Sebastian Gorka Returns to Back Roy Moore For Senate in Alabama — In Defiance of Trump

Fresh off his unceremonial booting from the White House, “Dr” Sebastian Gorka seems to have found a new home. Seemingly from the mists of thin air, the MAGA Coalition insists that they are a “national network of over 5,000,000 America First citizens who share in the belief that both our national parties have taken America down the wrong path” and promises to “compete against globalist corporatists interests.” Ok — sure. And as his first act, the good doctor is being sent to Alabama to headline a rally for Roy Moore on Thursday. The controversial former Chief Justice of the Alabama supreme court is running against the state’s incumbent — but unelected — Senator Luther Strange in a nasty primary runoff. The move puts in him direct conflict with Donald Trump, who has vociferously backed Strange.

Seb Gorka Tweets 9/11 Memorial Image … Accidentally Gives Us Bizarre Selfie

At least we HOPE it was accidental. On September 11, the most solemn day of the U.S political calendar, Former Trump aide, “Dr.” Sebastian Gorka tweeted out an image of the Twin Towers with the hashtag #REMEMBER. On first glance, the photo appears to be a bit warped — but ok, whatever — the sentiment is appreciated. A CLOSER look, however, reveals that Gorka apparently took a photo of the towers superimposed onto some kind of glass or reflective surface because lo and behold — the crotchety Hunagrian also treated us to a nice crotch shot of his own — nestled painfully just between the image of the two buildings. Mercifully, he was fully clothed, but the effect was still jarring To make matters worse — Gorka even made the image his primary avatar. So in
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Gorka: A Lot of People in the White House Don’t Agree With ‘The MAGA Platform’

Sebastian Gorka parted ways with the Trump Administration last week, and he just threw out some parting shots for his former colleagues who don’t actually have the president’s agenda at heart. The former national security deputy assistant appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, where Brian Kilmeade asked if Gorka was surprised he no longer has a White House job while Gary Cohn and Rex Tillerson got to keep theirs after criticizing the president. Gorka proceeded to criticize his old co-workers by saying they do not truly believe in making America great again, and that he resigned because he thinks can do more to advance Trump from outside the White House.
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Seb Gorka Reportedly Banned From Entering White House Before Resignation Went Public

< iframe src='' height='500' width='635' scrolling='no' border='no' ></ifram Over the weekend, former presidential deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka pushed back against reports that he was forced out of the Trump administration. Speaking to Breitbart News on Saturday, Gorka — a former Breitbart editor he appears to be heading back to the conservative outlet — said that he had decided to resign a week before, citing President Trump’s Afghanistan speech as the reason. However, based on emails obtained by MSNBC host Chris Hayes, it looks like the arrow is pointing to Gorka being fired. After highlighting Gorka’s comments about his exit from the White House and noting that the former presidential aide pointed out that The Federalist reported on his resignation first, Hayes then brought up the emails he had gotten a hold of on Monday. Showing when the emails were sent, which was an hour before the Federalist story hit, the All In host stated that “there was already an order from the White House security system not to let Gorka into the building.” The emails warned security staff at the White House that Gorka may still have a pass on him and that he should not be allowed on the premises. Hayes went on to reveal that his program had spoken with two ex-White House staffers who told them that this email didn’t seem like it would be sent in regards to an “employee who was voluntarily departing.” “This does not prove that Gorka was fired,” Hayes stated. “But he’s definitely not allowed back.” Watch the clip above, via MSNBC. [image via screengrab] — Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

Sebastian Gorka Has a Star Wars Analogy for What Comes Next for Him and Bannon

Sebastian Gorka has been speaking out in the days following his departure from the White House, but looking forward, he has a Star Wars analogy for what’s ahead. Gorka spoke to Matt Boyle on Breitbart News Saturday yesterday and talked about how the message that got President Trump elected is being undermined by others within the White House. He also said he’s planning to return to Breitbart to work with Steve Bannon. At one point, as Breitbart highlighted today, Gorka said this:
“With Steve back at the helm, it’s like the last scene from Star Wars. Do you remember what Ben Kenobi said to Darth? ‘If you strike me down, I will be more powerful than you can ever imagine.’ The left thinks they’re winning. They have no idea what’s coming around the corner, and it’s going to be fun, Matt. You know it.”
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Tillerson Hits Back at Gorka’s Criticism of Trump Afghanistan Speech: Shows ‘Lack of Understanding’

In addition to his rather stunning comment on President Trump‘s commitment to American values, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also had a few words for Sebastian Gorka days after his departure from the White House. Chris Wallace brought Gorka up on Fox News Sunday today, especially one specific portion of his outgoing letter to President Trump:
“The fact that those who drafted and approved the speech removed any mention of Radical Islam or radical Islamic terrorism proves that a crucial element of your presidential campaign has been lost.”

Tillerson said that Gorka is “completely wrong,” adding, “It shows a lack of understanding of the President’s broader policy when it comes to protecting Americans at home and abroad from all acts of terrorism.” Watch above, via Fox. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

Ex-White House Adviser Sebastian Gorka Says He’s In Talks to Rejoin Breitbart

Earlier today, we examined how Sebastian Gorka is in disagreement with the White House over the exact circumstances of his removal from the Trump Administration. However, if it was not explicitly clear, then the answer to your question is yes – Gorka plans on returning to Breitbart. Gorka served as a national security deputy assistant when he joined President Trump in the White House alongside his former boss, Steve Bannon. Bannon returned to the top of Breitbart shortly after he parted ways with the administration earlier this month, and Gorka told Breitbart News Saturday that he’ll come back to the organization as well. “I will be working with Steve, with you, with the Breitbart crew,” Gorka said to political editor Matt Boyle. When they reported on Gorka’s departure last night, Breitbart said in an article that they were “currently in negotiations with Dr. Gorka regarding his support for the website, Continue reading "Ex-White House Adviser Sebastian Gorka Says He’s In Talks to Rejoin Breitbart"