Facebook Launches News and Journalism Accelerator Program in Canada

As part of its efforts to better support journalism, Facebook has launched an incubator program to foster start-ups working to create innovative businesses related to news and media. The Digital News Innovation Challenge will support five teams of entrepreneurs as they work to develop ideas that can impact journalism. The Challenge is one of the steps Facebook is taking to better support journalism; the social media platform has been widely criticized for how it has turned the media upside-down, from sucking up digital ad spend to perpetuating fake news. Facebook is partnering with tech business incubator DMZ, which is based within Ryerson University in Toronto.  “Quality journalism delivers facts and ideas that help us better understand society, and each other,” Kevin Chan, Head of Public Policy for Facebook Canada, said. “The Facebook community values sharing and discussing ideas and news, which is why it is critical for us to
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10 Things You Can Do Now to Up Your Social Media Game in 2018

Are you in a newsroom right now? Take a look at your social media team. What are they doing? Most likely, they’re posting stories from your staff on Twitter and Facebook. They’re checking Google Analytics or Parse.ly or Chartbeat to see if those links are successfully penetrating the fickle social media universe. They’re explaining to another young reporter why she needs to change the name on her Twitter account to, well, anything else but @FoxyGrrrl15. What’s that? You don’t have a social media team anymore? It was abandoned in the pivot to video, or maybe during the third round of staff cuts since April? In that case, someone might remember to post a photo on Instagram in between remaking the home page and writing a city council meeting brief. A decade ago, Facebook, Twitter and subsequent platforms were viewed suspiciously by some people in newsrooms and greeted with hope
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