CNN Reporter: ‘Donald Trump Is Not the Frontrunner Anymore, Guys’

acosta-e1454432201926If you need evidence of the panic that has been building among the mainstream media types who have been feeding the insatiable beast that is the Donald Trump presidential campaign, look no further than CNN. Faced with the first real opportunity to change the narrative and blunt Trump’s titanic momentum, they’ve leapt on it with both feet and whatever other appendages they can free up. I’m speaking, of course, about Trump’s defeat in Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, a result which, while not predicted by polls, was also not completely out of left field. For weeks, pundits have talked about how factors like the ground game, the caucus process itself, and overall turnout could prove costly to Trump. But the guy still holds a huge 16 point national lead, and an even bigger lead in New Hampshire, next up on the Republican docket. Here’s how CNN National Correspondent Jim Acosta Continue reading "CNN Reporter: ‘Donald Trump Is Not the Frontrunner Anymore, Guys’"

Investigation: Was Last Night’s Viral ‘Sticker Kid’ Planted By Sanders Campaign?

When it comes to politics, Twitter giveth and giveth and giveth, which was especially true during the Iowa caucus last night. Not only did an old tweet from Donald Trump come back to bite the second-place loser — which is his word, not mine! — but the Internet got a new temporary hero via viral video. Immediately dubbed “Sticker Kid,” the dude making faces and stealing the show behind Hillary Clinton during a speech was deemed the real winner of the caucus by various outlets and social media users. The Drake University student is named Peter Clinkscales and he “just wanted to hear a presidential candidate speak,” according to intrepid reporter Megan Specia
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The Morning After: A Look Back This Crazy Campaign Season’s Most Riveting Chapter Yet

screen_shot_2016-02-02_at_12.01.38_pmOf all the debates (11) and the hundreds of interviews and speeches, last night’s political theater easily, easily trumped them all. Perhaps it was a lack of candidate presence spewing the same talking points we’ve heard repeatedly since last spring. Perhaps it was how competitive matters were on both sides throughout the evening. The whole presentation regardless of what channel you were watching was raw, shocking, outlandish, fun and unpredictable… which pretty much sums up this entire campaign season. Let’s start with outlandish: On the Democratic side, Chuck Todd reported on MSNBC this morning that if adding up all the coin tosses (6) from tied precincts last night, those alone were enough to tip the scales to Hillary Clinton, who somehow overcame impossible odds again to win all six (chances of that happening: 1-in-64). This is the same Hillary who led 73-year-old self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders — who Continue reading "The Morning After: A Look Back This Crazy Campaign Season’s Most Riveting Chapter Yet"

Did Jake Tapper Just Shade Sarah Palin Right to Her Face?

There will occasionally come a time when even the most studiously objective journalist just can’t keep a straight face. That appears to be what happened Monday afternoon when CNN’s Jake Tapper took on the Herculean task of deadpanning his way through an interview with former Alaska Governor and current Donald Trump hot-mess condiment Sarah Palin. A few months ago, Tapper interviewed Palin and asked her what position she could see herself taking in a Trump administration. I’m sure it was unintentional, but in asking Palin a followup about that response this afternoon, Tapper couldn’t quite contain a slight chuckle as he recounted it:
“A few months ago when I interviewed you, I asked you what position you might want in the Trump administration and you said the Department of Energy, you would be Secretary of Energy, and Continue reading "Did Jake Tapper Just Shade Sarah Palin Right to Her Face?"

Someone Is Spreading Rumors That Heidi Cruz Thinks Iowans Are Gross

Caution: The take you’re about to read is extremely hot. Okay, so you didn’t hear this from us — but someone out there is spreading rumors that Heidi Cruz is repulsed by Iowans. Gawker reported:
“Heidi has repeatedly been complaining about how disgusting the voters and whole scene in Iowa is,” our source told Gawker. “She says everyone smokes cigarettes, eats horribly, and wants to hug and touch her all the time. She said that she has to go back to the hotel and take a shower multiple times a day due to this environment.”

The smoking gun? This tweet from early January, in which Heidi can be seen shaking a Hawkeye’s hand with all the apparent joy of a women simultaneously receiving a root canal and tax audit. [h/t Gawker]

Whoopi Goldberg Issues a Ruling on What to Call Black People

whoopiIt is a question that has perplexed white people for decades, but has now been settled for good and all by actress, comedian, and The View host Whoopi Goldberg: what do you call black people? During a discussion of this weekend’s more-diverse-than-the-Oscars SAG Awards, co-host Sarah Haines cut in to ask for “a clarification.” “I’ve heard that you don’t say the term African-American, you just call people black now,” Haines innocently declared, from the mid-nineties, apparently. Goldberg then weighed in with an impassioned plea to call black people “Americans,” because to do otherwise is to diminish their American-ness. “So I should just call you black?” Haines concluded, which elicited a priceless response from Whoopi
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