Arizona Dem Rep.: ‘Cowardly’ for Trump to ‘Pardon One of His Racist Friends’ Now

Congressman Ruben Gallego (D- AZ) appeared on MSNBC tonight to react to President Trump‘s Friday night pardon of Joe Arpaio. Gallego––who has openly called President Trump a racist––told Ari Melber that it was “cowardly”:
“The President, you know, decided to use the cover of a Friday evening, as well as a hurricane, to pardon one of his racist friends…. What we see right now is the President using an excuse to pardon somebody, not because of immigration issues, because that’s not what he was convicted for. It’s for racially profiling Americans.”
Gallego said this is about Trump trying to “erode the idea of the rule of law so he can end up pardoning other people.” When Melber asked if he thinks Trump’s use of pardoning power may be the thing “that ultimately could undo this presidency,” Gallego said, “This presidency is being undone by the President Continue reading "Arizona Dem Rep.: ‘Cowardly’ for Trump to ‘Pardon One of His Racist Friends’ Now"

Democratic Rep.: Trump Is ‘Clearly Racist’ and an ‘Abject Liar’

On CNN this morning, Congressman Ruben Gallego (D- AZ) slammed President Trump as a racist and an “abject liar.” He told John Berman, “The President is clearly racist. I don’t understand how much more history we need… Many people may not want to admit it that we’ve elected a President that’s racist, but he is.” During the segment, he cited Trump’s birtherism and his accusations against the Central Park Five to say “this President’s not good on racial issues.” Gallego said “the evidence is staring us in the face,” but Berman told him that’s quite an “explosive charge” to level against the President of the United States. When Berman brought up how Trump has previously referred to himself as the “least racist person,” Gallego Continue reading "Democratic Rep.: Trump Is ‘Clearly Racist’ and an ‘Abject Liar’"

Dem Congressman Calls Gorka a ‘Nazi’ While Criticizing Trump’s Response to Charlottesville

Moments after President Donald Trump condemned today’s Charlottesville rally violence, indicating it came from “many sides,” Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) appeared on MSNBC to give his take. And he revealed he was far from impressed with Trump’s response. Oh, and he also labeled one of the president’s advisors a Nazi. “The first thing is that the president is not condemning terrorism that’s occurring in Charlottesville,” Gallego noted. “It’s sickening he’s not showing any leadership. It also continues to be a trend.” After stating that Trump immediately jumps to condemn any violence when it comes from people of color or Muslims, Gallego then brought up the reports that White House deputy advisor Sebastian Gorka is tied to a far-right European group associated with Nazis. “The fact is, the president has surrounded himself in his office with a bunch of alt-right heroes such as Dr. Gorka, who is also reputed to Continue reading "Dem Congressman Calls Gorka a ‘Nazi’ While Criticizing Trump’s Response to Charlottesville"

Rep. Ruben Gallego: ‘We Just Have to Admit’ Donald Trump Is an ‘Absolute Racist’

Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) made it clear he has no intention to stop reminding people that President Trump is bigoted against Muslims. The congressman spoke with radio host and Mediaite contributor Dean Obeidallah, where they discussed the fallout from the recent bomb attack against a mosque in Minnesota. The Trump Administration has been noticeably reluctant to comment about the matter, and Gallego slammed the president for marginalizing Muslims around the country with his rhetoric instead of promising to protect them as citizens.
“It’s disappointing that Trump doesn’t show any leadership – doesn’t even do attempt to do it on his own – for someone who will tweet about anything that he see’s like a leak…but he won’t tweet about this.”
Gallegos said Trump would’ve certainly commented if a Muslim launched an attack against a church, but it’s time for people to face facts.
“At the core, we just have Continue reading "Rep. Ruben Gallego: ‘We Just Have to Admit’ Donald Trump Is an ‘Absolute Racist’"

Democratic Rep.: If Jared Kushner Can’t Handle His Job, He Should ‘Go Back to Doing Real Estate’

Congressman Ruben Gallego (D- AZ) has become the latest Democrat to say Jared Kushner should lose his security clearance. He told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room today, regarding the reports that Kushner wanted a secret communications channel with the Kremlin, that “it really questions whether this man should have security clearance and, in my opinion, he’s not acting like a responsible adult and he should not have security clearance at this point.” And the House Armed Services Committee member even said that Kushner may be a “liability” and he needs to do a lot of thinking about the responsibility he holds:
“He needs to realize that this is the grown-up world now. If he cannot handle his job, he needs to turn in his security clearance and go back to doing real estate in New York City.”
In a statement last night President Trump said Continue reading "Democratic Rep.: If Jared Kushner Can’t Handle His Job, He Should ‘Go Back to Doing Real Estate’"