This is how The New York Times is using bots to create more one-to-one experiences with readers

So here’s one of them: This is Sam Manchester. He’s a deputy sports editor. I don’t know if anyone had the chance to see this — it was a relatively small experiment — but Sam was one of a lot of journalists who went to the Rio Olympics, and we actually asked Sam to text with people, anyone who would sign up, his personal observations from the games. You know, not breaking news, not headlines that you can get anywhere else, but to talk to people the way he might send texts to a friend, right? It’s a pretty familiar interface. And I think what’s really powerful about this is, now all of a sudden, The New York Times (or at least NYT Sam) is saying “Hey.” When is the last time The New York Times said hey to you? For a big old news organization like The
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NY Times Bemoans The ‘Power of Fantasy’ At NRA’s Firearms Museum

2014-03-05-YouTube-NRA-National_Firearms_Museum New York Times editorial board member Francis X. Clines targeted the National Rifle Association on Monday over its Hollywood-themed exhibit at its National Firearms Museum. “The gallery devoted to Hollywood and its guns and good-guy shooters that best illustrates the power of fantasy now driving the modern gun rights debate,” Clines wrote in his editorial. He soon added that “the cardboard fantasy of the good guy gunning down the bad guy is what makes the museum work as an enjoyable escape from the life-and-death reality of American gun carnage.” The former Times reporter first zeroed in on the cardboard cut-out of Hollywood legend John Wayne that stands at the exhibit’s entrance. He contended that it was “no wonder modern Florida legislators could not resist protecting actual shooters who draw and fire like John Wayne as guilt-free, ‘stand-your-ground’ defenders.” Clines also emphasized that “the museum narrative identifies the actual Continue reading "NY Times Bemoans The ‘Power of Fantasy’ At NRA’s Firearms Museum"

Shock: NYT’s Thrush Compliments Trump for Having ‘More Democratic’ Pressers Than Obama

Glenn Thrush of the New York Times made a surprising claim about President Donald Trump in relation to his predecessor, Barack Obama, during a Monday appearance on the WAMU/NPR program, 1A.

“I think one of the things that I think [Trump is] doing better than Barack Obama are these press conferences and his outreach to individual reporters — even for organizations, like my own, that he criticizes,” Thrush outlined.

The New York Times correspondent has clashed with the Trump administration since the inauguration, so his statement certainly stands out.

Thrush appeared on the NPR program with two other White House journalists: CNN’s Jim Acosta (who has also sparred with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Mr. Trump himself) and Ashley Parker of The Washington Post.

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Must Reads in Media & Technology: April 25

Must Reads is MediaShift’s daily curation of the big stories about media and technology from across the web. Sign up here to get these delivered right to your inbox. 1. ‘What We’re Not Doing is Putting a Newspaper on Snapchat’ – New York Times Joins Snapchat Discover (Kerry Flynn / Mashable) 2. Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Launches Wikitribune, a Large-Scale Attempt to Combat Fake News (Laura Hazard Owen / Nieman Lab) 3. Reuters Launched Backstory to Provide More Transparency Around its Reporting Process (Caroline Scott / 4. A Guide to the Google Ad-Blocking Conspiracy Theories (Lucia Moses / Digiday) 5. Bill O’Reilly Breaks Silence After Fox News Ouster: ‘I’m Very Confident the Truth Will Come Out’ (Daniel Holloway / Variety) 6. Check Out a New Podcast Hosted by LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman (Andrea Huspeni / Entrepreneur) Get the Daily Must Reads Continue reading "Must Reads in Media & Technology: April 25"

Newsonomics: Lydia Polgreen’s ambitious HuffPost remake aims for “solidarity” among readers

Make no mistake: Lydia Polgreen understands she has her work cut out for her. Named The Huffington Post’s editor-in-chief in December, Polgreen brings to the job an enviable reputation as a journalist, as a colleague, and as someone who cares passionately about the issues of our time. At 41, she left a 15-year career at The New York Times to become only the second editor of a publication that can seem a bit of a puzzle in 2017. In replacing eponymous founding editor Arianna Huffington, she takes over a big global news organization of 600 that’s won a huge U.S. and international audience over the years. But at 12 years old, it feels like the older, less-hip relative of the BuzzFeeds, Voxes, Business Insiders, and Mics. And it has a bit of a reputation; as John Oliver extolled the craft of journalism last year, he knew his audience would Continue reading "Newsonomics: Lydia Polgreen’s ambitious HuffPost remake aims for “solidarity” among readers"

The New York Times brings its (even briefer) morning briefings to Snapchat Discover

The New York Times, which started publishing on Snapchat Discover on Monday after a couple of years of sending out updates through the regular app, sees a couple of audiences for the new product. One is Snapchat’s native audience. The other is the olds who, like me, might have spent several minutes Monday morning trying to figure out how to fill out the Times’ mini crossword on Snapchat Discover: For them, there is a Times Insider explainer to how to find the Times on Snapchat Discover, how to tap through its offerings, and how to fill out the crossword. For these people, there are even video how-tos. The explainer post’s slug is don't-worry-you're-not-the-last-person-on-snapchat. The Times is Continue reading "The New York Times brings its (even briefer) morning briefings to Snapchat Discover"

‘Total Fake News Speculation’: Fox’s Hannity Rips NYT Over Report About His ‘Advising’ Trump

sean-hannity-04152015 Fox New’s Sean Hannity is slamming The New York Times on Twitter over a piece which addresses the amount of contact he has with President Donald Trump. Times reporters Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush put out an article detailing how Trump often seeks counsel from friends and advisers who act outside of the White House. Part of the report explores how Hannity consistently offers Trump advice in addition to acting as one of the president’s biggest media boosters. This new report coincides with previous reports suggesting that Hannity was an informal adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign. As it were, Hannity seems to have noticed the article, and he doesn’t approve of it: