Paul Manafort’s Defense Rests Without Calling a Witness or Presenting a Case

Attorneys for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort decided to rest today without presenting any kind of case or even calling a single witness to testify on their client’s behalf. The trial for Manafort’s alleged tax evasion and bank fraud was expected to move into the defense phase today after the prosecution rested their case on Monday. Defense lawyers presented Judge T.S. Ellis with a motion for acquittal, but the motion was denied. So Ellis asked Manafort today if he had any intention of testifying. Manafort declined to do so, and his team rested their case after confirming they had no other witnesses to bring forward.

Geraldo Bashes ‘Friend’ Trump For ‘Intemperate, Boorish’ Slams on Omarosa: ‘Open to Ugly Connotation’

Geraldo Rivera took a swipe at his longtime pal President Donald Trump for calling Omarosa Manigault Newman a “dog.” In a tweet posted Tuesday, the Fox News contributor slammed Trump for what he labeled “intemperate, boorish language” against Omarosa. “Fear my friend @realDonaldTrump undermines himself by using intemperate, boorish language to describe his enemies,” Rivera wrote. “I can’t stand @OMAROSA a bully, back stabber & big mouth. But to call her a ‘dog’ & ‘low life’ is beneath dignity of the office of @POTUS & open to ugly connotation.” Trump, earlier on Tuesday, Continue reading "Geraldo Bashes ‘Friend’ Trump For ‘Intemperate, Boorish’ Slams on Omarosa: ‘Open to Ugly Connotation’"

Roger Stone Deletes Photo of Himself and Trump in Space Force Suits With Swastika Patches

Roger Stone, longtime ally of President Donald Trump, posted a photoshopped picture on Instagram Tuesday showing himself, the president, and other Trumpworld defenders in spacesuits. But the picture shows the mock Space Force team wearing shocking insignias. Swastikas. They’re shown wearing Swastikas. Judging by the imagery and the “in space no one can hear you lie” caption, the picture was most likely made by a Trump critic — but Stone decided to latch onto it at first in order to jab at the “liberal scumbags.” Stone has deleted the picture, but screengrabs live forever: [Image via screengrab] — —
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Fox News Anchor Cites Her Sister ‘Who Worked on The Apprentice‘ to Refute Trump’s Alleged Use of N-Word

The long-rumored tape recorded during production of The Apprentice in which President Donald Trump is said to have used the N-word has gotten renewed traction this week, thanks to claims from Omarosa Manigault Newman supporting its existence. But thanks to a family connection, one Fox News anchor isn’t buying it. Tuesday on America’s Newsroom, Julie Banderas — filling in for Sandra Smith — rebuked Omarosa’s charge that Trump said the N-word, citing a close relative who was on the production staff of the long-running reality show. “Let me tell you, full disclosure, my sister worked on The Apprentice,” Banderas said. She added, “My sister having worked on the show for years, [never] heard him use the N-word.” Banderas is speaking about her sister, Melissa Bidwell — who worked as a camera operator on the show. According to the industry website Production Beast, Bidwell was a camera operator Continue reading "Fox News Anchor Cites Her Sister ‘Who Worked on The Apprentice‘ to Refute Trump’s Alleged Use of N-Word"

Omarosa Claims Trump Mocked Sean Spicer’s Looks: ‘Men’s Warehouse’ Spokesman

Of all the splashy claims made by Omarosa Manigault Newman, this one hardly registers among the most shocking. But it might be the most comical. According to Elaina Plott of The Atlantic, Omarosa — in her new book, out today — claims that President Donald Trump mocked his former press secretary, Sean Spicer, over his appearance. And he did so in positively brutal fashion. “He looks like a spokesman from Men’s Warehouse,” Omarosa quoted Trump as saying. “Cheap and tacky.” Spicer, like Omarosa, is in the middle of a book promotional tour at the Continue reading "Omarosa Claims Trump Mocked Sean Spicer’s Looks: ‘Men’s Warehouse’ Spokesman"

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Shreds Trump For False Statements, ‘Kowtowing to a Dangerous Competitor’

Kellyanne Conway‘s husband is back on Twitter and he’s packing a wallop of a response to Donald Trump‘s latest shenanigans. George Conway is not afraid to speak his mind and criticize the president, though he will defend Trump from dubious claims like Omarosa Manigault-Newman‘s insistence that Trump used a racial slur against him. As Trump ramps up his feud with Manigault-Newman by calling her a “dog,” political observers continue to make note of the fact that Omarosa was deeply unpopular at the White House, yet Trump apparently kept her onboard with a gigantic salary because she knew how to stroke his ego. Conway noticed an analogue of this on Twitter today, and he came up with his own where he subtly puts Trump on blast for his constant lies, attacks on his enemies, and coziness to Vladimir Putin.

Trump Once Again Blames Jeff Sessions: No Witch Hunt if We Had a ‘Real Attorney General’

President Donald Trump lashed out at his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions once again on Tuesday, declaring there would be no “Witch Hunt” if he had a “real Attorney General.” Trump kicked off his tweet by (roughly) quoting Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, who made the wild claim on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning that bias at the FBI drove the agency to clear Hillary Clinton in the investigation into her email server and “frame” Donald Trump for his campaign’s ties to Russia. “If we had a real Attorney General, this Witch Hunt would never have been started!” Trump tweeted. “Looking at the wrong people.”