‘Give Me a Break’: Jeff Sessions Wants You to Know He Actually Loves Hawaii

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi spoke with Jeff Sessions and John Kelly on Friday, and he asked the Attorney General about the disparaging remarks Sessions seemed to make about the federal judge who halted President Trump‘s latest attempt to restrict travel from several majority Muslim countries. Earlier this week, Sessions drew media attention when he scoffed at District of Hawaii judge, Derrick Watson. “I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the President of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional power,” Sessions said at the time. When Velshi asked about this, Sessions said his statement was “perfectly correct” since Watson was blocking Trump’s executive order. Velshi pushed back on this, noting how Sessions “diminished a federal judge” on the grounds that Hawaii isn’t part of the U.S. mainland. “I wasn’t diminishing Continue reading "‘Give Me a Break’: Jeff Sessions Wants You to Know He Actually Loves Hawaii"

Fox Guest Says ‘MSNBC Is an Apologist for the Islamists’

On night two of a Bill O’Reilly-less Factor, one of the guests ripped MSNBC over how two of its anchors reacted to comments from President Trump today. In the hours that followed the horrific shooting in Paris, ISIS claimed responsibility. When Trump was asked about it earlier in the day, he said that it sounded like it was a terrorist attack. (French President Francois Hollande later said in public remarks that it was likely terror-related.) Both Brian Williams and Chuck Todd responded to Trump’s initial remarks by saying he was getting ahead of the facts. Jim Hanson, executive vice president at the Center for Security Policy, told guest host Dana Perino, “It’s absurd. MSNBC is an apologist for the Islamists and they need to stop doing that. It was refreshing to hear President Trump actually say what every sentient being can see.” Hanson Continue reading "Fox Guest Says ‘MSNBC Is an Apologist for the Islamists’"

‘A Lot Like the Nixon White House’: Gabe Sherman Talks Fox News’ Potential Legal Troubles

Once again, the reporting done by New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman on a scandal at Fox News proved to be spot on. When Bill O’Reilly left for vacation on April 11, Sherman cited highly-placed sources as saying that the embattled host might have just done his last show at the network. Now, undoubtedly, there are many executives at the network hoping that Sherman is not right about what’s coming next. Appearing on MSNBC Thursday, Sherman told Chris Hayes that prosecutors in the Southern District in Manhattan as well as FBI agents are looking into deposed Fox News head Roger Ailes and what Sherman calls a “pattern of serially paying off women” and whether money was moved around improperly. “Fox News is a lot like the Nixon White House,” Sherman said. “This was a public company with investors, but Roger Ailes was running it as his personal fiefdom.” He made Continue reading "‘A Lot Like the Nixon White House’: Gabe Sherman Talks Fox News’ Potential Legal Troubles"

‘What a Difference a Year Can Make’: Greta Van Susteren Briefly Addresses O’Reilly News

“Everyone wants to know what I have to say,” said Greta Van Susteren in the closing seconds of her show’s opening segment Wednesday on MSNBC. Indeed, many were undoubtedly were looking for Van Susteren’s take on Bill O’Reilly‘s departure from Fox News, which was announced earlier in the day. Van Susteren––who a year ago today had a show on Fox News that ran right before O’Reilly’s––spoke out about the harassment allegations against Roger Ailes following her departure from the network last summer. Van Susteren’s remarks earlier tonight were brief but telling. “What a difference a year can make for a lot of us,” she said. “That’s all I’m gonna say.” Watch above, via MSNBC. [featured image via screengrab] —— Follow Joe DePaolo (@joe_depaolo) on Twitter

WaPo’s Paul Farhi: Despite O’Reilly Departure, Fox News Not Serious About ‘Cleaning up the Culture’

The departure of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News will undoubtedly usher in a new era at the cabler — at least in terms of the on-air product. But one prominent industry observer believes the larger culture at the network is unlikely to change. Appearing on MSNBC Wednesday, The Washington Post‘s Paul Farhi referenced Roger Ailes and said that people who “enabled him” still work at the network. (Farhi didn’t name names, but one person he may have been referencing was Fox News co-president Bill Shine, who is widely alleged to be a “fixer” of sorts in the dozens of sexual harassment cases involving the network.) And as a result, he says, the larger culture is unlikely to change:
“I’ll tell you one thing. When they got rid of Roger Ailes last summer, they didn’t get rid of the people who Roger Ailes had put into place. And Continue reading "WaPo’s Paul Farhi: Despite O’Reilly Departure, Fox News Not Serious About ‘Cleaning up the Culture’"

Stephanie Ruhle on O’Reilly’s Ouster: ‘It’s Progress and Progress Should Be Celebrated’

Following the announcement by Fox News that they were parting ways with Bill O’Reilly amid accusations of his sexual harassment scandal, Fox’s cable news competitors immediately began reporting on the news and commenting on the whole situation. On MSNBC, host Stephanie Ruhle called in minutes after the story dropped to give her take on this stunner. Ruhle immediately stated that this showed how much power women have with advertisers. “For those advertisers to start to clue into the fact it is women who control more household income and spending than men do in their homes,” she said. “They’re starting to say, ‘It doesn’t make sense — what this program or this personality represents is not reflective of our brand.'” Following a New York Times report earlier this month detailing numerous sexual harassment settlements paid out by O’Reilly over the years, dozens of advertisers jumped ship from The O’Reilly Factor. Continue reading "Stephanie Ruhle on O’Reilly’s Ouster: ‘It’s Progress and Progress Should Be Celebrated’"

Gabe Sherman Breaks Down Struggle Over Fox’s Reported Decision to Fire Bill O’Reilly

Gabriel Sherman phoned into MSNBC on Wednesday to talk about his report saying that Fox News has officially decided to cut ties with prime-time giant, Bill O’Reilly. Sherman explained that Rupert Murdoch and his family were trying to contain the details of their decision, but that they have entered “severance talks.” The news comes after various articles reported how Fox was preparing for an exit strategy, even though Sherman noted earlier this week that Murdoch refused to be pressured by external media sources. Sherman said Murdoch was resistant to letting O’Reilly go, even though he was facing a “revolt” from senior executives from his various media properties over his decision. These executives reportedly said they wouldn’t tolerate Fox’s “rogue culture” anymore, and even Murdoch’s sons James and Lachlan opposed their father on the matter. Sherman also noted that because of O’Reilly’s influence and large audience, the impact from his Continue reading "Gabe Sherman Breaks Down Struggle Over Fox’s Reported Decision to Fire Bill O’Reilly"