Fox News Insider: Growing and Troubling Realization That James Murdoch Is In Charge

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.24.29 PM I worked at the channel as a senior manager for nearly 20 years, the most recent decade as a senior VP running the editorial for Before that, I’d worked a number of years for Roger Ailes and consider him a mentor. Roger’s dismissal was a surprise and a psychological hit to me and most Fox employees. It’s a rough time when someone who was a father figure to many gets fired for sexual harassment allegations. Bill O’Reilly was another story. One one hand, most think O’Reilly got a raw deal. On the other, he often behaved like such a jerk that few of his colleagues shed any tears. What kind of jerk? The kind who screamed in the newsroom because he hadn’t received a fax, accusing “someone” of having stolen it. A man who, when he couldn’t use his computer, would snap at an assistant trying to help Continue reading "Fox News Insider: Growing and Troubling Realization That James Murdoch Is In Charge"

Congress Staves Off Government Shutdown… for One Week

congress Congress has approved a bill that will temporarily avoid the possibility that the government will shut down. Over the past week, Congressional Republicans and Democrats have been sparring over the omnibus bill that will determine how the government will appropriate money until the end of the fiscal year. On Friday, the House of Representatives voted 382-30 to pass a short-term extension that will keep the government functional for at least one more week. The Senate voted in favor of it as well. Negotiations for a bipartisan agreement were foiled this week. Democrats were concerned about sustaining the Affordable Care Act, while the White House was attempting to get funding for the president’s proposed wall on the Mexican border. [Image via] — —
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WATCH LIVE: President Trump Speaks at NRA Convention in Atlanta

President Donald Trump is heading to Atlanta, Georgia today in order to deliver a speech at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention at the Georgia World Congress Center. Trump’s speech will be part of the NRA’s opening day Leadership Forum, and it is expected to focus on issues of gun rights and ownership. The visit will make Trump the first sitting president to address the convention since Ronald Reagan did in 1983. The event is dedicated to gun rights, but the Secret Service said in a statement that they will be working with law enforcement to make sure attendees leave their guns outside during Trump’s speech. NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are among those expected to speak throughout today’s events. Once Trump is finished speaking, he is expected to appear at a fundraising event in support of Karen Handel, the Republican candidate running against Jon Continue reading "WATCH LIVE: President Trump Speaks at NRA Convention in Atlanta"

Comedy Central’s President Show Debuts With ‘Trump’ Fawning Over Ivanka and Marine Le Pen

Last night, Comedy Central premiered The President Show, which is hosted by Donald Trump Anthony Atamanuik. In the premiere episode, we learned the answer to “What do Marine Le Pen and Ivanka Trump have in common?” Le Pen is the far-right French presidential candidate that Trump hasn’t quite endorsed, but also hasn’t, uh, not endorsed.  To describe her, Atamanuik said, “She’s French, she’s blond, and she hates Muslims,” a “triple threat.” He played a game of “Nice! Not Nice!” in which both Le Pen and the First Daughter received a “Nice!” Also nice? Clam chowder. Eventually, Atamanuik moved on to Sean Spicer. Did he call him nice or not nice? We won’t spoil that one for you. Go ahead and watch above, via Comedy Central. [image: screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

‘The Good Guy in All This’: Sarah Palin Joins Hannity in Defending Fox News Co-President Bill Shine

palin Sarah Palin, who you’ll recall used to work at Fox News, tweeted out a message of support for Fox co-president Bill Shine this morning. Yesterday Sean Hannity tweeted in reaction to a report from New York Magazine‘s Gabriel Sherman that said Shine has been “expressing concern about his future at the network” and that he asked the Murdochs to release a statement of support, but they “refused.” Hannity tweeted #IStandWithShine in response and added that someone “high up” at Fox is “trying to get an innocent person fired.” Palin––who parted ways with Fox in 2015––noticed Hannity’s tweets and echoed them by defending Shine on Twitter this morning: The former Alaska governor and 2008 VP Continue reading "‘The Good Guy in All This’: Sarah Palin Joins Hannity in Defending Fox News Co-President Bill Shine"