Wild NY Times Claim: ‘Political Violence Is Relatively Rare in Britain’

2017-03-22-SkyNews-London_Attack Former CNN journalist Peter Hamby spotted the New York Times making a whopper of a claim on Wednesday in their coverage of the suspected terror attack in London. Correspondents Katrin Bennhold and Stephen Castle wrote the Times article that Hamby excerpted in his Tweet. There was a much more recent attack on a member of the British Parliament than the 1979 incident cited by Bennhold and Castle. MP Jo Cox was stabbed and shot to death in June 2016 by a white supremacist. The two Times reporters also neglected the decades-long campaign by the Provisional IRA against the British government. The nationalist terrorist group conducted major terrorist attacks in Britain in 1982, 1984 (where they tried to assassinate Margaret Thatcher), and 1989. The organization also conducted bombings in the 1990s until the Good Continue reading "Wild NY Times Claim: ‘Political Violence Is Relatively Rare in Britain’"

In Muslim Spring Break Piece, BuzzFeed Gives Voice to Baseless Hysteria

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 1.30.18 PM Since his election last November, few things have stoked the fires of Liberal outrage more than Donald Trumps executive order banning travel from seven (and then six) terror-prone nations: “Racist!” cried Slate, “Unconstitutional!” shrieked the Huffington Post. Last week, BuzzFeed News took the opportunity to talk about a related issue that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention: How wealthy Muslim Americans are being inconvenienced by Donald Trump and canceling their exotic international spring break plans. BIGLY SAD! In her piece, American Muslims Are Canceling Spring Break Trips To Avoid Being Hassled At The Airport, BuzzFeed writer, Hannah Allam explained why the issue was important:
Even as federal judges block President Donald Trump’s latest executive order, a parallel travel ban is still in effect. This one is self-imposed and even broader than the president’s, eroding the freedom of movement for citizens and non-citizens alike as Muslims decide it’s Continue reading "In Muslim Spring Break Piece, BuzzFeed Gives Voice to Baseless Hysteria"

Making Sense of the Tomi Lahren Situation

Screen-Shot-2016-12-06-at-2.53.19-PM-650x355 For those media personalities who have decided that sucking up to Donald Trump is a good career move, these are the very best of times. ‘Conservative’ talk radio has been saved (probably only temporarily) by this wholesale sell-out, and Fox News’s ratings, as a result, are as strong as ever. However, as with any situation where a large group has a strong wind at their back, some have gotten swept up in the desire to please the King and their careers have suffered collateral damage as a result of their proximity to the warpath that Hurricane Donald inevitably leaves in his path. For them, however, this has been the worst of times. For very different reasons — and under vastly differing circumstances — you could put Billy Bush, Milo Yiannopoulos, and (maybe) Judge Andrew Napolitano in this latter category. You can also argue that rising star Tomi Lahren, Continue reading "Making Sense of the Tomi Lahren Situation"

The Comey Hearing Exposed Abject Hypocrisy On All Sides

comey Of all of the corrosive elements of Donald Trump somehow becoming President of the United States, two of the worst are that he has completely desensitized our gauge of what it outrageous and has totally eliminated hypocrisy from the list of mortal political sins. Both of these scary realities were on full display at the much-hyped congressional hearing today that featured FBI Director James Comey. There were two major headlines from this highly-orchestrated television spectacle. The first was that Comey officially confirmed that there is an investigation into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia. The second was that to the surprise of no one with a lick of common sense, there is no evidence to back up Trump’s absurd claim that he had been “wiretapped” by the Obama administration. In the remotely rational world of say maybe a year ago, these two stories would shake a new president Continue reading "The Comey Hearing Exposed Abject Hypocrisy On All Sides"

My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star

eric-bolling-photo Over the past few months, Fox News has witnessed unprecedented movement in its on-air ranks. Tucker Carlson took the ball and ran (with his program outdrawing his predecessors), while Greta Van Susteren — and later Megyn Kelly — found greener pastures elsewhere (albeit for very different reasons). In the Roger Ailes era, major changes at the network were rare, leaving little real chance for movement. So, with this newfound opportunity gold rush at (or from) Fox, who is best poised to make the next meteoric rise? My cable news Ouija board is spelling out Eric Bolling. (Insert eye roll here.) Yes, the conservative pundit has been toiling in only somewhat prominent spots on the Fox farm for a long time, but Bolling’s extensive — and often controversial — track record put him in the perfect spot to become the new Fox News darling. Back in 2006, CNBC was Continue reading "My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star"

Donald Trump is Really Starting to Make Fox News Look Bad

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 8.11.18 AM On Friday, the White House issued a (sort of) apology to the British government after Press Secretary Sean Spicer insinuated that the British intelligence service, GCHQ, had helped President Obama wiretap Trump Tower. Like the original wiretapping claim, it was an idea that originated not with U.S. intelligence services, but the media. In this case, it was none other than Fox News’ favorite in-house judge, Andrew Napolitano. Recently, the silvered-haired Senior Judicial Analyst told Brian Kilmeade at Fox & Friends that “three intelligence sources” had “informed Fox News” about the espionage. The comments were boilerplate Napolitano, who has in the past compared compulsory voting to dictatorship and suggested that the Civil War was caused by “tariffs.” Unlike in those instances, however, there is a very important and receptive new listener — The President of the United States. In fact, far from just Napolitano, Trump’s voracious consumption of Fox News Continue reading "Donald Trump is Really Starting to Make Fox News Look Bad"

Bernie Sanders Reigns Supreme as the Establishment Fumes

To anyone not living in the alternate Clinton-ite universe, a new Fox News poll showing Bernie Sanders as the most popular American politician is not surprising. According to the poll, the Vermont Senator had the highest favorables among Democratic voters — much to the chagrin of MSNBC’s Joy Reid, whose go to is, “But he’s not even a Democrat!” — and independent voters. He’s also tied with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer as most popular among Republican voters, which really means Sanders is viewed most favorably since Schumer is, in many ways, a Republican in Democrats’ clothing. So, gee gosh, Jolly Jim! A progressive who sparked a monumental movement calling for the end of the 40-year Republican and neoliberal money-funneling-to-the-rich scheme, universal healthcare, free public college tuition, and investing in America is — wait for it — wildly popular. But the Democratic establishment and elitist corporate media is Continue reading "Bernie Sanders Reigns Supreme as the Establishment Fumes"