Rudy Giuliani Touts Call to Freeze Assets of ‘Anti-Christ’ George Soros

President Donald Trump‘s lawyer Rudy Giuliani retweeted a call to freeze the assets of billionaire investor George Soros on Saturday. Giuliani’s tweet comes as Trump — perhaps inspired by Fox News host Maria Bartiromo — promotes the conspiracy theory that anti-Brett Kavanaugh protestors are paid operatives of Soros, a longtime boogeyman of right wing conspiracists. “Follow the money. I think Soros is the anti-Christ! He must go! Freeze his assets & I bet the protests stop,” Twitter user Dee Thompson wrote in a post retweeted by the president’s lawyer. On Friday, Trump tweeted that the sexual assault victims that confronted Sen. Jeff Flake this week were “paid professionals” funded by Soros. There’s no evidence that Soros, a Democratic donor, paid for the protestors’ signs. As NBC News reported, one of the protestors “works for the Center for Popular Democracy, which gets some of its funding from the Open Continue reading "Rudy Giuliani Touts Call to Freeze Assets of ‘Anti-Christ’ George Soros"

Haley Dismisses Giuliani’s Remarks on ‘Overthrow’ in Iran: ‘We’re Not Looking to Do Regime Change’

Ambassador Nikki Haley pushed back on remarks Sunday from President Donald Trump‘s attorney Rudy Giuliani, assuring that the U.S. was not looking to stage a coup of Iranian leadership, despite the lawyer’s tough talk about an overthrow. “The United States is not looking to do a regime change in Iran. We’re not looking to  regime change anywhere,” Haley told CNN’s Jake Tapper, just hours after Giuliani spoke at Saturday evening at the 2018 Iran Uprising Summit in New York City. According to Reuters, during the event run by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities, Giuliani said, “I don’t know when we’re going to overthrow them. It could be in a few days, months, a couple of years. But it’s going to happen.” That left Haley doing some morning damage control, telling Tapper America’s interest is in protecting itself and its allies. “The president has been Continue reading "Haley Dismisses Giuliani’s Remarks on ‘Overthrow’ in Iran: ‘We’re Not Looking to Do Regime Change’"

Rudy Giuliani Swipes at Mueller and the ‘Biased’ Media Over Manafort Deal

President Donald Trump has not directly commented on Paul Manafort‘s deal on Twitter yet, but his lawyer Rudy Giuliani has been tweeting a lot about it this weekend. Yesterday Giuliani cited an anonymous source who told Politico, “The cooperation agreement does not involve the Trump campaign… There was no collusion with Russia.” This morning Giuliani accused all the morning shows of ignoring a “clear statement from Manafort team”:

Alan Dershowitz: Manafort Taking Deal Was ‘Very Bad Day for the Trump Administration’

Alan Dershowitz said on Meet the Press today that Rudy Giuliani can downplay the Paul Manafort deal, but there’s no question Friday was a “very bad day for the Trump administration.” He told Chuck Todd that both Manafort and President Donald Trump “acted too late,” explaining that Manafort could’ve gotten a better deal before being convicted and that if Trump was going to pardon his former campaign chairman he should’ve done it already. Todd brought up the immediate response from Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani downplaying this news and claiming the deal is limited and not about the Trump campaign. Dershowitz said the deal doesn’t Continue reading "Alan Dershowitz: Manafort Taking Deal Was ‘Very Bad Day for the Trump Administration’"

Former Trump Lawyer: Giuliani Made ‘Cardinal Mistake’ by First Praising Then Condemning Cohen

Former Trump lawyer Jay Goldberg has some not-terribly-kind thoughts about one of the people currently representing President Donald Trump. Goldberg spoke to The Wall Street Journal and said Trump’s legal team did him a “disservice” by flip-flopping on whether Michael Cohen is trustworthy or not. In particular he singles out Rudy Giuliani:
Watching the Cohen case unfold over the past few months, Mr. Goldberg said that Mr. Giuliani erred in providing different accounts of Mr. Cohen’s trustworthiness… “Giuliani made a cardinal mistake. He said Michael Cohen was an honorable person and could be counted on to tell the truth. That’s counterproductive to the position that Donald would take,” Mr. Goldberg said.
Back in May on MSNBC, Goldberg bluntly said he doesn’t think GIuliani’s been doing a good job for Trump, and just as he said then, he told the Journal he had expressed hesitance when Trump asked him Continue reading "Former Trump Lawyer: Giuliani Made ‘Cardinal Mistake’ by First Praising Then Condemning Cohen"

White House, Rudy Giuliani React to Manafort Plea Deal: Absolutely ‘Nothing to Do’ With Trump

Paul Manafort is cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller as part of his plea deal. It is not yet clear what the cooperation concerns, but just weeks ago President Donald Trump praised Manafort for not making a deal like Michael Cohen did: The first reaction from the White House today to the plea deal came from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who said this has “absolutely nothing to do” with the President:

Joe Scarborough: House GOP Aren’t Just Dupes for Trump, They’re Dupes for Putin

A new CNN poll released this week reports that  Americans are growing more supportive of Robert Mueller’s handling of the Russia probe. Special Counsel Mueller enjoys a 50% approval rating of the handling of the Russia investigation from those polled, while only 30% back President Trump. This led to a discussion on Morning Joe in which host Joe Scarborough had a few things to say. He first noted that the office of Special Counsel should send Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani “some flowers and thank him because he’s been doing nothing but help Robert Mueller.” Many have seen Giuliani’s publicity tour as a means to win the political battle of public opinion, of which the polling data suggests has not worked out as intended. Scarborough noted “the numbers are going in the opposite direction”, adding that “the strategy of Rudy Giuliani’s is a Steve Bannon strategy. It’s a 33% Continue reading "Joe Scarborough: House GOP Aren’t Just Dupes for Trump, They’re Dupes for Putin"