A Reality-Based Address to the Graduating Class of Prospective Media Members

Since we are at the height of college graduation ceremonies, and the supposedly inspiring celebrity commencement addresses which highlight them, it seems like a good time provide one for the many graduating seniors who hope to go into the media business on which this website is based. Since commencement speakers are chosen based on the perception that the person giving them has “made” it (and therefore has a necessarily optimistic view of what is possible), these speeches tend to be inherently naïve, if not Pollyannaish, about the basic realities of life. As you will see here, my imagined message, from the standpoint of a person who will never “make” it in the eyes of the media establishment, does not suffer from the same fundamental flaw. —— Dear journalism/media graduates of the class of 2018… Congratulations on your graduation. You now have skills which, for the majority of you who will Continue reading "A Reality-Based Address to the Graduating Class of Prospective Media Members"

In The Wake of Mass Shootings, The Media Must Do Its Part to Stop the Glorification of Killers

Our nation faced another massacre, this time at Santa Fe High School in Texas, that left ten people dead and ten more wounded. It should go without saying that these tragedies occur far too often and each is more heartbreaking than the next. In the wake of every mass shooting, the country tears itself apart in search for answers. The left pushes for gun control while the right pushes a focus on mental illness and increasing school security. And there’s renewed frustration with lawmakers asked to “do something.” Despite the STOP School Violence Act that was passed by Congress and the gun reforms Florida made after the Parkland shooting, many still feel it’s not enough, since these shootings are still happening. But while our elected officials remain largely stagnant on this issue, perhaps we in the media can make reforms of our own. When a mass shooting is active, Continue reading "In The Wake of Mass Shootings, The Media Must Do Its Part to Stop the Glorification of Killers"

Cracking the Code of Trump’s Lies: An Extensive Interview with CNN’s Amanda Carpenter

As an ardent anti-Trump conservative, I take a lot of flak from people with whom I used to share a political side. The primary argument against people like me seems to be that, while far from perfect, America and “conservatism” are better off under President Donald Trump than they would be in a Hillary Clinton administration. My rebuttal has always been based in two concepts. First, I don’t think we will know the real impact of the Trump presidency for at least another ten years, and it is quite possible that the optimistic projections of the conservative Trump apologists will turn out to be very false. Secondly, as a person who values truth over everything else, Trump’s systematic embrace of blatant lying and the total destruction of the value of honesty was a fundamental deal-breaker. Yes, Hillary, like her husband, had a significant problem with lying, but Trump is a Continue reading "Cracking the Code of Trump’s Lies: An Extensive Interview with CNN’s Amanda Carpenter"

Trump’s Groveling to the Leader of North Korea is Pathetic

The right once attacked President Obama for “bowing” to the king of Saudi Arabia. Well, when it comes to the North Korean leader, President Donald Trump is doing much more than bowing. I haven’t read Trump’s Art of the Deal, but apparently lesson one is grovel to the person you are trying to make a deal with to the point they embarrass you on the world stage. At least that is what Trump, the so called “dealmaker,” is doing with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Trump’s sweaty desperation for the June 12 summit with Kim to go forward is now on full display after North Korea on Wednesday threatened to pull of the scheduled high level talks. That’s why on Thursday Trump publicly undercut his own National Security Advisor John Bolton, rejecting his call to follow the “Libyan model” where the late Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi gave up Continue reading "Trump’s Groveling to the Leader of North Korea is Pathetic"

The Media’s Awful Coverage of the Gaza Violence is Precisely the Propaganda Hamas Desires

Any person capable of emotion is saddened by any loss of life, especially innocent life. But when it comes to the media’s coverage of the violence that took place at the Gaza Strip this week, not only are they giving inaccurate information, they’re being dishonest or just completely naive. Its nothing new when it comes to coverage of Israel; some on the left including many in media, portray the Jewish State as a sort of unprovoked oppressor of the Palestinians. The New York Times ran the headline “Israel Kills Dozens at the Gaza Border as U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem,” painting Israel as a sort of sociopathic killer for the concurrence of the two events. Much of the media’s blame for the violence this week was placed on the Trump administration despite the fact it’s been going on for months (or years if you really want to be Continue reading "The Media’s Awful Coverage of the Gaza Violence is Precisely the Propaganda Hamas Desires"

Why Don Jr.’s ‘Trump Tower Meeting’ Story is Nonsensical

From the moment we first learned the details of the now infamous mid-2016 meeting at Trump Tower between the top brass of the Trump campaign and apparent representatives of Russia, it was obvious to thinking people that President Donald Trump was lying when he claimed not know about it at the time. With today’s release of the transcript of Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony to the Senate, that is now the only remotely logical conclusion to which anyone not brainwashed as a member of Trump’s “Cult 45” can come. Don Jr.’s remarkable inability to remember hardly anything about what would seem like a pretty darn memorable development—the fact that Russia was expressing interest in helping provide dirt on Hillary Clintonhas already been rightly and roundly mocked. But the overall absurdity of the Trump family story here has not, to my knowledge, been fully explored. In short, Continue reading "Why Don Jr.’s ‘Trump Tower Meeting’ Story is Nonsensical"

The News Media is in a Time Warp on the Immigration Assimilation Debate

Last week, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly took a lot of media flak for suggesting that the majority of illegal immigrants are creating an assimilation problem while adding very little value to our workforce. Since then, the captain of Trump’s pom-pom squad, Tomi Lahren of Fox News, has been a target of the media for trying to carrying Kelly’s ball down the field, and, at times, fumbling it. Usually, I am lukewarm on Kelly and have disdain for Lahren. In this case, however, the media is mostly wrong in their attacks on them, because the press appears to be rather conveniently living in a time warp. To be clear, there is no doubt that what both Kelly and Lahren said is, at least in part, in contradiction to both the principles and the reality of the role in which immigrants have played in the building of this Continue reading "The News Media is in a Time Warp on the Immigration Assimilation Debate"