Adele Did Her Best Beyoncé Impression, Wind Machine and All, at Her Concert

adele It’s no secret Adele is a member of the Beyhive. During this year’s Grammy Awards, the Album of the year winner praised Beyoncé during her acceptance speech, saying that for her, “Lemonade” was the album of the year. Now, she’s showing what a fan she is at her own concerts. Recently, at a show in Melbourne, Australia, she took a quick break from performing to cool off, using one of the fans on stage. Beyoncé is famously a fan-enthusiast, and when Adele realized that the fan made her look like So, she did what any of us would do, and she sang a bit of the song “Crazy in love.” After a few seconds, though, she Continue reading "Adele Did Her Best Beyoncé Impression, Wind Machine and All, at Her Concert"

Liam Payne Says Donald Trump Once Kicked One Direction Out of His Hotel

shutterstock_278891807 It’s been revealed that President Donald Trump has had a feud with boy band One Direction, and the reason why might surprise you. Liam Payne recently told Rollacoaster Magazine the story. “You wouldn’t believe it. It was about [meeting] his daughter,” he said. “He phoned up our manager, and we were asleep. He said, ‘Well, wake them up,’ and I was like, ‘no,’ and then he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage. Obviously in New York, we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us.” Payne doesn’t mention which daughter it is in the interview, though we assume it’s Tiffany Trump, since the band’a fan base skews pretty young. When they wouldn’t meet his daughter, they were forced to leave the hotel. [featured image via Tinseltown / Shutterstock]

Diddy Has Created a Social Media Campaign to Honor Notorious B.I.G.

On the 20th anniversary of Notorious B.I.G.‘s death, Diddy has taken to social media to pay tribute to his late friend. He posted a video to his Instagram account and says that 20 years ago, we “lost the greatest rapper of all time.”

He invites fans to post videos of themselves rapping their favorite Biggie verses and tag them with #WeMissYouBIG. Diddy says he’s going to edit them and put them together to make “something special.”

As of this posting, over 7,100 posts Continue reading "Diddy Has Created a Social Media Campaign to Honor Notorious B.I.G."

How Do You Measure a Relationship in Journalism?

This guest post was originally published on Medium.

Focusing on relationships is not just about the life or death of journalism. By doing so, we defend the true purpose of communication: to build community.

“‘Content is king’… That bullshit will change. We’ll have a resurgence,” Radiohead’s singer Thom Yorke told Alec Baldwin in the actor’s podcast, in early 2013. I came across that phrase just yesterday while going on the train to a class in my M.A. program in social journalism, where my classmates and I are studying, precisely, how to make what Yorke predicted happen.

While Yorke was speaking about music and the way it is produced, distributed and consumed today, when I heard him it was easy for me to think about journalism. At some point, he recalled the first time a mobile company asked Radiohead for new music to include in its new phones. It wanted “some

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