Dan Bongino Railroads Lawyer in Mueller Indictment Debate: ‘Are You Just Making This Up?’

If Dan Bongino is gunning to become Fox News’ newest opinion host, tonight’s tag-team with Sean Hannity might make it onto the highlight reel. Bongino and lawyer Daryl Parks appeared on Hannity’s Monday show, and the Fox opinion host started off by asking the civil rights attorney if he’s bothered by Russian involvement in the United States. Parks said he was bothered by “indictment issues” and interference in elections, though that wasn’t the answer Hannity was looking for, seeing as he cut off Parks multiple times while rapidly firing off loaded questions about Hillary Clinton and Fusion GPS. After refusing to allow Park to make his points, Hannity gave Bongino free rein to smack the Clintons and bash the “hypocrisy” surrounding the “fairy tale” of Trump-Russia collusion. As Hannity poured over the Clintons and the Obama-era Uranium One deal, Parks tried to bring up Robert Mueller‘s findings on Continue reading "Dan Bongino Railroads Lawyer in Mueller Indictment Debate: ‘Are You Just Making This Up?’"

Hannity Goes After Obama for ‘Dereliction of Duty’ on Russia: ‘Start Talking’

Sean Hannity parroted President Trump on Monday night by going after Barack Obama for not taking greater action against Russia during his presidency. While Trump continues to gloss over the news about the 13 Russian nationals Robert Mueller indicted for their 2016 election interference, Hannity blasted Obama and accused the former president of doing nothing to stop foreign meddling in American institutions. Hannity made his point while highlighting remarks where Obama scolded Trump in 2016 as the mogul threatened not to accept the results of the election if he lost. “Really Barack Obama? He owes you, the American people tonight, an explanation,” Hannity said. “How did he not know what he was warned in 2014? That sounds like a dereliction of duty. So it’s time for President Obama to start talking, maybe under oath.” From there, Hannity proceeded to harp on the “corrupt,” biased news media while making Continue reading "Hannity Goes After Obama for ‘Dereliction of Duty’ on Russia: ‘Start Talking’"

Gorka Offers ‘Tip’ to Mueller: If You Want To Actually Put People in Prison, Start With Hillary

On Friday night, Dr. Sebastian Gorka gave Special Counsel Robert Mueller some unsolicited advice regarding his ongoing investigation. The former deputy assistant to President Trump and now Fox News contributor insisted that “nothing’s going to happen” as a result of the recent indictments of 13 Russian nationals because they’re already in Russia and “we can’t extradite them.” Well, Gorka came up with an alternative for the special counsel. “I’ve got a tip for Robert Mueller,” Gorka said. “Some other people messed with our elections, and they’re right here in America. It’s Hillary Clinton. There’s the DNC. There’s Fusion GPS. And there’s Hillary’s lawyer. They messed with the election. They stole the candidacy from Bernie Sanders and then they gave false information to a FISA court. So Mr. Mueller, if you want to actually put some people in prison, start with the Americans that perverted our election here in America.” Continue reading "Gorka Offers ‘Tip’ to Mueller: If You Want To Actually Put People in Prison, Start With Hillary"

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro: Mueller’s the One Who Should Be Investigated

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro argued tonight that, actually, special counsel Robert Mueller is the one who should be investigated. She spoke with Sean Hannity tonight about “Russian so-called interference” and said “the real crime” here is coming from the Clintons on Uranium One. “I look at Mueller’s team,” Hannity said. “Obama donors, CLinton donors, DNC donors. Nobody likes Trump.” He said he wants to know why Mueller brought on “Trump haters,” to which Pirro said this:
“Because Robert Mueller is not looking for an objective team. Robert Mueller is looking for people with an agenda against Donald Trump. Robert Mueller is the person who should be being investigated, given the fact that he was the head of the FBI when this attempt to find our uranium started in 2009… He knew all about it, and yet he’s investigating Donald Trump? He should be the one who’s being investigated! Continue reading "Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro: Mueller’s the One Who Should Be Investigated"

Hannity Offers His Solution to End School Gun Violence: Hire Armed Ex-Police and Military

Sean Hannity started his program tonight with a promise to offer up a solution to the plague of school shootings across America. Before that, oddly, he took some snipes at Hollywood celebrities, calling those who would demand gun reform after this latest shooting “shameful” and “disgusting.” “Hollywood celebrities. They are all so quick to post their hateful messages, of course, aimed at the President and Republicans on Twitter,” he said, before reading off a list of tweets. “They rush to judgment. They want to point fingers and blame and use all kinds of vicious, horrific rhetoric.” After he got that off of his chest, Hannity segued into his solution, which entails placing armed security guards at every school, securing entranceways from would-be murderers and having every school in the country undergo “a comprehensive threat assessment, done by law enforcement professionals.” “Start by hiring trained, armed former or Continue reading "Hannity Offers His Solution to End School Gun Violence: Hire Armed Ex-Police and Military"

Guest on Laura Ingraham’s Show Brings Up Hannity’s ‘Sperm’ Post

Sean Hannity went his entire show Tuesday night without mentioning sperm once, but one of Laura Ingraham‘s guests worked in a reference in the following hour. Just to recap, Hannity’s website on Tuesday afternoon had a post up talking about “SECRET SPERM” in the new Obama portrait. Hannity even tweeted about it. But then the post and tweet were taken down and Hannity pinned the blame on staffers. Fast-foward to tonight when Ingraham did a segment on the Obama portrait by speaking with former Clinton advisor Philippe Reines and EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo. And as they were discussing the reaction to the painting, Reines went ahead and said this:
“I think, if I’m not mistaken, Sean Hannity had tweeted something about there being sperm embedded… I don’t know if I can say that…”
So that happened. Watch above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Continue reading "Guest on Laura Ingraham’s Show Brings Up Hannity’s ‘Sperm’ Post"

Hannity Claims He Didn’t Review Report on ‘Secret Sperm’ in Obama Portrait: ‘Does Not Reflect My Voice’

Fox News host Sean Hannity set the internet ablaze on Tuesday after his website posted an article suggesting that former President Barack Obama’s portrait is jam-packed with “secret sperm.” The post, which has now been deleted but can be seen here, alleged that a scandal was brewing around the Kehinde Wiley painting of Obama unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery earlier this week. “The widening scandal surrounding former President Barack Obama’s official portrait continued to swirl on Tuesday, with shocking allegations the artist included ‘secret sperm cells’ within the painting and once joked about ‘Killing Whitey’ during an interview,” the post read. It went on to claim that “industry insiders” allege that Wiley’s “trademark technique” is the insertion of “sperm within his paintings.” The post — which bore the very subtle headline “PORTRAIT PERVERSION: Obama Portrait Features ‘SECRET SPERM,’ Artist Joked About ‘Killing Whitey’” — and an Continue reading "Hannity Claims He Didn’t Review Report on ‘Secret Sperm’ in Obama Portrait: ‘Does Not Reflect My Voice’"