Fox News’ Kennedy Floats Theory Nikki Haley Wrote Anonymous NY Times Op-Ed

On Fox’s Outnumbered on Monday, Judge Andrew Napolitano and hosts Kennedy, Harris Faulkner, Melissa Francis, and former Hillary for America spokesperson Adrienne Elrod were discussing President Trump’s interview for 60 Minutes, and on the topic of how much he can trust people in the White House, had a bit of conversational chaos. Even the subject of Nikki Haley and the infamous New York Times “resistance” op-ed came up. Napolitano lamented the state of affairs in the White House being at a point where the President feels he can’t trust those around him, and took an aside to praise Gen. James Mattis and express his regret that Trump criticized him. But Melissa Francis brought it back to the topic of trust, which is where the clip above begins. “Of course he doesn’t trust everybody in the White House, and I can’t imagine that any President ever does,” Continue reading "Fox News’ Kennedy Floats Theory Nikki Haley Wrote Anonymous NY Times Op-Ed"

Trump: ‘Everyone Wants’ Ivanka to Replace Nikki Haley, But I Hear ‘Chants of Nepotism’

In his daily Twitter missive, President Trump expressed his pleasure with all the recent speculation about whether he’ll replace Nikki Haley with his daughter. Ever since Haley confirmed her imminent departure from her position as Ambassador to the United Nations, media figures and political observers have noted the possibility that the president will try to have Ivanka Trump take Haley’s place. The First Daughter said this week that she will not become Haley’s successor, though speculation still remains. As such, the president tweeted today about how “everyone wants” Ivanka to take the job, though he predicts “the chants of Nepotism” if he were to go down that road. Continue reading "Trump: ‘Everyone Wants’ Ivanka to Replace Nikki Haley, But I Hear ‘Chants of Nepotism’"

Joe Scarborough: ‘If My Theory Holds, Donald Trump Won’t Seek Reelection’

Joe Scarborough said this morning it seems like Nikki Haley may run in 2020, though he still doubts President Donald Trump will. “If there’s been anybody that the White House has been worried about running in a primary in 2020,” he said, “it would be Nikki Haley. And as you look back at her service, I think she is one of the few members that has remained independent and has stuck pretty steadfast to a traditional U.S. foreign policy position.” David Ignatius noted that it seems like Haley is the “rare person” in Trump’s orbit that is exiting from the White House with her reputation and her dignity intact. He added it seems like her comments yesterday were more about a 2024 campaign announcement as opposed to 2020, where she would be challenging Trump. “There always has been talk about Nikki Haley… possibly running in 2020. David’s talking Continue reading "Joe Scarborough: ‘If My Theory Holds, Donald Trump Won’t Seek Reelection’"

Steve Bannon Bashes Nikki Haley Over Timing of Resignation: She’s as ‘Ambitious as Lucifer’

In an interview with Bloomberg News published on Wednesday, former White House advisor and Trump Svengali Steve Bannon bashed outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley for the timing of her announcement that she’s leaving the post at the end of the year. President Donald Trump and the soon-to-be-former Ambassador held a joint presser on Tuesday after the surprising news broke, in which they effusively praised one another, but that admiration apparently doesn’t extend to all of Trump world, with Bannon casting her in a negative light. “The timing was exquisite from a bad point of view,” Bannon told Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait. He said everything discussed Tuesday could easily have waited until after the midterms. “The timing could not have been worse.” Bloomberg reports that Bannon described Haley as both “ambitious” and “very talented”, but not necessarily in a good way. “I think she is incredibly politically ambitious,” he Continue reading "Steve Bannon Bashes Nikki Haley Over Timing of Resignation: She’s as ‘Ambitious as Lucifer’"

Melissa Harris-Perry: Nikki Haley ‘Will Be President’

Former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry made a bold prediction on Twitter about outgoing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. On Tuesday morning, it was announced that President Donald Trump accepted Haley’s resignation from her position in the administration, which she is expected to officially exit at the end of the year. And since the shocking announcement, many have speculated what’s next for the former South Carolina governor. Some believe she will replace Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in Congress if he joins the Trump administration (perhaps replacing his former colleague Jeff Sessions as Attorney General). Others speculated whether she’d challenge Trump in the 2020 primaries, something she denied to reporters at the White House. Well she may not become president in 2020, but Melissa Harris-Perry is certain that a President Nikki Haley is inevitable. Late on Tuesday night, Harris-Perry took to Twitter and made this declaration.

Ivanka Trump Says She Will Not Be Nikki Haley’s Successor as UN Ambassador

There’s been some speculation that Ivanka Trump would succeed Nikki Haley as UN ambassador––speculation President Donald Trump himself addressed today. He said she would be great for the job, but he would be criticized for nepotism. But with speculation growing about this being an actual possibility, the First Daughter and advisor to the President tweeted she won’t be Haley’s successor: “It is an honor to serve in the White House,” she tweeted, “alongside so many great colleagues and I know that the President will nominate a formidable replacement for Ambassador Haley. That replacement will not be me.” In announcing her decision to step down today, Haley offered Continue reading "Ivanka Trump Says She Will Not Be Nikki Haley’s Successor as UN Ambassador"

GOP Rep. Mark Sanford Scoffs at Idea of Ivanka as UN Ambassador: ‘Are You Kidding Me?’

Congressman Mark Sanford (R- SC) today reacted with bewilderment to the very idea of Ivanka Trump as UN ambassador. Earlier today Sanford––a Trump-critical Republican infamous for “hiking the Appalachian trail” who lost his primary this year after being mocked by Trump for it––reacted on MSNBC to the big news of Nikki Haley leaving by saying something doesn’t “smell right” here. And as Axios’ Jonathan Swan put it: Sanford elaborated to Jake Tapper this afternoon by saying it’s strange that Haley would be leaving weeks before the midterm elections instead of waiting until afterwards. He even wondered if a shoe was about to drop on something she wanted to get out ahead of. But then, of course, there’s the question of who would replace Haley, and Trump just this afternoon said his own daughter would be Continue reading "GOP Rep. Mark Sanford Scoffs at Idea of Ivanka as UN Ambassador: ‘Are You Kidding Me?’"