Hillary Clinton: I Don’t Understand What’s Happened to the GOP, ‘Why Are They So Intimidated?’

During her lengthy interview with Stephen Colbert last night, Hillary Clinton asked what has become of the Republican party. Colbert brought up the possibility of impeachment––something he’s personally wary of––and asked Clinton if she agrees with the calls from Democrats for impeaching President Donald Trump. Clinton said there’s a “constitutional crisis that doesn’t have to be looked at only through the lens of impeachment,” bringing up Trump’s “attacks on the rule of law” and the FBI/DOJ. “Who does that help?” she asked. “Who is actually benefitting from tearing down our law enforcement, our judicial authorities and the like?” Clinton emphasized that the Trump administration needs to be held accountable before saying this:
“I do not understand what’s happened to the Republican party. I don’t understand it. I mean, I served with a lot of the people who are there now… Why are they so intimidated? Why do they Continue reading "Hillary Clinton: I Don’t Understand What’s Happened to the GOP, ‘Why Are They So Intimidated?’"

Hillary Clinton Calls For FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Allegation: It’s a ‘Fair Request’

On Friday night, Hillary Clinton appeared on The Late Show and weighed in on the ongoing confirmation battle of the Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Promoting the paperback edition of her book What Happened, the former Secretary of State began by criticizing Republicans for not allowing President Barack Obama‘s own SCOTUS nominee Judge Merrick Garland to go through the confirmation process, saying it sent “such a terrible message.” She also blasted the GOP of “holding back information” on Kavanaugh that has “always been made available” for other SCOTUS nominees because they’re trying to “rush this through.” She then pivoted to the allegation of sexual assault made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. “I’m hoping that at some point, there will be an agreement to have an investigation,” Clinton told Stephen Colbert. “It would be very easy for the FBI to go back and finish the background Continue reading "Hillary Clinton Calls For FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Allegation: It’s a ‘Fair Request’"

Tiffany Haddish Explains to Colbert How ‘Batteries are a Girl’s Best Friend’

Actress Tiffany Haddish appeared on The Late Show and dished about her personal life. Stephen Colbert asked Haddish if she had to “give anything up” in her life since she’s been busy making movies (she has three coming out in the next three months). She responded by saying she’s “kept up with most things” but she hasn’t been dating. “My relationships, my personal relationships haven’t been that good,” Haddish told Colbert. “But I have been keeping up with my weighted blanket and my toys I get off of Groupon.” The audience roared with laughter. “And batteries. Batteries are a girl’s best friend,” she added. “I like how the band lookin’ at me trying to figure out ‘What is she talking about?'” “I’ll add myself to that list,” Colbert joked. The Late Show host then asked the Night School star what a “weighted blanket” is. “A weighted blanket is a Continue reading "Tiffany Haddish Explains to Colbert How ‘Batteries are a Girl’s Best Friend’"

Jane Fonda Addresses ‘Hanoi Jane’ Photo: ‘I Will Go To My Grave Regretting That’

On Wednesday night, actress Jane Fonda was asked about her controversial activism during the Vietnam War. In opposition to the Vietnam War, Fonda visited the capital of Hanoi and during her 1972 visit, she was photographed standing on top of an anti-aircraft gun used to kill American soldiers, causing decades of outrage from her critics, nicknaming the actress “Hanoi Jane.” During her appearance on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert took a moment to address that moment in her life. “Have what we’ve learned about that war in the decades since changed your attitude toward that war or changed your attitude about what you did at the time?” Colbert asked. “No, I have- from the moment that I did the bad thing I did, which was I sat on an anti-aircraft gun in north Vietnam,” Ford responded. “I wasn’t even thinking what I was doing and photographs were Continue reading "Jane Fonda Addresses ‘Hanoi Jane’ Photo: ‘I Will Go To My Grave Regretting That’"

Colbert Mocks Tucker Carlson Over His Feud With Avenatti: I Wouldn’t Throw Around The Word ‘Creepy’

On Friday night, Stephen Colbert had some fun at the expense of Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his feud with Michael Avenatti. Earlier this week, Carlson blasted The View for dedicating three segments of their show to Avenatti and his client Stormy Daniels, who he referred to as a “newly-minted political pundit who has spent her career having sex with strangers for money.” He also referred to Avenatti again as the “creepy porn lawyer.” “I wouldn’t throw around the word ‘creepy’ if I looked like fancy lad who paid his wet nurse to sit on his lap,” Colbert reacted. The Late Show host then read Avenatti’s Twitter response, accusing Carlson of being an “absolute hypocrite.”

John Heilemann Calls Trump ‘The First Puerto Rican Truther’: Even Sandy Hook Truthers Are Like, ‘Dude, People Died’

NBC News commentator John Heilemann weighed in on the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump doubting the official death toll from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria last year. Trump took to Twitter early Thursday accusing Democrats of trying to make him look bad.

Alex Wagner: ‘It Appears’ That Mueller ‘Has a Case To Be Made’ For Both Obstruction of Justice and Collusion

CBS News correspondent Alex Wagner offered up what she admitted was “baseless speculation” regarding the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. When asked what happens if Democrats take back the House in the upcoming midterms, Wagner responded by saying they’ll first have to “grapple with the I-word.” Aka impeachment. “I think numerically and politically, it might not be that wise to be talking about impeachment,” Wagner told Stephen Colbert. “But nonetheless, the conversation nationally is what it is and Robert Mueller will at some point wrap up his investigation and from there, Democrats are gonna have to figure out a path forward.” Colbert expressed his disapproval of Democrats who want to pursue the impeachment of President Donald Trump, arguing that he should be taken out with elections. The Circus co-host John Heilemann pushed back, insisting that Colbert would feel differently if Mueller released a 9/11 Commission-sized Continue reading "Alex Wagner: ‘It Appears’ That Mueller ‘Has a Case To Be Made’ For Both Obstruction of Justice and Collusion"