Your Guide to Social and Digital Certifications: Google, Facebook, Hubspot and More

Last spring, I decided to explore the world of social and digital certifications. I had been hearing from colleagues and other professionals about the need to introduce students to these programs, and I wanted to investigate for myself how they all worked, how much they cost and what they covered, so I could assess their value. The goal was to report back to faculty with my findings, which I did in a presentation you can find here. In the course of a few months, I went through the training for and received nine certifications. Here’s what I found.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics certifications support the free Google Analytics platform that one can use to assess a website or mobile application. Google Analytics is easy to set up and start using, either through a small piece of code that you install on your pages or a simple WordPress plugin, if you
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DigitalEd: Motion Graphics for Social Media

Title: Motion Graphics for Social Media Instructor: Kylos Brannon, Assistant Professor, American University Simple Effective Motion Design for your Social Media Campaign You’ve seen moving ads on your social media feed. Creating your own well designed animations including text, shape, photos and video is easier to achieve than it appears.  Find a way to spice up the campaign for your business, film, nonprofit, or event.   What you’ll learn from this training:
  1. How to create a layered ad
  2. How to animate your ad using a “build” with Photoshop and Premiere
  3. Plan a series of ads that you can schedule for maximum exposure
  4. Tips for easy preparation of your videos and photos
  • Slides
Who should take this training:

Chips and Salsa: Using Social Media to Win Young Broadcast News Consumers, and Train Journalists

The young woman leaning against the wall of the lecture hall, crouched down in her seat with her laptop cracked open, had a question for her professor. “I don’t have a TV. Where can I watch this debate online?’’ she asked. Legit question. Easy answer. I had assigned 125 students in my Principles of Journalism class at the University of Central Florida to watch an important political debate later that night. “ will be live streaming it. You can watch it there,’’ I responded. She nodded with satisfaction at the answer. But the nature of her question keeps television news directors and station general managers up at night as they hear the snip, snip, snip of cord-cutters slicing into the ratings of their newscasts.  While they are managing the erosive, 10-year slide in viewership among the 25-to-54-year-olds who are the coveted demographic of advertisers, they are frantically hustling
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Netizen Report: Colombian Court Demands Password to Journalist’s Facebook Account

Global Voices Advocacy’s Netizen Report offers an international snapshot of challenges, victories, and emerging trends in Internet rights around the world.

Colombian investigative journalist William Solano is being prosecuted for slander after writing multiple articles for independent news site DCERCA on administrative corruption in his home municipality of Buga. Solano has also received personal threats in response to his work. In the journalist’s ongoing trial, the local district attorney has sought access to Solano’s communications in order to identify key sources in his reporting, who until now have remained anonymous. In late June, a judge Buga authorized the district attorney to search Solano’s Facebook account. The prosecutor is now demanding the journalist’s account password. The Foundation for Press Freedom in Colombia says the order violates constitutional protections for the anonymity of journalists’ sources and has filed an action seeking to protect Solano from the search. Civil liberties advocates at Bogotá’s Fundación Karisma
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