Trump’s Fired Personal Assistant Reportedly Under Investigation For ‘Serious Financial Crimes’

New details are emerging surrounding the firing of President Donald Trump’s personal assistant, John McEntee, who was reportedly escorted out of the White House on Monday. The Department of Homeland Security is investigating “serious financial crimes” committed by the longtime Trump aide, a source with knowledge of the departure told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. But he won’t be far from Trump’s side: moments after news broke of McEntee’s firing on Tuesday morning, it was announced he’d be joining the president’s 2020 re-election effort.

Check Out the Star-Studded Farewell Video the White House Gave Obama

In contrast to the upcoming inauguration, the White House’s latest upload to the official YouTube channel is a celebrity-filled affair. It’s a farewell to President Barack Obama that features everyday people and A-listers alike talking about their most major “Obama moment.” From the passing of the Affordable Care Act to the President’s special focus on sex crimes and LGBT inclusivity, everyone shared a different favorite memory of Obama’s time in office. Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprioTom HanksKerry Washington, and more make appearances, so watch above. [image: screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

Time Warner Gets the iPad Seal of Approval

Many Web publishers are scrambling to make some or all of their sites “iPad ready,” which basically means stripping their homepages of Adobe’s (ADBE) Flash. Some, but not all, are being rewarded with a shout-out from Apple, via a page that identifies “iPad Ready” sites.

Here’s the list of publishers Apple (AAPL) says “deliver content that looks and functions beautifully on iPad”:

New York Times
Major League Baseball
The White House
Virgin America
Sports Illustrated

Apple acknowledges that this isn’t a complete list of iPad-compatible sites–both NPR and The Wall Street Journal, for instance, are overhauling their pages for the gadget–and it’s unclear whether Apple has any criteria for calling out these sites in particular. (For the record, I’m told that All Things Digital should work just fine, too).

But for whatever reason, the list appears to be particularly heavy on sites owned by Time Warner (TWX). CNN makes the cut, as do Time Inc. magazines Time, People and Sports Illustrated.

One other note: Check out the description Apple uses for each of the sites it calls out and you’ll see that “iPad-compatible” doesn’t mean “completely free of Flash.”

In many cases, Apple can’t say that all of the sites’ videos will play on the gadget. Just “most” videos, or “recently published” ones.

Mark Knoller: Keeping The White House Honest

CBS radio correspondent Mark Knoller, a favorite around these parts (and an Office Hours guest) is getting his stipple picture due in the Wall St. Journal today.

Knoller, who in the last year has found a rather perfect niche on Twitter for his presidential facts and trivia (not to mention straight up reporting) has apparently been a well-known figure in the White House for many years for just these reasons. So much so that when there is a dispute between the White House and Knoller’s numbers the White House generally defers to Knoller. But here is my favorite part:

Mr. Knoller helped earn President George W. Bush his reputation for frequent trips outside Washington, counting that over two terms Mr. Bush made 77 trips to his ranch in Texas, spanning all or part of 490 days; spent 43 full or partial days at the family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, and 487 full or partial days at the presidential retreat in Camp David, Md.

Mr. Bush, gripping Mr. Knoller for the obligatory photo at a holiday party one year, told the first lady, “Hey, Laura, this is the guy who counts it as a vacation day when we get to Texas on a Friday night.”

“No, Mr. President,” Mr. Knoller says he responded, “I would have noted that as a partial day.” A former Bush administration official confirms: “If Knoller said it, it’s true.”

These things add up, so to speak. If you’re not already doing so, follow Knoller on Twitter here.

Bill O’Reilly Almost Says Fox News Favors The GOP

oreilly_10-14Does Bill O’Reilly think Fox News favors the Republican party?

Probably not, but he almost said as much last night on The O’Reilly Factor, during a segment about the ongoing feud between Fox News and the White House.

Here’s what O’Reilly said as he introduced the segment:

We reported last night, the White House, not happy with Fox News because it favors – the White House believes – it favors the Republican party. There is scant, s-c-a-n-t, evidence to support that, but the White House has made a big deal about it anyway.

Of course it could just be that the teleprompter, um, “sucks”.

This isn’t the first time we’ve caught an O’Reilly near-slip – a couple months ago, O’Reilly almost called himself a Republican in a conversation with ABC’s George Stephanpoulos.

Check out the clip from last night below:

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