Newsonomics: With an expanding Wirecutter, The New York Times is doubling down on diversification

Imagine a world in which Donald Trump is no longer President.       No, really. Okay, if that concept’s beyond your immediate comprehension, let’s make the question a bit more concrete: Imagine what’ll happen to the news business in a world in which Donald Trump is no longer president. Yes, the Trump Bump in digital subscriptions is long gone, replaced by a steadier, lower-key growth rate for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others. But traffic continues to go through the roof, alongside the nation’s temper. No one has ever seen news days, or news weeks, like this. Like all things, it’s unlikely to last. So the business question: If you ran a news company and could anticipate this future non-Trump time — one in which national attention isn’t riveted to every god-forbid smartphone notification — how might you prepare? You might pay more and more attention Continue reading "Newsonomics: With an expanding Wirecutter, The New York Times is doubling down on diversification"

Fox Business Host on NY Times Report That Trump Committed Tax Fraud: ‘No One Cares!’

A Fox Business host dismissed the massive New York Times report alleging that President Donald Trump committed “outright fraud” in “dubious tax schemes” on Outnumbered Wednesday. The report detailed (in 14,000 words) how Trump used tax dodges to rake in hundreds of millions from his father’s real estate empire. Trish Regan, whose primetime show on Fox Business Network is set to debut, argued the New York Times presented its story “unfairly,” and should have blamed Trump’s parents for the tax schemes. “The truth is Harris, no one cares,” Regan told co-host Harris Faulkner. Faulkner asked what the point of the story is, and Regan suggested the Times was pursuing the story “to goad the New York Times into releasing his tax records.” Melissa Francis accused the Times of publishing “hearsay” as a “trick” to get Trump to release his tax documents. “Which is what they want, but, no Continue reading "Fox Business Host on NY Times Report That Trump Committed Tax Fraud: ‘No One Cares!’"

Trump Rips ‘Failing’ NY Times Over Tax Fraud Bombshell, Doesn’t Deny Reporting

And now for something completely unexpected…just kidding, President Trump is swiping at The New York Times again. The Times had a major scoop yesterday when they released an extensive review on the Trump family’s financial history. The report suggests the president has engaged in multiple dubious practices over the years to avoid paying taxes while inheriting a colossal part of his fortune from his father’s business empire. The report goes a long way in disputing Trump’s self portrayal as a self-made multibillionaire, and as you can see, he has noticed this with obvious disapproval.

New York Times Obtains 1983 ‘Beach Week’ Letter from Kavanaugh: ‘We’re Loud, Obnoxious Drunks’

Despite Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh claiming that his high school yearbook references to vomiting were about his weak stomach and not drinking, a letter written in the early 1980s by the now-judge bragged about he and his friends’ inebriated puking abilities. “It would probably be a good dea on Sat. the 18th to warn the neighbors that we’re loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us. Advise them to go about 30 miles,” wrote a high school aged Kavanaugh in a letter preparing an Ocean City, Maryland beach getaway with his fellow Georgetown Prep classmates, according to the New York Times. While the teasing remark about throwing up due to alcohol overconsumption is typical for high school aged males, it is now under heavy scrutiny as Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford while drunk when the two were in high school. Kavanaugh denies these claims. He has Continue reading "New York Times Obtains 1983 ‘Beach Week’ Letter from Kavanaugh: ‘We’re Loud, Obnoxious Drunks’"

Why The New York Times TL;DR’d its own 14,218-word Trump investigation

You could certainly read The New York Times’ massive investigation (14,128 words, by my count) into how Trump’s “self-made” fortune is not only not self-made but also involves tax fraud. But the Times knows that not everybody is going to do that. So on Tuesday afternoon, at the same time that it published the investigation that was a year in the making, it also aggregated itself — publishing “11 takeaways from the Times’s investigation into Trump’s wealth.” The TL;DR version is by the same authors as the full investigation (Russ Buettner, Susanne Craig, and David Barstow), and, at over 2,500 words, it’s pretty much a longread of its own. There’s also this much shorter interactive version, with audio and video.