Watch Joe Biden Try to Name a Trump Accomplishment: ‘I Think He Married Very Well’

Joe Biden has been all over the news lately, with many suggesting he may be mounting a bid for the 2020 election. It’s been a long time, however, since we’ve had a good old-fashioned Biden gaffe. Well, our long national nightmare is over. The former VP appeared on NBC’s Today, today, and participated in an awkward moment after being asked to praise President Donald Trump, responding “I think there’s a number of things he’s doing well.” When pressed by Matt Lauer to offer specifics as to which of Trump’s accomplishments he admired, Biden became tongue-tied, ultimately offering up a strange compliment. “Well, I think he married very well,” he joked, referring to First Lady Melania Trump Continue reading "Watch Joe Biden Try to Name a Trump Accomplishment: ‘I Think He Married Very Well’"

Trump on Track to Lie Over 8,000 Times in First Term

President Donald Trump is a politician and a real estate magnate. You know what’s another word for real estate magnate? Landlord. Both politicians and lords of the land are not known for uttering universal truths, as anyone who has tried to get back a deposit check knows. Trump, however, may be on another level, lest we forget his record-setting inauguration crowd, that time he invented the word “fake,” or, uh, his totally wonderful and not-at-all scammy university. But how much does he lie? The Washington Post has been tracking his falsehoods and, as of this writing, he is up to a whopping 1,628 at just 298 days into his first year as president. Trump has plenty of days left, and as Mashable pointed out, that amount could rise to an astounding 8,000 by the end of his first term if the whoppers keep up at this pace. That’s 8,000, Continue reading "Trump on Track to Lie Over 8,000 Times in First Term"

‘F*CK TRUMP’ Truck Sticker Triggers Local Sheriff: ‘Offensive Display’

A Texas woman is protesting President Donald Trump by driving around a Dodge Ram truck with a large, profane rear-window decal — which reads, “Fuck Trump And Fuck You For Voting For Him” — and it’s gotten her in-trouble with the law. After seeing complaints about the truck, the local sheriff in Fort Bend County took matters into his own hands and posted a photo of the truck on Facebook and asked viewers to identify the owners to remove it  — or else face a disorderly-conduct charge for driving it. “Prosecutor has informed us she would accept Disorderly Conduct charges regarding it, but I feel we could come to an agreement regarding a modification to it,” said Sheriff Troy Nehls.   Prior to the sheriff’s post, photos of the truck had already gone viral and sparked a discussion on free speech in the Texas community — some arguing that it Continue reading "‘F*CK TRUMP’ Truck Sticker Triggers Local Sheriff: ‘Offensive Display’"

Stelter on Hannity’s Moore Ultimatum: Much Easier for Him to Talk About Hillary

CNN’s Brian Stelter suggested that Sean Hannity backed away from his ultimatum to Roy Moore because the Fox host would rather not linger on a problematic topic for conservatives. Stelter spoke to CNN International colleague John Vause, who noted that Moore’s open letter to Hannity did not provide any information that could completely vindicate him from the sexual abuse accusations against him. Stelter assessed that Hannity is “punting over to President Trump,” who has yet to make a direct statement about Moore’s controversy. In terms of whether Trump is waiting for Fox New’s approach to the matter, Stelter said Hannity would rather do the “easy” thing and focus on Hillary Clinton instead of acknowledging an “embarrassing story” that could discomfort right-wing audiences. “Hannity would much rather talk about the Continue reading "Stelter on Hannity’s Moore Ultimatum: Much Easier for Him to Talk About Hillary"

Marco Rubio Trolls Trump’s Water Break: ‘Needs to Work on His Form’

Sen. Marco Rubio has responded to President Donald Trump’s dramatic water break during a speech Thursday with a trolling tweet recommending the commander in chief work on his water-guzzling form. Trump drew widespread mockery on Thursday after he paused his speech re-capping his trip to Asia to search for, and then double-fist, a bottle of Fiji water. Many comparisons were made, of course, to Marco Rubio’s infamously thirsty response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union in 2013 (The New Yorker has a painful recanting of the saga.) Trump repeatedly mocked Rubio for the appearance, on Twitter, at campaign rallies, and in trollish stunts. We were even gifted with Continue reading "Marco Rubio Trolls Trump’s Water Break: ‘Needs to Work on His Form’"

Fox & Friends On Trump’s Mid-Speech Water Break: ‘So Cute How He Used Both Hands!’

Here’s all you need to know to appreciate this clip above: Yesterday, President Donald Trump gave a post-Asia trip speech touting the highlights and diplomatic accomplishments from the White House, during which he took a brief water break. Many in the media – and on Twitter – saw similarities to when Senator Marco Rubio took a similar swig of water while giving a speech on live television, of which he was derided by many, including then-GOP candidate Donald Trump. This morning this light moment was addressed by Fox & Friends, the top-rated cable news morning show which has become a reliable voice of support for the Trump administration. Predictably, they also saw the humor in this event but also mocked those on the Internet who had fun with this event. But it was co-host Ainsley Earhardt who had the sweetest and most maternal reaction to the clip of Mr. Trump Continue reading "Fox & Friends On Trump’s Mid-Speech Water Break: ‘So Cute How He Used Both Hands!’"

Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump Administration’s Special Counsel Threat: ‘Such an Abuse of Power’

Multiple reports over the past few days have asserted that President Donald Trump‘s administration is said to be considering the possibility of a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. Speaking with Mother Jones Wednesday, Clinton, in her first public comments on those reports, went to town — blasting the Trump administration for what she views as dramatic judicial overreach. “I regret deeply that this appears to be the politicization of the Justice Department and our justice system,” Clinton said. She added, “It’s personally offensive that they would do this.” The focus of a Clinton special counsel, according to reports, would be to examine the Uranium One deal in which the Clinton-led Department of State signed off on a deal to sell Uranium to Russian interests, with certain people involved in the transaction having had links to the Clinton Foundation. Eight other Federal agencies also backed the deal. Clinton Continue reading "Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump Administration’s Special Counsel Threat: ‘Such an Abuse of Power’"