Gary Cohn and Rob Porter Push Back on Woodward Book: ‘Does Not Accurately Portray’ Experience

Today Bob Woodward‘s book Fear finally hit bookshelves, and two former White House officials have spoken out to take issue with some of what’s reported about them. Gary Cohn––subject of one of the more stunning revelations in Woodward’s book regarding the physical removal of papers from President Donald Trump‘s desk––sent out a statement obtained by Axios:
“This book does not accurately portray my experience at the White House. I am proud of my service in the Trump Administration, and I continue to support the President and his economic agenda.”
But as Axios notes, “Cohn cited no specific objections to Woodward’s extensive reporting of his private views that Trump needed to be saved from his most dangerous impulses.” And then there’s the statement from Rob Porter, the former White House staffer who was fired after his ex-wives came forward with serious abuse allegations. Axios Continue reading "Gary Cohn and Rob Porter Push Back on Woodward Book: ‘Does Not Accurately Portray’ Experience"

Hope Hicks and Rob Porter Spotted Prancing Around Central Park

The Daily Mail has sleuthed out that former White House communications director Hope Hicks and disgraced former Trump administration aide Rob Porter may still be dating. As you may recall, Porter resigned from the White House in February over allegations of domestic abuse from his two ex-wives. Hicks also resigned in February, just weeks after Porter and one day after testifying for eight hours before the House Intelligence Committee and telling them that her job required her to tell the occasional “white lie.” The Daily Mail spotted the two playing “cat and mouse” in Central Park, standing near each other briefly with hats pulled low over their faces. Later on, they caught Porter walking into Hicks’ apartment building with a bouquet of flowers in hand. The Hicks-Porter relationship first came to light in February, when an eyewitness caught the two making out in the back of a car after Continue reading "Hope Hicks and Rob Porter Spotted Prancing Around Central Park"

Trump 2020 Campaign Chief Slams ‘Fake News’ Report Saying He Hired Rob Porter

Brad Parscale, the campaign manager for President Trump‘s re-election campaign, is pushing back against a report stating that he gave Rob Porter a new job. Earlier today, the Daily Mail reported that Parscale brought Porter on board shortly after the former White House aide was ousted during his domestic abuse scandal. A source told Daily Mail that “Trump felt badly about Porter’s ouster and the way it played out,” and the president wanted Parscale to put Porter on his payroll as a secret favor to him. Multiple Trump campaign staffers are denying the story, not the least of which is Parscale himself:

Trump Reportedly Hopes Rob Porter Will Come Back to the White House

A new report indicates that Donald Trump has stayed in contact with Rob Porter over the last few months, and now the president wants his former aide back in the White House. Porter left the Trump Administration last month amid allegations from multiple women that he was physical and emotionally abusive towards them. Porter was a close colleague of chief of staff John Kelly, and there have been a lot of questions about whether the White House was aware of the troubling claims against Porter while he was handling classified documents without fully-realized security clearance. According to The New York Times, Trump has been telling advisers that he hopes Porter will return to the West Wing. Trump and Porter reportedly conversed about several issues that have drawn the president’s attention in the last few weeks, and Trump views aides getting criticism as “extensions of himself.” Trump also reportedly Continue reading "Trump Reportedly Hopes Rob Porter Will Come Back to the White House"

NYT: Trump Vented About John Kelly’s Handling of Rob Porter With Language ‘Unfit for Publication’

A new report this afternoon in the New York Times on President Trump and this seemingly unending White House purge confirms that said purge isn’t over yet. Per the Times, more people may be gone as soon as tomorrow, with Trump considering replacing: John Kelly, H.R. McMaster, Ben Carson, and VA Sec. David Shulkin. The report goes through the President’s frustrations at some of these individuals, and apparently he likes spitballing ideas on who he could get rid of:
Mr. Trump has a long habit of musing about staff changes that he doesn’t enact. He does his own version of poll-testing different possibilities, asking aides what they think of one another and asking outside friends and top advisers whether different people would be better in specific jobs, but he often drops the topic without acting.
However, there’s one particular item of note in here concerning Continue reading "NYT: Trump Vented About John Kelly’s Handling of Rob Porter With Language ‘Unfit for Publication’"

Jared Kushner Reportedly ‘Resisting’ Giving Up His High-Level Access in Struggle With John Kelly

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner is reportedly in a power struggle with chief of staff John Kelly, as he pushes back on requests to cut off his access to classified information. The dispute, as reported by the New York Times, was instigated after questions regarding who should have access to classified documents were raised after the administration’s fiasco with ex-staff secretary and alleged domestic abuser Rob Porter. Kushner is one of the many officials in the White House currently working with interim security clearances, as the FBI has had background check problems with Donald Trump’s son-in-law and others. With Kushner’s current level of clearance, he can obtain classed materials like intelligence briefings and other info designed for the president’s eyes. Times reporters Julie Davis and Maggie Haberman report that Kelly’s issue with Kushner having access to such info is heightened due to the hit the chief of staff Continue reading "Jared Kushner Reportedly ‘Resisting’ Giving Up His High-Level Access in Struggle With John Kelly"

Rob Porter’s Ex-Wives Reportedly Got Apology from Orrin Hatch Over Initial Defensive Statement

Senator Orrin Hatch has reportedly apologized to Rob Porter‘s ex-wives to his initial statements defending the ex-White House aide. Porter used to work for Hatch, and in the days following the revelations of domestic abuse allegations against Porter, Hatch issued multiple statements. His first statement defended Porter from the “vile attack” against him. His second statement walked back the first and made it clear he thinks domestic violence is abhorrent. After that, he said he hoped Porter reconsiders and stays in his position. And following THAT, he said that it’s better that he resigned, adding that while he doesn’t take “all” of the allegations seriously, there’s enough there to be a serious problem. Well, both Colbie Holderness and Jennie Willoughby have now apparently received letters of apology from Hatch. Per CNN:
“It was a sincere apology for pain he may have caused us,” Jennie Willoughby, Porter’s second ex-wife, told Continue reading "Rob Porter’s Ex-Wives Reportedly Got Apology from Orrin Hatch Over Initial Defensive Statement"