Yes, a State Senator Really Just Proposed a Bill to Criminalize Transgendered Bathroom Use

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 1.42.28 PMIt’s no surprise that the ongoing conversation surrounding the transgendered community was brought to forefront in 2015 like never before, but that hasn’t stopped one Indiana state Senator from proposing some drastic steps as the debate continues. State Senator Jim Tomes (can you guess his political party? Hint: it’s not Democratic) — last week proposed a bill that would slap a Class A misdemeanor on any transgendered person who used a bathroom not associated with that person’s gender at birth. Tomes said this week, “If you were born a man, then you are obliged to use the males’ restroom.” Under a Class A misdeamnor, those found guilty could face upwards of a year in prison and as much as a $5,000 fine for using the bathroom opposite of the person’s birth-gender. The Chicago Tribune notes that, “Exceptions are made for janitors, first aid providers and parents accompanying children under the Continue reading "Yes, a State Senator Really Just Proposed a Bill to Criminalize Transgendered Bathroom Use"

Carly Fiorina Starts 2016 With the Worst Pandering of Her Political Career

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 6.44.19 PMPolitical pandering isn’t too hard of a concept to understand: candidates seeking elected office will often say or do things in an attempt to appeal to a specific group. There’s admittedly always a gray area in stunts of public pandering — accusations of insincerity are subjective at best — but Republican Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina made a pretty severe and blatant gaffe that is receiving deserved mockery. On Friday before kickoff of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, Fiorina took to Twitter to express her support for one of the two teams playing. The game is being played between Stanford and Iowa, and — wouldn’t you know it — Fiorina is a proud graduate of Stanford. Then again, the Iowa caucus is only one month away, not to mention a highly-anticipated Fox News debate from Des Moines at the end of January. Guess who Fiorina tossed her weight behind?

15 Stone-Cold-Mortal-Lock Poignant Predictions For 2016

cruz trump hillary guilfoyleIt’s that day of the year again! A tradition like no other when your (again) overserved Mediaite columnist attempts to hammer out a can’t-miss-prediction column in between meaningless Bowl games, the Winter Classic, and the 247th viewing of Frozen in the Concha household version of New Year’s Day. Last year’s column had mixed results. Got a few things right: Naming the Super Bowl and NBA champs (Pats and Warriors), Stephen Colbert’s downward trend to third after initial hype in the late night ratings race, and the successful re-election of Bibi Netanyahu. Also got more than a few things wrong, including: John Kasich being in the driver’s seat for the Republican nomination (a pre-Trump-entry prediction, of course), American Sniper winning Best Picture (the equally-deserving Birdman took the trophy), Sherrod Small being named Red Eye‘s new permanent Friday host (Greg Gutfeld ended up stepping down altogether to concentrate on his Continue reading "15 Stone-Cold-Mortal-Lock Poignant Predictions For 2016"

Jeb Bush Compliments State Sen. By Nicknaming Her ‘Hurricane Katrina’

One of the great untold stories of the 2016 election so far is the degree to which Donald Trump‘s flaming racist carnival has rescued former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Thanks to Trump, no one will ever remember that Jeb Bush went around saying that “stuff happens” after yet another massacre, or that the Confederacy “should be respected,” or what he said on the campaign trail in Lexington, South Carolina on Wednesday. Jeb tried to compliment State Sen. Katrina Shealy in telling fashion:
“I don’t know why your great state senator reminds me of a hurricane. But she does. She’s strong and she’s fierce, and she’s solving problems for you at the state capitol. You should be honored to have her as your elected official. I hope you agree with that. That should be your nickname. In the Bush family, we always give out nicknames. Yours is now Hurricane Katrina. Continue reading "Jeb Bush Compliments State Sen. By Nicknaming Her ‘Hurricane Katrina’"

Cosby’s Conviction in Court of Public Opinion Not Stopping Already Excessively-Annoying Coverage

slack-imgs.comBarring big breaking news like a terror attack or natural disaster, get ready to be overwhelmed (and utterly annoyed) with all-things-Cosby for the foreseeable future. Legal analysis around process and statutes and technicalities will be shoved down our collective throats courtesy of the usual cadre of cable news TV lawyers ready to provide insight into a case pretty much no one supports the defendant on. First, a few things out of the way: From all appearances, Cosby should go to jail until he expires. This isn’t a matter of he said-she said… it’s a matter of he said-an-NFL-sized-roster-number of women said. Note: Nobody is discounting due process, but the media coverage around this — as we’re unfortunately seeing already — far exceeds what the situation requires. Because know this: Cosby is 78 years old. He hasn’t been relevant on the national scene for nearly 30 years. Here’s hoping justice Continue reading "Cosby’s Conviction in Court of Public Opinion Not Stopping Already Excessively-Annoying Coverage"

2015 Cable News Ratings: Fox and CNN Retain #1 and #2 Spots, but MSNBC is Gaining Quickly

Screen-Shot-2013-12-26-at-11.22.29-AM2015 is almost over, which means it’s time to tally up the end-of-year cable news ratings numbers from Nielsen Media Research — as reported and reinterpreted by the major news networks. Unsurprisingly, Fox News easily retained the top spot while CNN and MSNBC duked it out for second place yet again. This year gifted Roger Ailes‘ baby with its most significant accomplishment yet — second place overall among all primetime cable channels. Now we’ll just have to count the seconds before Donald Trump takes the credit. Check out the cable news ratings highlights breakdown below, organized by network. Fox News The Fox News Channel’s 14-year streak leading CNN and MSNBC didn’t change much. Weekday primetime numbers jumped 3 percent to 1.789M for total viewers, nearly tripling and quadrupling the other two cable news networks’ total numbers. As for the coveted A25-54 demo, Fox News averaged 339K — an increase of 13 percent from last
Continue reading "2015 Cable News Ratings: Fox and CNN Retain #1 and #2 Spots, but MSNBC is Gaining Quickly"

Journalist Fatalities Hit 10-Year High in 2015; Majority Killed in Countries Deemed ‘Peaceful’

James Foley (1)Being a journalist covering stories overseas has never been more deadlier. Context: In 2015, the number of journalist fatalities has risen to 110, an increase of 46 deaths in the community since the year before (a 40 percent increase). Believe it or not, there was once a time journalists were considered off-limits on or near the battlefield in terms of targeting, kidnapping or both. Over the course of the Vietnam War (10 years), for example, the total amount of reporters killed there was 63, or slightly above six per year. During World War 2 –the most deadly conflict in history — the number was 54. Iraq War (2003-2013): 150 (an average of 15 per year). So why the rise in fatalities? Social media is seen as a huge reason, as a captured member of the press is no longer needed to advance a message on the propaganda front. As Continue reading "Journalist Fatalities Hit 10-Year High in 2015; Majority Killed in Countries Deemed ‘Peaceful’"