‘He’s Out With the People’: Fox & Friends Runs North Korean Propaganda, Calls Kim Jong Un ‘Quite the Romantic’

Fox & Friends took time on Thursday to show the “lighter side” of North Korean dictator Kim Jon-Un, airing photos from the regime’s state-run propaganda network of the brutal killer visiting a fish factory with his sweetie, because awwwww. Something’s changed since their coverage in February (below). But what it could be… This morning, Fox anchor Jillian Mele read the story, which had no discernible news value, beginning with the fluff-piece classic line “turns out Kim Jong Un is quite the romantic.” Referring to Kim as the “North Korean dictator” she explained that he took his wife on a tour of a fish pickling factory. “State media releasing the photos to showcase what the rogue regime considers its economic strength,” she said. “The softer side,” quipped Steve Doocy after the Mele tossed it back to the hosts. “Very romantic,” said Ainsley Earhardt. “A fish factory.” “Very romantic,”
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Fox & Friends Tackles News North Korea May Not Be Denuclearizing: ‘Hmm’

On Fox and Friends on Tuesday, hosts Pete Hegseth and Steve Doocy tackled the news that U.S. intelligence has evidence that North Korea is building new intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States. Hegseth reported that “North Korea could be working to build new missiles despite its pledge to denuclearize.” “The Washington Post reports U.S. Spy agencies are seeing signs that the rogue regime is working on up to two missiles capable of hitting the United States,” he read. “This satellite photo reportedly shows production at a missile facility.” “Hmm,” said Hegseth after reading the report. “Not great.” The pledge Hegseth slightly mentions was the one between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump at their summit. After that summit the President said that there was “no more nuclear threat” from North Korea. The Washington Post story has much more. Co-host Steve Doocy Continue reading "Fox & Friends Tackles News North Korea May Not Be Denuclearizing: ‘Hmm’"

U.S. Intel Reportedly Says North Korea is Building New Missiles As Trump Continues to Boast of Progress

A new report indicates that North Korea is building new possible intercontinental ballistic missiles despite Kim Jong Un‘s denuclearization agreement from his summit with President Donald Trump. The Washington Post spoke to multiple intelligence officials who have monitored “ongoing activity” recently from North Korea’s nuclear and missile testing facilities. Satellite images and previous reports about a secret uranium enrichment facility suggest that the North Koreans are upgrading their arsenal from a research facility located just outside of Pyongyang. Ever since the summit in Singapore, President Trump and his administration have touted the agreement he signed with Kim — even though it didn’t spell out any kind of specific framework or plan for Korean Peninsula’s disarmament. Recent photos suggested the North Koreans were in the process of dismantling a test engine stand at a satellite launching station, but various analysts warn the gesture is mostly symbolic since tests there were Continue reading "U.S. Intel Reportedly Says North Korea is Building New Missiles As Trump Continues to Boast of Progress"

WATCH LIVE: Mike Pompeo Testifies Before Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today, which means he’s about to take a plethora of questions over President Donald Trump‘s meeting with Vladimir Putin. The White House continues to face scrutiny for not revealing more about what the two leaders discussed together during their private summit in Helsinki. Beyond that, Pompeo is bound to get asked about Trump’s press conference and subsequent comments going back and forth about whether he accepts U.S. intelligence findings on Russia’s 2016 election interference. As a possible prebuttal to these questions, the State Department released a declaration that the United States will never recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea. It’s also likely Pompeo will be asked to elaborate on his latest diplomatic endeavors regarding North Korea’s denuclearization. Pompeo recently travelled to Pyongyang in order to hold follow-up negotiations after Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un. Continue reading "WATCH LIVE: Mike Pompeo Testifies Before Senate Foreign Relations Committee"

Trump Says There’s ‘No Time Limit’ For North Korean Denuclearization: ‘There is No Rush’

President Trump is apparently saying his agreement with Kim Jong Un doesn’t include a deadline for the denuclearization of North Korea. Trump told reporters on Tuesday that the Korean Peninsula’s denuclearization was one of the topics that came up during his summit with Vladimir Putin.
“Discussions are ongoing and they’re going very, very well. We have no time limit. We have no speed limit…The sanctions are remaining. The hostages are back. There have been no tests. There have been no rockets going up for a period of nine months, and I think the relationships are very good, so we’ll see how that goes.”
Trump reaffirmed these comments on Twitter today as he defended himself from those criticizing his Putin press conference along with his attempt to walk back his controversial statements.

North Korea is Totally Still Upgrading Nuke Program, Despite Big Trump Summit

“There will be denuclearization,” President Donald Trump said at a rally in Duluth, MN last Wednesday. “That’s the real story.” Now, in the words of the late radio legend Paul Harvey, the rest of the story: Despite the president’s assurances, North Korea has been upgrading its nuclear program in the two weeks following the June 12 summit in Singapore. That’s according to watchdog group 38 North — which posted satellite imagery to its website backing its assertions. The images show that North Korea has made a series of infrastructure upgrades to its only known nuclear reactor. Among the improvements; new buildings have been erected, covered pipe trench has been completed, and cooling units have been added. The 38 North report cautions that the continued work, “should not be seen as having any relationship to North Korea’s pledge to denuclearize.” However, 38 North’s managing editor, Jenny Town, Continue reading "North Korea is Totally Still Upgrading Nuke Program, Despite Big Trump Summit"

The North Korean National Anthem Was Played at Trump’s DC Hotel During an Event Honoring POTUS

Two weeks removed from the historic summit in Singapore during which President Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a group called Virginia Women for Trump decided it wanted to honor — at Trump’s Washington DC hotel — what it deemed a foreign policy breakthrough on the president’s part. How best to do that? Virginia Women for Trump apparently decided to celebrate the summit — and Trump’s recent birthday — with a rendition of the North Korean national anthem. According to The New York Times, several hundred women gathered at the hotel for the celebration — led by Alice Butler-Short, the group’s president. Times reporter Elizabeth Williamson described the scene thusly:
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