James Taranto Finds Sexism Hilarious

hillary-clintonI came across WSJ columnist James Taranto’s column from August 12th yesterday in doing research for my post about the Obama/Hitler posters and LaRouchePac. The column focused mostly on why Health Care reform was very very bad and why Barack Obama was insensitive/a hypocrite/shouldn’t joke about serious  things, while otherwise coining the term “Obamalignancy” and making a joke himself about typhoon victims in Taiwan. Ha, ha. Then, halfway down, I saw this:

‘Iron My Shirt!’

* “Clinton Presses India for Climate Change”–headline, United Press International, July 20
* “Clinton Presses NKorea on Denuclearisation, Myanmar Links”–headline, AFP, July 21
* “Clinton Presses Iran for Info on Detained U.S. Hikers”–headline, CNN.com, Aug. 3
* “Clinton Presses South Africa on Zimbabwean Crisis”–headline, Bloomberg, Aug. 7
* “Clinton Presses Angola to Sweeten Trade Ties”–headline, Associated Press, Aug. 9
* “Clinton Presses Congo on Minerals”–headline, New York Times, Aug. 11
* “Clinton Presses Nigeria on Corruption, Violence”–headline, Associated Press, Aug. 12

Oh ho-ho! Remember that? It was during the New Hampshire primary, and Clinton was speaking at a rally when two hi-larious dudes disrupted it by shouting out “Iron my shirt!” and holding up signs with the same charming slogan. Get it? Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have been running for president, she should have been ironing some dude’s shirt — you know, because that’s what chicks do. It’s funny, last week during Office Hours I went through the litany of carelessly sexist comments about Clinton that were tossed off (and largely dismissed) last year during the campaign — Hillary nutcrackers, “Bros Before Hos” shirts, comparisons to crazy bunny boiling stalkers, anti-Hillary groups with vulgar acronyms, The Cackle, or otherwise likening her to a witch, Mike Barnicle comparing her to a first wife outside a Probate court, Tucker Carlson crossing his legs when he heard her voice, Randi Rhodes calling her a whore, Penn Jillette calling her a bitch, Chris Matthews saying that she only had a career because her husband messed around — but I forgot this one! So thanks to James Taranto for reminding me.

I think Hillary Clinton’s response from a year and a half ago is just as apt today: “Ah, the remnants of sexism — alive and well.”

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SEX WATCH: Lights, Camera, Crack — A Sex Tape With Legs

6a00e54f0a235a8834010536e5e0a5970c-500wiTo date, the Dr. McSteamy sex tape is pushing over 2.25 mil. page view on Gakwer— a refreshing reminder that Internet voyeurs love nothing more than watching celebs have sex … or watching them lie around naked and smoke crack, as the case might be. Today Sex Watch follows Eric Dane, wife Rebecca Gayheart and crack-smoking ex-beauty queen friend Kari Ann Peniche around the Web to see just how far one sex tape can go.

• Tabloid Pick-Up, Us Weekly, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style, Star

Of course all the gossip mags picked-up news of the tape, and Gawker in turn reviewed their coverage of its coverage; the main grading criteria seems to be how well the mags name-checked Gawker and Defamer. It’s a veritable Eiffel Tower of sex tape coverage (and Gawker Media is high-fiving itself over the top, obvi).

• “Fans A-Twitter Over Eric Dane Nude Tape,” People

People wasn’t included in Gawker’s gossip mag roundup because the glossy abstained from jumping on the tape. Gawker’s explanation: “they seemed to have dropped the ball altogether (or just don’t give a fuck).” Instead, People took a thinking man’s approach to the coverage online, following the way the story has evolved on Twitter and in lawyers’ offices.

• “Eric Dane — I Did Not Have Sex With that Woman!” TMZ

On Tuesday, the day after the tape was released, TMZ did some digging to find out how the tape might have leaked.

Kari Ann says the video was stored on the hard drive of her computer, but stolen by Mindy McCready, who was her roommate after the two completed a stint on the TV show “Celebrity Rehab.” Kari Ann says she got into an argument with McCready over money and believes the singer took her hard drive when she moved out. Kari Ann freaked out about certain personal information about her on the hard drive and filed a stolen property report with the LAPD.

We knew Celebrity Rehab had a hand in this. A-ha!

• “Who at Gawker is Cashing in on the McSteamy Sex Video?“ Mediaite

<em>InTouch Weekly</em>.

InTouch Weekly.

Also on Tuesday, Mediaite noted that the video yielded Gawker’s most-viewed post this year. We talked with Gawker managing editor Gabriel Synder, the author of the original post with the video, about who was raking in the newly reinstated page-view bonus for this post.

•  ”Sex Tapes for Profit,” the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz

Howie Kurtz also jumped on the McSteamy traffic train today.

• “Most Infamous Celebrity Sex Tapes,” Chicago Tribune

What better way to welcome a new addition the esteemed ‘Most Infamous Celebrity Sex Tapes‘ club than a slideshow of grainy stills? Plus, we could always use a reminder of how Kim Kardashian got to be famous.

What to Expect from World of Warcraft: The Magazine

wowmagBlizzard, the gaming company behind World of Warcraft, has announced that they are collaborating with special interest publisher Future to launch a 148-page, advertisement-free quarterly magazine based on the enormously popular game. This follows the recent news that Sam Raimi will direct a World of Warcraft movie. World of Warcraft: the Magazine will target the 11.5 million subscribers to the online MMORPG — but they may not be eager to pay $40 a year on top of their current monthly subscription fees.

In an era when the print industry is stagnating and magazines are trying to be more like websites, trying to capture online gamers with a print magazine is an ambitious idea. According to CNET News and CrunchGear, WoW: the Magazine will attempt to entice readers with “beautiful game related art,” “behind the scenes access” at Blizzard, and contributions from “a panel of international journalists.” What other innovations might we expect from the upstart gaming magazine?



  • Rather than being able to turn directly to a desired page, readers will have to spend hours traversing every page between themselves and their destination
  • Exhaustive 25-page profile of viral hero Leeroy Jenkins
  • Free promotional sponge bath kit to ensure that readers don’t need to leave room to bathe
  • Groundbreaking voice chat interface will allow readers to swear, hurl racial epithets at other subscribers in real time
  • Collaborative series with newly-launched sister publication wowOwow: the Magazine to focus on gender issues in fantasy gaming, in columns like “Why I Broke it Off With My Guild Master,” and “Is ‘She-Orc’ a Sexist Phrase?”
  • 20% of all content will behave antithetically to the pleasurable reading of a magazine, and will only be in Mandarin

Mediaite Office Hours, Featuring Contessa Brewer, James Poniewozik and More

mediaitelogoIt’s time for another edition of Mediaite Office Hours, the official final one from our conference room set. We lined up a great show: guests include MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer and Time Magazine TV columnist James Poniewozik. And of course…you!

Do you have a question, comment or complaint about anything concerning Mediaite? Well if you do, today is a real chance to make your voice heard. We will be holding our 5th “Mediaite Office Hours” at 4pmET.

Brewer hosts the 2pmET hour on MSNBC, as well as regularly appears as the news anchor of Dylan Ratigan’s Morning Meeting. She also, somewhat surprisingly, is our first female guest. Poniewozik is a columnist for the print Time, and writes the Tuned In blog on Time.com. They are both on Twitter. Also joining us will be Mediaite columnist Danielle Belton – in studio!

Glynnis MacNicol, Steve Krakauer and Rachel Sklar host the live-streamed call-in show, and others in the Mediaite team, like, Colby Hall and our fantastic interns, will appear periodically, as well as special guests.

You can call in to (347) 637-1713 at any time.

Here’s how to check out the show:

- Watch us live here on this page at 4pmET, or check it out at www.livestream.com/mediaite.

- You can listen to it in audio form live at BlogTalkRadio.com.

(One tip: we’ve heard the sound is better on the BlogTalkRadio feed, so listen there for best sound quality…and watch the video here on mute?)

As for the schedule, you’ll hear Brewer first, followed by Belton and Poniewozik.

See you at 4pm!

EW One Step Closer to Being Web-Only? Prints CBS Video Ad

cbs_video_adDesperate times. Entertainment Weekly, the magazine that is consistently rumored to be going web-only, is including a video ad (literally) in its upcoming print issue. The ad for CBS is “a small, embedded video screen that will enable some readers of Entertainment Weekly to sample 40 minutes of its upcoming shows.” Huh. Will this make you want to buy the magazine? (EW is no doubt hoping so!) Or is it merely another desperate sign of magazines trying to bring what interest on the web to print (remember last year’s Esquire E-Ink cover?)

Alas, ten years ago this would have been the most amazing thing ever (sort of like being able to listen to music on you phone…who’d of thunk!) Now, it just sort of begs the question, why not just do this on the Web? Magazines aren’t embeddable. Plus, people tend have a much higher tolerance for novelty these days.

Democracy At Its Finest: Two 50-Hottest Lists Compete For DC Facetime

Kelechi Kalu

Kelechi Kalu

Each summer The Hill, a small Washington political daily with circulation in the low five figures, comes out with a list of the 50 Most Beautiful people in Washington — a mix of aides, representatives, senators, lobbyists and even some service-industry folks.

After six years of list-making, The Hill has become known for its Most Beautiful feature, so much so that it would be safe to say that The Hill had this particular (-ly trivial) area of DC coverage cornered.

“We consider it a light feature, but we take it seriously when we put it together,” The Hill’s features editor Kris Kitto, who oversees the top-50 list each year, told us over the phone.

But this year, there’s a new hottest-on-the-Hill list in town — The 50 Most Fabulous People on the Hill— the brainchild of  two wet-behind-the-ears congressional aides, who think that there are some flaws with The Hill’s list.

But only in DC would there be cause for to 50-hottest lists (we thought Yale was the biggest circle jerk on the East coast for having one at all!) We spoke with Kelechi Kalu, 22, one of the lists founders to find out how Washington could possibly stomach another ranking of the city’s hottest young things.

“I do think there’s room for two lists — competition is one of the spirits of the Hill,” said Kalu. “It’s a fun little outlet amongst all this legislation that’s going on.”

Kalu and Brandon Andrews, who work in the offices of a Democrat and Republican senator respectively, decided to start their own list, “not because we weren’t on [The Hill's] list, but just because we wanted to be involved with the selection process as staffers on the Hill.”

Kalu and Andrews collected nominations using an anonymous email address and asked people to explain ‘why they were fabulous.’ After candidates who didn’t agree to participate were eliminated, the pair ranked them based on how many nominations the candidates received. Of course a little je ne sais quoi went into choosing the top ten, but only people who work on the Hill — who Kalu calls “The people who do the grunt work” —  were eligible for the list, no representatives, senators, lobbyists or other supporting characters.

The upstart list-makers swear that none of never worked on their pet project during working hours, and they have tried to keep their boss’s names out of all of this. “I’m not sure if my member has caught wind of it,” Kalu said, “but the senior staff in my office have and they’ve been really supportive.” We promised Kalu we wouldn’t say his bosses name, but anybody on the Internet could figure out pretty easily that he works for the only senator who has already constructed a mausoleum inscribed with his accomplishments to date. This whole vanity thing really has legs, huh.

Rep. Martin Heinrich, #1 on <em>The Hill</em>'s 50 Most Beautiful list

Rep. Martin Heinrich, #1 on The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful list

Kalu was adamant that his list was a more democratic version of The Hill’s list. ”We tried to include everyone, no matter race, religion, size, whatever; beauty is in the eye on the beholder, and everyone is fabulous in their own personal way.”

But how can a list that excludes more people than it includes be more democratic?

“We spend about three months on our list,” said Kitto of The Hill’s list. “We talk to a lot of people, we consider a lot of nominations when we’re putting it together.”

If the Fab 50 list didn’t add much to The Hill’s list, as far as democracy is concerned, it still made a sizable splash. Kalu and Andrews ultimately included themselves on the Fab Fifty list (because what’s more fabulous than compiling a list of fabulous people?), but not in the top ten. Their list was announced this weekend at a Bacardi-sponsored party, as advertised on the blog FamousDC.

And with the sponsorship came compromise: The ‘50 Most Fabulous’ became “Bacardi Flavor’s 50 Most Beautiful People on The Hill under 30.” Kalu posted party photos taken by Elite DC magazine on his blog, A Slice of Snob.

The invitation read:

This is a personal invitation to join DC’s tastemakers and socialites on Saturday, August 15, 2009 at Lounge 201. Ego on The HIlls will be hte first event of a 12-part monthly series branded as PARTYONTHEHILLS. The Hills is an eclectic blend of those who work hard and those that party weven harder. Join Kelechi Kalu and famousDC as we celebrate Bacardi Flavor’s “50 Most Beautiful People on the Hill under 30″ … Those in attendance will dress “Hollywood Chic” and “NYC Trendy.”

After all that, the complete list has not even been posted online yet (Kalu sent it to Mediaite in an Excel document).

“We didn’t do this to rival The Hill’s list,” said Kalu. “That wasn’t our goal.”

Great Moments in PR: Sexy Celebrity Pet Magazine Written by Dogs

woof magSome press releases defy commentary. This release about a sexy celebrity pet magazine written by dogs in Australia, excerpted below, is one of them:

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) August 19, 2009 — Premium pet products company, Pets Palace Australia is launching ‘Woof’: the World’s First Celebrity Pet Magazine Written by Dogs

…So luxurious it might even seem unreal, ‘Woof’ takes a hilarious look at the life of the upper crust of the dog and cat world. Written by dogs, for dogs, cats and their loving owners, the first edition of the magazine features a photo spread about the recent wedding of Helen MeGeneros and Porche le Rosti, plus interviews with the Queen’s corgis, Lono, star barker of the band me-2, not to mention heaps of fashion features and a series of makeovers, transforming daily dogs into hot pups.

The magazine’s editor is sassy Chihuahua Filippe Haultier, supported by foreign correspondent John-Michele Snouzend and beauty editor, Pixie Wixie – a poodle with all the latest fashion tricks…

…As ever, behind Pets’ Palace’s humour lies a more serious purpose.

‘Recent figures from the USA, The 2007 US Pet Ownership and Demographic Source Book, show amazing growth in the pet market worldwide, with sales of pet products estimated at just under USD39 billion in the US and statistics from the UK: Saga National Survey show UKP3.9 billion in the UK,’ says Diane Costa for Pets Palace. ‘And in 2006, the Australian Companion Council estimated Australia spent over AUD4.5 billion on pet care products and services, almost 60% of which was on dogs’…

…some dogs and cats, puppies and kittens may struggle to read the text of the articles. But it’s a hilarious treat for every dog owner – with an added bonus.

‘The photos are absolutely gorgeous!’ says Diane.

‘Woof’ can be seen at the following link: http://www.petspalace.com.au/woof-magazine/index.shtml

About Pets Palace: Pets Palace Australia is an online pet products store which promotes lifestyle and luxury for your pet and also offers a range of designer dog clothes and accessories for both dogs and cats.