My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star

eric-bolling-photo Over the past few months, Fox News has witnessed unprecedented movement in its on-air ranks. Tucker Carlson took the ball and ran (with his program outdrawing his predecessors), while Greta Van Susteren — and later Megyn Kelly — found greener pastures elsewhere (albeit for very different reasons). In the Roger Ailes era, major changes at the network were rare, leaving little real chance for movement. So, with this newfound opportunity gold rush at (or from) Fox, who is best poised to make the next meteoric rise? My cable news Ouija board is spelling out Eric Bolling. (Insert eye roll here.) Yes, the conservative pundit has been toiling in only somewhat prominent spots on the Fox farm for a long time, but Bolling’s extensive — and often controversial — track record put him in the perfect spot to become the new Fox News darling. Back in 2006, CNBC was Continue reading "My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star"

Donny Deutsch Goes Off: ‘There Needs to be Rage,’ Trump Tweets Are Like ‘Britney Spears’

Morning Joe opened up Friday with a feisty start courtesy of frequent guest Donny Deutsch. For yet another day, co-host Mika Brzezinski brought the discussion back to Donald Trump’s incendiary claims of wiretapping from his predecessor Barack Obama. As we learned yesterday, the president continues to stand by the claim despite a growing number of Republican and Democratic lawmakers who have called the allegations baseless. “I’ve heard from the inside, days after this happened, that [Trump] knows he shouldn’t have done this and he kind of shrugged it off,” said Brzezinski. “Everyone is wasting a lot of very valuable time in Washington.” “There needs to be rage about this,” Deutsch interjected. “If a 7th grader sent out on social media a text that said ‘oh, that other student cheated’… they would be expelled. Should we not hold our president to the same accountability Continue reading "Donny Deutsch Goes Off: ‘There Needs to be Rage,’ Trump Tweets Are Like ‘Britney Spears’"

Howard Dean Goes Off on ‘Lying’ Spicer and Trump: ‘What Sean Spicer Just Did Was Fake News’

Following White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s briefing on Thursday, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean went off on Spicer, as well as President Donald Trump. Spicer said during his briefing that the President was standing by his claims that Trump Tower was the target of surveillance by the U.S. Government during the Presidential campaign, despite the Senate Intelligence Committee’s finding that there were “no indications” of any surveillance. Appearing on MSNBC, Dean said Spicer’s briefing Thursday was simply a part of the Trump modus operandi over the years, in which he does not admit to being incorrect. “What Sean Spicer just did what fake news,” Dean said. “This is Trump’s career in the New York real estate business: Never give up. Never admit you’re wrong. Say whatever you want and then try to get away with it “It doesn’t work. This is a Continue reading "Howard Dean Goes Off on ‘Lying’ Spicer and Trump: ‘What Sean Spicer Just Did Was Fake News’"

Rachel Maddow Thinks it is Totally Irrational if You Were Upset by Her Trump Tax Reveal

Screen-Shot-2017-03-16-at-12.53.46-PM-650x347 Rachel Maddow has finally addressed criticism that she and her network oversold the Donald Trump tax return scoop. In an interview with the Associated Press, the ratings empress of MSNBC completely absolved herself of any blame, saying that she had nothing to with with anyone whose expectations were too high. “Because I have information about the president doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a scandal,” said Maddow. “It doesn’t mean that it’s damning information. If other people leapt to that conclusion without me indicating that it was, that hype is external to what we did.” External to what we did? …I don’t think so. While Maddow is correct that she never explicitly suggested evidence of malfeasance, she cannot disavow her obvious attempt to over-hype the story in a way that led people to that conclusion. Let’s look at the record.

During MSNBC Interview, Democratic Rep. Thanks Network for ‘Speaking Truth to Power’

While appearing on MSNBC for an interview today, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) ended up giving the network an unsolicited plug when he heaped tons of praise upon the cable news channel for their coverage of President Donald Trump. Speaking to host Ali Velshi about Trump’s interview last night with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in which the president said he put wiretap in quotes when accusing Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, Lieu labeled Trump “ridiculous.” “He could have just asked his intel folks about wiretapping instead of making stuff up because of stuff he saw on the news,” Lieu exclaimed. “We know that President Trump is basically lying about this. That’s what [FBI Director James] Comey is going to testify to next week.” After some more discussion about the upcoming hearing and Lieu’s recent House resolution to combat fake news, the fierce Trump Continue reading "During MSNBC Interview, Democratic Rep. Thanks Network for ‘Speaking Truth to Power’"

Smartphone-Savy Millennials Increasingly Getting News…From Fox?

2016-04-26-YouTube-Smartphone Fox News and CNN dramatically boosted their viewership among the millennial generation, according to Nielsen data published by the New York Post on Wednesday. Post correspondent Claire Atkinson detailed how “Fox News attracted the highest number of millennials — famously addicted to their smartphones — with 67,700 of those aged between 18 and 34 tuning in” during the first quarter of 2017, an increase of “250 percent from the same period two years ago.” Fox News’s competitor, CNN, also doubled its number of millennial viewers “to 62,900 from 34,800 in 2015.” Notoriously liberal MSNBC surprisingly didn’t get a similar boost, according to the data: “MSNBC just notched 35,900 in the first quarter versus 20,400 in the comparable period two years earlier.” Atkinson noted that “latest cable-TV figures aren’t big numbers when compared with the hundreds of millions of log-ins that social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Continue reading "Smartphone-Savy Millennials Increasingly Getting News…From Fox?"