” Moore sings. “Just want to hear your political opinions and ride off into the night. Be my Rachel Maddow, be my Rachel Maddow…” The song even gets a little timely when Moore croons, “There’s so many things I would like to tell you but I can’t find the words. We could could spend the weekends with you, analyzing tax returns.” In case you don’t get it, just last Tuesday, Maddow made major headlines by teasing that she had gotten ahold of Donald Trump‘s tax returns ahead of her nightly broadcast. When viewers tuned in, continuing Continue reading "Comedian and Musician Releases Song Imploring Potential Suitors, ‘Be My Rachel Maddow’"

My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star

eric-bolling-photo Over the past few months, Fox News has witnessed unprecedented movement in its on-air ranks. Tucker Carlson took the ball and ran (with his program outdrawing his predecessors), while Greta Van Susteren — and later Megyn Kelly — found greener pastures elsewhere (albeit for very different reasons). In the Roger Ailes era, major changes at the network were rare, leaving little real chance for movement. So, with this newfound opportunity gold rush at (or from) Fox, who is best poised to make the next meteoric rise? My cable news Ouija board is spelling out Eric Bolling. (Insert eye roll here.) Yes, the conservative pundit has been toiling in only somewhat prominent spots on the Fox farm for a long time, but Bolling’s extensive — and often controversial — track record put him in the perfect spot to become the new Fox News darling. Back in 2006, CNBC was Continue reading "My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star"

Donny Deutsch Goes Off: ‘There Needs to be Rage,’ Trump Tweets Are Like ‘Britney Spears’

Morning Joe opened up Friday with a feisty start courtesy of frequent guest Donny Deutsch. For yet another day, co-host Mika Brzezinski brought the discussion back to Donald Trump’s incendiary claims of wiretapping from his predecessor Barack Obama. As we learned yesterday, the president continues to stand by the claim despite a growing number of Republican and Democratic lawmakers who have called the allegations baseless. “I’ve heard from the inside, days after this happened, that [Trump] knows he shouldn’t have done this and he kind of shrugged it off,” said Brzezinski. “Everyone is wasting a lot of very valuable time in Washington.” “There needs to be rage about this,” Deutsch interjected. “If a 7th grader sent out on social media a text that said ‘oh, that other student cheated’… they would be expelled. Should we not hold our president to the same accountability Continue reading "Donny Deutsch Goes Off: ‘There Needs to be Rage,’ Trump Tweets Are Like ‘Britney Spears’"