GOP Sen. Kyl: Unemployment Benefits Are A Disincentive For People To Seek New Work

Ah, the oldest argument in the book: If we extend unemployment benefits to those out of work, then what incentive is there for people to find a new job? That’s what Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl was arguing tonight on the floor, and we feel like we’ve heard it before…

Of course, that logic worked pretty well in the Reagan/Bush years, but at a time when the GOP are using the high unemployment rate stats for their own arguments on why Obama’s job creation programs aren’t working, you can’t really turn around and use the argument that people don’t deserve to have their benefits extended between jobs. Sure, it’s an “incentive” to find a new job if your last one just stopped paying your health insurance a month after they fired you, but then again, it’s also an “incentive” to find a job because you need money to feed your family.

President Obama Never Called Tiger Woods

If you spent the weekend caught up in tsunami or hockey fever, you may have missed the story in Golf Digest about Tiger Woods’ seclusion following the revelation of his affairs. In the article, written by Jaime Diaz, the golf pro allegedly received phone calls of support from both former president Bill Clinton (which almost makes sense…) and our President Barack Obama. Except at least half of that never happened.

A spokeperson from Conde Nast emailed us earlier today to say that Obama never made that phone call to Woods, and that the information was ” a misunderstanding between the writer and a trusted source.” This follows Conde’s other snafu of putting both Obama and Woods on the cover of Golf Digest the month of the scandal with the headline “10 Tips Obama Could Take From Tiger.” (Hey, at least it wasn’t “10 Tricks.”) No word yet on if Bill Clinton actually made the call.

Glenn Beck And Van Jones, The Bromance Continues

Van Jones is really just the gift that keeps on giving. For Glenn Beck, anyway. In his NAACP image award acceptance speech over the weekend Jones jokingly announced that he loves Glenn Beck! “To my fellow countryman, Mr. Glenn Beck, I see you and I love you, and you cannot do anything about it.”

To which Glenn Beck said: “I’m so excited somebody likes me! They really, really like me.” Before pointing out that he’d never had anything personal (nothing but love, in fact) against Jones in the first place (and it’s true that he didn’t gloat over Jones’ resignation in September). After which he launched into a familiar (for regular viewers anyway) explanation/tirade of why Jones is proof that the Obama administration is rife with secret Maoist radicals, etc. Video below.

“Stupid Me” – Rick Sanchez Exclusively Reports On Rick Sanchez

Question: what is the best example of a slow news day? Answer: CNN host Rick Sanchez covering his own report of the Pacific Ocean Tsunami from two days ago. Twice! Some context: Sanchez was brought into weekend duty to cover what seemed to be an enormous and unfolding story at the time. And the passions of CNN’s wonderfully mercurial news host may have got the best of him as he berated chastised a guest scientist in a way one doesn’t normally see on live television.

Thank goodness Sanchez isn’t afraid to own up to his mistakes, nor more importantly, have a laugh at his own expense. Evidenced by the following video.

And following clip is the orginal “Angry Rick” that must be viewed to fully appreciate.

Rupert Murdoch Might Save Print Just By Not Being Boring

What else is there left to say about Rupert Murdoch. He’s like the Lindsay Lohan of the media world in his ability to generate copy about his life and loves and Shakespearean family relations. The latest is a New York cover story penned by Gabriel Sherman that was burning up Twitter last night when it went live on line.

The lengthy piece revealed a number of the sort of juicy tidbits media folk who pay attention to the worlds of Murdoch love to munch on.

  • Times Co. chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. laughs in the face of seriously intended “Let the battle begin!” notes from Rupe.
  • Rupert Murdoch has an “Ahab-like” obsession to beat the Times which lead him into the “worst deal he ever did” namely, his purchase of the WSJ.
  • Rupe may have Google as much or more as he hates the Times and his senior executives are “in talks with Microsoft about possibly pulling all of News Corp.’s content from Google and signing an exclusive distribution deal with Bing.”
  • James Murdoch, Rupe’s son and (possible) heir apparent, has consistently been making power grabs — some successful, some not. Also, the heir part is apparently not guaranteed: “But as much as James wants the succession question closed, it must be frustrating for the would-be heir that Rupert keeps his options open. Earlier this month, Rupert took Lachlan on a sailing trip in the South Pacific along with Ailes. It was Ailes and Lachlan’s first reunion since they clashed five years ago; a surprising move that reignited speculation that Rupert is trying to repair relations and bring Lachlan back into the empire. Elisabeth, too, is hovering in the background.
  • His mother loves him, but isn’t so hot on his wife Wendi and their children.

President Obama Urged To Continue Drinking A Little Alcohol

One of the takeaways from President Barack Obama’s physical over the weekend was that he’s still struggling to quit smoking.

But there was another vice mentioned as well: alcohol. And the characterization of his imbibing is a point of contention right now on several media outlets.

In the actual exam report, this is how it was phrased:

Continue smoking cessation efforts, a daily exercise program, healthy diet, moderation in alcohol intake, periodic dental care and remain up-to-date with recommended immunizations.

Now, here’s what Drudge is highlighting:

The link is to a Guardian write-up of the exam, which has this line, “The doctors also recommended “moderation of alcohol intake.’”

So here’s the takeaway: the doctor isn’t recommending the President cut down on his alcohol intake any more than he’s recommending he cut down on his exercising. He’s suggesting the President continue his moderate alcohol intake. We’ll let the National Review explain further:

In other words, Obama’s doctors are recommending that he continue his moderate drinking.

Alas, something as simple as excessive drinking is not the explanation for all of Obama’s actual excesses.

NBC White House Correspondent Chuck Todd called out the characterization by Drudge in a tweet: “Folks, some media outlets are pushing a totally misleading story regarding the president and drinking. Good grief folks, READ THE DOC note.”

So crisis averted…Pres. Obama’s alcohol consumption is just fine, according to his doctor. But does he smoke when he drinks?

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