WATCH: Tim Kaine Rides D.C. Metro to Make a Point About Trump’s Budget Proposal

Donald Trump‘s budget proposal continues to alarm critics, including Tim Kaine. Yesterday, the senator and former vice presidential candidate toured work being done on the D.C. Metro, saying that Trump’s budget proposal has the power to make riding the transit system even worse of an experience than it is now. He checked out the tracks at King Street Station in Alexandria along with Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld, then rode the train, according to NBC 4. “Starving it of the oxygen, starving it of the funding will hurt this system. Our region doesn’t work without Metro,” Kaine noted. He said he is sure the federal government will uphold its commitment to continue funding Metro at $150 million per year for the next two years (which is as long as the current agreement, which can be extended, is for) and pointed out he’s open to a proposed fare hike and even a Continue reading "WATCH: Tim Kaine Rides D.C. Metro to Make a Point About Trump’s Budget Proposal"

‘It Simply Was Not There’: Conway Dismisses Russian Collusion Allegations After Comey Hearing

Kellyanne Conway responded to yesterday’s testimony from FBI director James Comey, telling Fox & Friends the Congressional hearing produced no signs of collusion between President Trump and Russia. “If you listen to the Democrats and many of their friends,” Conway said, “they insist that this collusion and its effect on the election — it simply was not there.” Conway suggested that Russia’s alleged meddling was effectively debunked after Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers revealed that there was no evidence vote tallies in the 2016 race had been tampered with. Conway also argued that the most troubling issue the House Intelligence Committee faced were leaks, like those which led to Michael Flynn’s dismissal as National Security Advisor. At yesterday’s hearing, Director Comey said the FBI had been Continue reading "‘It Simply Was Not There’: Conway Dismisses Russian Collusion Allegations After Comey Hearing"

Omarosa Bails on Daily Show Appearance at the Last Minute

Top Trump campaign surrogate, and former Apprentice star, Omarosa Manigault abruptly canceled a scheduled appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Monday. Manigault was scheduled to speak about her role on the TLC reality show Say Yes to the Dress. According to the comedian, Manigault bailed at the last minute because the White House said her appearance could overshadow “the news of the day.” Noah said he was skeptical of Manigault’s explanation given that the news of the day was largely unfavorable to the Trump administration. He then proceeded to play a montage of footage from FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to the House Intelligence Committee. During the hearing, Comey confirmed that an FBI investigation of Trump’s Russian connections was ongoing and that the president’s wiretapping claims were spurious. “Wow, I did not see that coming,” Noah said sarcastically. “Is there like a thing for reverse mind Continue reading "Omarosa Bails on Daily Show Appearance at the Last Minute"

Democratic Senator: 2016 Was ‘The Equivalent of an Election Robbery’

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse stopped by the set of New Day, Tuesday, to talk about the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and FBI Director James Comey’s explosive testimony to the House Intelligence Committee. “[Comey] publicly confirmed that, yes, there is an ongoing investigation into Russia’s meddling into the U.S. election and whether or not there was any collusion with anyone on the Trump campaign,” said co-host Alisyn Camerota. “Were you satisfied with his answers?” “We’ve been asking that question for a long time,” said Whitehouse, who then went on to make a curious analogy about bank robberies. “For as long as there have been bank robberies, the FBI has been showing up after the bank robbery to say ‘hey we’re on the case.’ Here you have the equivalent of an election robbery and it would be easy for Continue reading "Democratic Senator: 2016 Was ‘The Equivalent of an Election Robbery’"

‘Shameful’: Scarborough Blasts House GOP in Comey Hearing

On Tuesday, Morning Joe team Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough opened the show by jumping into FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. Both hosts, who have turned strongly against Trump since his election, didn’t mince words. “Obviously number one, Donald Trump was lying about Barack Obama,” said Scarborough. “We knew it but now we got confirmation from the FBI and the Justice Department.” “Number two,” he added. “The FBI is investigating Donald Trump and his team.” Scarborough, a former GOP congressman, blasted House Republicans for their focus on leaking rather than the FBI’s overall investigation. “All most House Republicans wanted to talk about was how reporters got the information to get out to America that their president, the White House and the campaign team is under investigation for collusion,” he said. “It was one of the most shameful performances, Continue reading "‘Shameful’: Scarborough Blasts House GOP in Comey Hearing"

Cooper Sasses Jeffrey Lord in Feisty Panel: ‘You’re Smarter Than That … Come on Jeffrey’

Things got heated during a Monday evening edition of Anderson Cooper 360, when Cooper’s eight-person panel turned to the issue of the FBI investigation into the White House’s Russia connection and Donald Trump’s wiretapping claims. “We have a president who is a congenital liar,” said CNN mainstay David Gergen. “It really matters.” CNN’s in-house Trump defender, Jeffrey Lord, refused to concede the point. When queried by Cooper, he said he did not believe Trump was a “congenital liar” or that he has “lied repeatedly.” The assertion led to a mini-eruption among Cooper’s panel and even drew an exasperated rebuke from the host. “You’re smarter than that,” said Cooper. “Come on Jeffrey.” “All of us except for Jeffrey would agree he is a liar,” said Daily Beast contributor Matt Lewis. The panel, which Cooper regularly returned to throughout the show, piled Continue reading "Cooper Sasses Jeffrey Lord in Feisty Panel: ‘You’re Smarter Than That … Come on Jeffrey’"

Stephen Colbert Talks Trump’s Budget the Best Way He Can: As Comedy Central’s Old ‘Colbert’

On tonight’s Late ShowStephen Colbert resurrected his Colbert Report character. Why? Well, normal, left-leaning Colbert just couldn’t stomach the topic of Donald Trump‘s new budget proposal, which slashes funding for Meals on Wheels and PBS, among other programs that target kids and the elderly. He needed a “heartless monster.” What he got was a “fiscal conservative.” What viewers got, though, was even better: a comforting blast from the past. After current-day CBS Colbert chatted with the old Comedy Central character, the older version took over the host’s desk (to nostalgic chants of “Stephen! Stephen!”) and brought back a favorite segment from the old show: the Word. This time, he called it the Werd*, sure, but the idea was the same. While Colbert talked about the budget, satirically pretending to love it, jokes flashed on-screen and underscored how ridiculous he Continue reading "Stephen Colbert Talks Trump’s Budget the Best Way He Can: As Comedy Central’s Old ‘Colbert’"