Julian Assange Decries CIA War on Julian Assange in WaPo Op-Ed

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.55.25 PM WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange penned an op-ed for Washington Post last night, where he argued that the Trump Administration’s new hard line against him is all meant to criminalize free speech while distracting from its failure and hypocrisy. Assange wrote that when CIA director Mike Pompeo recently condemned WikiLeaks as “a non-state, hostile intelligence service,” the actual message was “telling the truth about the administration can be a crime.” Assange offered similar commentary when he addressed Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘ actions to seek his arrest. From WaPo:
“When the director of the CIA, an unelected public servant, publicly demonizes a publisher such as WikiLeaks as a ‘fraud,’ ‘coward’ and ‘enemy,’ it puts all journalists on notice, or should. Pompeo’s next talking point, unsupported by fact, that WikiLeaks is a “non-state hostile intelligence service,” is a dagger aimed at Americans’ constitutional right to receive honest information Continue reading "Julian Assange Decries CIA War on Julian Assange in WaPo Op-Ed"

Ex-NY Post Writer: Rupert Murdoch Killed Story On Patriots Owner Robert Kraft’s Gambling Ties

murdoch A former New York Post writer is claiming that the paper’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, personally killed a story which explored New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft‘s ties to gambling — a taboo subject for the NFL. In a piece for Deadspin, Bart Hubbuch — a former sports writer for the Post — claimed that was informed by his editor that Murdoch had intervened and nixed the publication of a story that Hubbuch says was set to be featured on the front and back pages of the paper. “I was told that ‘Mr. Murdoch’ had ordered the story spiked,” Hubbuch wrote. “And not only was it dead, but I was angrily informed that I wasn’t to ask why, or to pursue Kraft’s casino connections any further.” Hubbuch detailed those connections in his piece for Deadspin. For several years, Kraft has been on the board of directors for a Continue reading "Ex-NY Post Writer: Rupert Murdoch Killed Story On Patriots Owner Robert Kraft’s Gambling Ties"

S.E. Cupp: Fox News is ‘Synonymous with Sexual Harassment’

cupp One of the most prominent female conservatives on television is calling on the men of Fox News to speak out about what she deems a “culture of sexual harassment” at the network. In a column for the New York Daily News, S.E. Cupp criticized male Fox News personalities for keeping quiet after the ouster of Bill O’Reilly from the network following numerous allegations of sexual harassment.” “(W)hile woman after woman has come out to tell her story and share her humiliating and outrageous experience, the silence from the men of Fox News has been deafening,” Cupp wrote. “Whether they believe their female colleagues have been sexually harassed at Fox or they think the Fox good name is being sullied unfairly, you’d think many would have much more to say.” The silence of the Fox News male personalties suggests to Cupp that while O’Reilly’s dismissal “may mark Continue reading "S.E. Cupp: Fox News is ‘Synonymous with Sexual Harassment’"

NY Times Bemoans The ‘Power of Fantasy’ At NRA’s Firearms Museum

2014-03-05-YouTube-NRA-National_Firearms_Museum New York Times editorial board member Francis X. Clines targeted the National Rifle Association on Monday over its Hollywood-themed exhibit at its National Firearms Museum. “The gallery devoted to Hollywood and its guns and good-guy shooters that best illustrates the power of fantasy now driving the modern gun rights debate,” Clines wrote in his editorial. He soon added that “the cardboard fantasy of the good guy gunning down the bad guy is what makes the museum work as an enjoyable escape from the life-and-death reality of American gun carnage.” The former Times reporter first zeroed in on the cardboard cut-out of Hollywood legend John Wayne that stands at the exhibit’s entrance. He contended that it was “no wonder modern Florida legislators could not resist protecting actual shooters who draw and fire like John Wayne as guilt-free, ‘stand-your-ground’ defenders.” Clines also emphasized that “the museum narrative identifies the actual Continue reading "NY Times Bemoans The ‘Power of Fantasy’ At NRA’s Firearms Museum"

Wall Funding Highlights Additional Divisions Between Donald Trump and Steven Bannon

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 6.34.34 AM Donald Trump and his chief strategist Steve Bannon appeared on the road to another schism, this time over the issue of funding for the border wall. The proposed wall along the southern border with Mexico was one of Trump’s signature campaign promises. According various reports, Monday night, the president expressed willingness to back off from previous demands that wall funding be included in a must-pass spending bill to keep the government open past Friday. The wall, unpopular with many rank and file Republicans and a non-starter with Democrats, threatened to derail negotiations over the bill and lead to a government shutdown. Now, that may be changing. Per NBC:
A senior administration official tells NBC News that the president is open to obtaining funding for the border wall in the regular appropriations process for 2018 later this year instead of insisting it be included as part of the large spending Continue reading "Wall Funding Highlights Additional Divisions Between Donald Trump and Steven Bannon"

Gretchen Carlson Is Writing a Book About Harassment and Empowerment For Women

gretchen-carlson Gretchen Carlson has a book coming out. The former Fox News anchor has been largely quiet since her sexual harassment lawsuit brought down Roger Ailes and rollicked the culture of Fox News in irreparable ways. She gave a few interviews here and there, but unlike fellow female Fox ex-pats Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren, she has yet to pop up in a new position. With her new book, she’ll be expanding on the issues she’s addressed in her interviews and tweets: harassment and empowerment for women in the workplace. Center Street Books, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, announced today that they will be releasing Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back on September 26. Carlson says this:
Make no mistake — sexual harassment is not just about sex. It’s really about power. Sexual harassers feel they can get away with it because they believe they’re the ones Continue reading "Gretchen Carlson Is Writing a Book About Harassment and Empowerment For Women"

Psychiatrist Compares Trump to Hitler at Yale Mental Health Conference

trump An NYU psychiatry professor compared President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler at a Yale Medical School conference called, Thursday, to discuss the president’s mental stability and fitness for office. Dr. James F. Gilligan, a senior clinical professor of psychiatry at NYU Medical School, spoke at the town hall meeting of Trump’s erratic and vindictive behavior as evidence that his presidency poses a serious danger to the American people. “When you add all these elements,” he said, “this is a class of people of whom Hitler is a member.” The meeting was called by Yale psychiatry professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee, head of a coalition of 800 mental health professionals, who warned the American people of Trump’s mental state, New York magazine reported. The group, dubbed ‘Duty to Warn’, has chosen to depart from a norm known as the Goldwater Rule — established by mental health organizations in 1973 Continue reading "Psychiatrist Compares Trump to Hitler at Yale Mental Health Conference"